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thanks man!well my bad for being overly sensitive then. hard to tell when some people on here have been real dicks to me in the past. thanks
well that was a totally unnecessary comment. ive been fairly inactive for the past few months. no need to be an ass
^that sucks! for what model jacket?
my god. today is the day, boys. just woke up for school and did my routine e-mail/Facebook/instagram check, and was surprised with my tracking number. July 8th 2010 DR order. inbound into customs in Chicago right now, so I'm assuming it will be here on friday(I'm in arkansas). I'm so stoked. if I get it on friday, that will be exactly 33 weeks from the day I sent payment and confirmed my order to receiving my jacket. expect pictures!
19th, maybe. Jan. 15 was my 18th
July 8 2010dr, still waiting...
31 for me  just gotta be patient 
friday will be 31 weeks on my july 8 2010dr. I've missed pretty much all of my "I hope to have it by xxxx" points. now it'd just be nice to have it before I graduate high school :b
lmao.also, (@potsnu it blows my mind how much better that fits after breaking in. that will probably reassure me a lot after I get mine if it's not how I want it. thanks for posting that.2x-also. today is 30 weeks for me.fuq
ordered my 2010dr on july 8th and still waiting. bought a toj1 sometime in the summer around then.. it doesn't help the wait haha just makes me more anxious to upgrade to the full mtm leather
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