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Looking forward to the pictures! I heard back from Morgan this morning, looking forward to getting the process started.
Those look great Arizor! Still waiting on a reply, I'm sure they're getting caught up from Canadian thanksgiving.
Yeah I guess I'm just anxious that's all! Finally just decided to take the jump and go MTO. I have most of what I want in mind, just a few things I'm unsure of. Really looking forward to adding some Vibergs to the collection, I'm sure they will be well worth the wait.
I sent an email to the MTO email today, is there a better email to reach them at or am I just being impatient? 
When are those selvedge chinos dropping?
Oh, selvedge chinos? I hope they're coming in a nice khaki color!
My 1705s are like that too, not a ton of fading and they do crease quickly. The only real fading I've noticed is with the coin pocket where I keep my zippo. Also good news on the BOM006, looking forward to it.
The grey/green in the middle looks great! 
Just snatched one of the new Gitman x The Hill-Side shirts from Indigo & Cotton. I was torn between the navy calico and black calico. Ended up grabbing the navy.
Oxford cloth button down.
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