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Joyce is a high-end clothing store in Hong Kong. You're in Vancouver, right? That explains it.
  Not much luck at all today. but on the heels of the one who posted thsoe PRL blackwatch pants, I did find these:     [[SPOILER]] Then I picked up this:   Skinny lapel, blueish gray pinstripes. Orphan?   [[SPOILER]]
An interesting piece - still got the creases like it just got opened from a bag. [[SPOILER]] Saw one on ebay going for $39.99. But, whatever. Doesn't fit me, so available to one of you trads who has a formal function coming up this holiday season. Newbie olive branch!   oh, french cuffs and no buttons - need to supply your own shirt studs. I'm sure you guys can tell that already.
These fit me, I just don't know much about the brands. Pretty sure they're not worth anything; Are they made in the USA? No country of origin marked anywhere.   [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
Does anybody know how I can rock these? Not brag-worthy, but incredibly comfortable.  
Hi all! Newbie here! Been learning and lurking for a little while. Thanks everyone for the insame amount of knowledge and info shared. BTW, those 'gator 'gamos are CRAZY!!!!   No brags yet, until I learn more. For now, questions. I picked these up a few days ago. Are they shell cordovan? Who made them?? They're labeled "Sears Premiere Collection". Sears shoes on ebay are mostly calfskin and don't have the "Premiere Collection" designation. Premiere means shell...
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