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Saw this too, and it convinced me that the 310 doesn't look so crazy.I'd like a commando sole on the Millwright, but it won't deter me from getting a pair.
Starting to think I could get with the 310 last. Reminds me of White's boots toe profile and doesn't look too exaggerated on the foot.
I think I'm warming up to the 310 build. The short shift would get my attention in another color.
Does anyone have more photos of people wearing a 310 boot? I've been wearing straighter legged jeans so the 310 could work for me, and when compared to other boots it doesn't look as bizarre to me as it does when sitting by itself.
Not sure I can get with the 310 last myself. I have big feet and I fear they'll be too clown shoe looking for my liking. Wish this workboot was going to be on a different last.
Crust cxl gets my vote for the work boot. Would look great on a work boot last like the 2045, 110, etc. Tan horsehide would get my vote for a Chelsea, don't think I'm fashion enough for a side zip. 
I got my Hopper boots in aged bark in today as well, they're great! I went with a 12 (half a size up from my 2045 Boondockers) and the fit feels good in the left foot, but is just a tad big in the right. I think it will settle with some wear, maybe I'll throw some insoles in there at some point. The width is perfect though. Very happy with how these turned out, thanks Fok for organizing this and they're well worth the wait! Can't wait for the next GMTO...
Consider me as a strong maybe for this one, just need to come around on the 310 last.
Light brown Chelsea (no side zip) and a tough boot would both get my vote once we hear the details. 
You are correct, got one earlier this afternoon.
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