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Any word on when those GTB Momotaro chinos will go online?
Looking forward to the pictures! I heard back from Morgan this morning, looking forward to getting the process started.
Those look great Arizor! Still waiting on a reply, I'm sure they're getting caught up from Canadian thanksgiving.
Yeah I guess I'm just anxious that's all! Finally just decided to take the jump and go MTO. I have most of what I want in mind, just a few things I'm unsure of. Really looking forward to adding some Vibergs to the collection, I'm sure they will be well worth the wait.
I sent an email to the MTO email today, is there a better email to reach them at or am I just being impatient? 
I don't think the leather could break a phone...
I think that the taper is a pretty strong taper but I'm okay with that. The measurements for my size resemble that of the Rogue Territory Stantons I have with a slightly smaller hem.
I got my shipping confirmation and store credit applied as well. Went with the tapered version. Great service from Jay per usual!
I wonder if mine went through since I got an order confirmation and they charged my card?
Just placed my order, just need Jay to put my store credit on the order! Sent you an email and through the website contact us. Thanks.
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