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Melt, no. Tear, yes. Poorly constructed, I don't think so. But opinions are opinions.
Any suggestions for deodorant? I don't want cancer.It's the only thing that's gotten me laid
I use arrid extra dry. I've read that it's the aluminum oxide? (Don't quote me on that.. something along those lines) but it's yellowed up some of my other shirts
Arkansas, but you're close. It does get really hot here. If I don't forget I'll upload a few picture here later on tonight
Hahaha. No I just used to sweat a lot. All it did was separate the seam a little. But I used to get sweat stains through the jacket. No design flaw I guess I just wore it out. Oddly enough I would sweat more on one side and that's the side that split
I edited in a picture. It's aging beautifully and it's not had the easiest life. I kind of wish I had gotten something thicker so I could wear it on my motorcycle but I have a riding jacket for that. I wore deodorant with some abrasive chemical that tore through one of the seams in the armpit but it's been repaired. But besides that the lambskin looks great. I kinda quit fashion and got into cars and bikes but I still wear the TOJ all the time
Still going strong too!
      dammit lol. oh you guys... the fits a little off for me anyways
I just feel like im built a bit wider than most people my size/age, and my hips have always stuck out a bit. but numbers dont lie, you've got my measurements
sure, stranger from the internet! I sure won't! thanks for your advice!edit: honestly tho I probably won't, pretty much any jacket I wear zipped up makes me look fat or looks weird. guess it has to deal with my large hips
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