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Hoppers are looking great y'all, can't wait to get the aged bark version!
Also really looking forward to these as well, hoping the production doesn't take too long! Patience is a virtue and all that.
Any updates on how these are coming along?
Even though I have the Hopper on the way I would really think about buying those. And just looking at one of the posts someone asked if there was a size available, Himel responded saying they would be made in the fall. Better start pinching pennies now!
Damn, nice boots!
I originally went with an 11.5 but contacted Fok and switched to a 12. I'm a true 12 on a brannock and took and 11.5 in the 2045 Boondockers. I just got those beige calf derbies on the 1035 last in size 12 and they feel a little long so I'm hoping that won't be the case with the Hoppers.
I'd love for a pair of Chelseas or Roper boots to be represented in a SF GMTO but I would also be interested in some 145 oxfords. Hoping I didn't size too big on the Hoppers, can't wait for those boots. Telling myself no more shoes until I get those!
Just received my beige calf 1035 derbies from Notre Shop, went with a 12 which is essentially true to brannock size for me. They feel a bit long but the width is spot on. After wearing them out running some errands I think they'll break in nicely, might put an insole of some sort in them. Not my typical style of shoe, but I think once they're beat up a bit they'll be perfect.  
Boondockers are here! I'm very happy with these boots, I ended up ordering an 11.5 in the 2045 boondockers (half a size down from by barnnock size) and they feel really nice. There's a little bit of extra room in the toes but my feet aren't slipping around or anything like that, would be just enough room for thicker socks too. Really nice presentation with the packaging and the way they were shipped. The first thing I noticed about these was how nice they smelled coming...
Guessing the slight delay won't end up being much of a production delay? Luckily I've got a pair of Boondockers headed my way to hold me over until the Hoppers. 
New Posts  All Forums: