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I agree, does it not mould to fit a little better after the first six weeks or so, though? only saying so because one guy said (and I don't remember who) that it took a little while for it to fit how he wanted to, so he didn't want to take out of the box pictures. it is reeeally soft from the box though
maybe that is the case.not really, there were other photos, some more "hard-face" but I'm not really trying to look intimidating. I don't mind looking somewhat innocent. so, thanks for your... criticism?
well, that's... strange. I have noticed it seems to stick out a lot more when I wear it zipped up over an ocbd. unzipped over a tee (+hoodie sometimes) and it doesn't really get much of a second glance
really don't follow either of these posts. Care to expand?
did a photo shoot with a friend today  
hah sorry to let you down! thanks, though. just walked by the weird librarian and he's like "morning, sir!! I like your coa- uh.. jacket!"
haha! Thanks, man. Should look even better after it breaks in a bit. 
here's my new TOJ. proportions may be a bit off since it was taken from waist level. second pic has cuffs unzipped.           tawj   ole navy   rogue territory   converse
thanks! I asked for the drew fit, I think it'll look real badass once it breaks in more, and it'll leave a bit of room for me to grow. hopefully gonna get some better pictures tomorrow
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