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yes!! how did you know? here is my tattoo of his moniker:
^that gif is the greatest thing in the world right now. black lamb 2010 DR with bemberg lining and gunmetal hardware
well, it was a nice tell me:you were oddly spot on with the dickens thing..edit:
weird situation for me.. my grandma gave me a pen, that was a gift to her boyfriend and he didn't really care for. it was a Mont blanc. sold for $650 and rest of it was paid off from my job.much appreciated edit: I make good enough money that I could afford another one pretty easily if I was careful with my spending. most of my money goes towards food/gas/beer/weed/insurance and I'm paying off a good sum of my money for my honda ruckus right now. I'm doing 25-30 hours a...
18. you're all old to me
freshman year of college.. big boy on campus.
hahaha. I love the onion
thanks man!well my bad for being overly sensitive then. hard to tell when some people on here have been real dicks to me in the past. thanks
well that was a totally unnecessary comment. ive been fairly inactive for the past few months. no need to be an ass
^that sucks! for what model jacket?
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