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      dammit lol. oh you guys... the fits a little off for me anyways
I just feel like im built a bit wider than most people my size/age, and my hips have always stuck out a bit. but numbers dont lie, you've got my measurements
sure, stranger from the internet! I sure won't! thanks for your advice!edit: honestly tho I probably won't, pretty much any jacket I wear zipped up makes me look fat or looks weird. guess it has to deal with my large hips
no use for it man lol. plus I could use the money
Edit: Sorry I went off the map for a while. Still have this. Wasn't going to sell but something came up. Hi, I'm selling my TOJ1 2011. Now that I have my 2010DR I know I won't really wear it anymore. It's in good condition besides a few hardly noticeable scuffs, which is just part of wearing it. I am the second owner. This jacket will last you forever. Price is $225, plus shipping, which will be calculated through wherever I'm shipping it to. Payment via paypal. PM me if...
thank you. I almost said "fuck off" lol. really appreciate it.
I know of one, like basil mentioned. also the dude who took my pictures is a professional photographer and really good skater and he wears cable knit cardigans, denim jackets, raw denim, and Clark's. this was a last minute photo shoot anyways.plus he didn't have any complaints with the outfit.usually do some iteration of this. my t000s look way too skinny on me tho. need some jet black 511's..Thanks. this was a real last minute thing anyways, hence the darkness. I was at...
haha, funny you should say that. I don't wear those, but my friend said I had to look like a skater and I had those laying around. They're not bad with normal laces, just some canvas plimsolls. changed out the laces like 2 years ago because I thought they were too bland but regretting it. wasnt gonna take the time to change them for a little photo shoot
all for you find finn
yeah that looks dope ^ reason I left it zipped is because my shirt was tucked in. outfit was pretty casual for tucking, so didn't wanna show that, and if I would have unzipped and left untucked I feel like the shirt would be too long in comparison to the jacket
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