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well I realize I could have worded that better and avoided being made fun of, however I set myself up for it :P I'm just waiting on my money to become available in my paypal. it shows up like "balance: $780. available: $140". have to wait for ebay to confirm it. there is good news though (for me, none of you will care.) my measurements are almost identical to a stock 46 so if I miss the cutoff date then i can most likely find a stock 46 mdr on b&s and have almost perfect...
thank you
explain please? I'm about to place my order so i'm definitely going to upgrade to bemberg. would like to know about this zipper upgrade. riri instead of ykk?
thats a cigar not a pair of boots
I wanna see some patriotic-ass outfits tomorrow, to all my fellow Americans
my general style is more laidback so yeah i think it would go better. I live in a fairly small town in the middle of arkansas. fairly cultured, rich in history, lots of cool people, but in arkansas nonetheless. I have to keep my style pretty laid back because well.. I'm still in arkansas. not everybody here is so open or exposed to fashion in any way. sorry for the aside, just thought it was worth a mention. thanks for the help! 4zip mdr in black lamb with silver zips it...
I have a toj1 2011 fwiw. I think I'll go with the 4zip mdr (put a lot of thought into that one didn't I? a whole 10 minutes). I don't know why I decided on the bcdr in the first place when I'm not particularly fond of the band collar. I guess the 4zip mdr seemed too vanilla and everybody raving about the bcdr made me want one. but I think I'd like the 4zip mdr better and it would fit better with what I wear and what I want to achieve with my wardrobe
b-b-b-butt I thought the formula was black lamb + silver zips + 4 zip = mdr heaven. damn you now I must throw 3 zip vs 4 zip into the equation. but in all seriousness I'm likely to go with a 4zip mdr. http://toj-gallery.com/main.php?g2_itemId=15201synthese makes me want it
argh having second thoughts late at night. I love the look of the 4zip mdr but I also want a bcdr with channel quilting. either option would be black lamb with silver zips. i know youve all seen enough of my bs posts to know I only can afford one jacket. which should I get? I'm feeling like the 4zip mdr would fit in my wardrobe better but then again, I feel like a bcdr wouldn't really be any more difficult to fit into my wardrobe. also I think I like the mdr collar better....
please do, I'd love to see it
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