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Are the boots headed your way Fok? Actually feels like fall here today so I'm ready for some engineer boot wear.
No worries, we'll end up with boots that we really enjoy regardless I'm sure of it.  Just thankful that you're able to organize GMTO's for us!
I agree, would've been a tough decision. I think the aged bark will be very nice though.
I like the idea of a Roper style boot, but not sure if that's too similar to the Hopper or not. Also don't know if it would get enough interest. The model for Meadow looked pretty cool. Maybe a slightly lower stacked heel and a different unique leather.
I'd be into a casual derby and the rugged boot, on the fence with the Chelsea.If the derby resembled the half Japanese that would be awesome, but I'm sure that might be difficult.If the Chelsea was a side zip I'd pass, a little too fashion oriented for my tastes personally but I'm sure it would look very nice.
My wallet is all ready to go, looking forward to seeing a photo once they get delivered.
Awesome news!
Those natural waxed flesh chukkas look awesome.
Never really been much into side zip boots myself. Would prefer another derby or workboot, or even just a Chelsea.
The slipper shape is growing on me. I do love shoes without laces.
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