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charly told me that there is no set date, but it will probably be around mid-july
come on man you cant say that and not tell us why edit: also, really beautiful jacket
chill out, jesus. sorry.
I share the same philosophy, thanks! I'm still set on ordering that 4zip mdr
what do you mean by that? I'm quite certain it is the right desicion for me (talking about just buying a toj)
also, looking back, that upgrade post did sound insanely stupid..
well I'm not gonna say I'm fully grown because I do think I have room to grow but i dont think I'll grow out of it in a year. if I do, b&s will surely still exist. if it doesn't, maybe I'll just give it to a friend that fits in it. I'm not really worried about growing out of it tbh. I mean, I don't really have anything else to spend $780 (plus upgrades lmao) on anyways. if I didn't buy the toj, the money would probably just go into cheaper clothes and maybe some things...
well I realize I could have worded that better and avoided being made fun of, however I set myself up for it :P I'm just waiting on my money to become available in my paypal. it shows up like "balance: $780. available: $140". have to wait for ebay to confirm it. there is good news though (for me, none of you will care.) my measurements are almost identical to a stock 46 so if I miss the cutoff date then i can most likely find a stock 46 mdr on b&s and have almost perfect...
thank you
explain please? I'm about to place my order so i'm definitely going to upgrade to bemberg. would like to know about this zipper upgrade. riri instead of ykk?
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