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I don't adjust the forefoot buckle on my pair when I take them on and off, but I undo the shaft buckle. A lot easier to put on or take off than say my Boondockers.
Yeah I think it would be nice in the natural waxed flesh too. Cap toe or no cap toe, doesn't swing my vote too much.I've just been looking for a nice casual oxford in a brownish shade of leather with a wedge sole.Maybe we'd work up enough interest, I just know Fok shot down the idea of a "rugged oxford" early on.
So it seems like the Millwright might be dead, and we won't be entertaining the idea of an oxford at all? I'd love to see a 145 oxford in crust CXL, antique brass eyelets, with some kind of wedge sole. Or maybe another brown leather rough out. Just an idea. I'd love to have a casual oxford like that one I quoted above.
These are awesome.Wish I could find some Vibergs in a makeup like this.
Oh, well given that news maybe I will be able to get a pair! I thought we were looking at full payment with voting in the next week or so.Given that time frame I think it's doable for me.
Thanks for the quick reply Fok, I understand the streamlined method of 100% payment. Might make my decision a bit easier though, I'm sure the boots will come out looking good. Just not in the cards for me right now I don't think. Luckily I have a pair of Hoppers to keep my feet happy for quite awhile!
I think I've about talked myself into these boots.Do you have an idea of price yet? Also, will you allow a 50/50 deposit like the Hoppers? Would make my decision easier...
I'd like to see the Chelsea boot (no side zip) in tan horsehide personally. Any sole would do it for me really, I think it would make for a very nice boot.
Saw this too, and it convinced me that the 310 doesn't look so crazy.I'd like a commando sole on the Millwright, but it won't deter me from getting a pair.
Starting to think I could get with the 310 last. Reminds me of White's boots toe profile and doesn't look too exaggerated on the foot.
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