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Ivar, The way I see it is that it might take a couple trials to get something that works. Klobber - this is also a disaster by my standards! But I know I botched the chest measurement since the chest on this jacket is 43.75" and when I measure my chest it's 38".... I will be asking to have the chest taken in by 2.75" (which might be contributing to the collar gap). I have been seriously frustrated by RTW..being short and muscular means pant rises are too long, or pants...
I was thinking 0.25" reduction in that a enough to make a difference?
Jhors, Do the shoulders look too wide to you?
Ballmouse Do you know what the chest measurement (pit to pit doubled) is for your Fitzgerald?
Btw I wear 38 off the rack. The shoulder measurement for this jacket is 18.25". Does anyone know the range of shoulder widths for a slim fit 38 jacket?
I'm doing online made to measure and I need some advice on shoulder width.  Would you increase/decrease shoulder width?  If so, how much?  (Btw, I see the huge collar gap and am having this jacket remade partly because of that.)  Thanks!  
Did you ever get this done?
Djblisk, Try ETF s instead of MFs
I agree with the suggestion... but I am curious to see some actual numbers. Thanks
Suit question for the experts....   How much chest allowance (ie. excess room above your actual chest measurement)  in a suit would you consider to be standard?  slim fit? extra slim fit?  I read that standard allowance is 4". So, for example, a 38 suit jacket would have an actual garment chest measurement of 42".     I am wondering if anyone knows in general how much chest room designers account for in today's slimmer suit jackets?   I tried on the BB Milan...
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