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Guessing the slight delay won't end up being much of a production delay? Luckily I've got a pair of Boondockers headed my way to hold me over until the Hoppers. 
Just ordered a pair of 2045 Boondockers from Viberg, can't wait to get them! These will be my first pair of Viberg boots and I'm really looking forward to wearing them.
Actually looks like I got juked by the website and my size 11.5 is out of stock despite saying it is the last one. Oh well, will focus on getting a pair of Boondockers I think.
What's the verdict on sizing with the 110 last? Looking at those natural waxed flesh boots at Notre, 11.5 might be too big though as I'm not sure how the last fits. I take an 11.5 in my Alden trubalance last Indy boots and measure 12 on a brannock.
Great, just sent an email over. Thanks for the easy fix. No worries about the extension, hopefully Viberg's production is chugging along and we'll all have our boots before we know it!
Hey Fok, is it possible for me to switch my size ordered? I measured my foot on a bannock today and I think I need a 12 instead of the 11.5 that I originally ordered. Sorry for the misfiring on the size, hope it's not too late...
Now you guys have me rethinking my choice of going for the 11.5 instead of 12 in the Hopper haha.
Can't wait for these boots, thanks again for rerunning them!
Wish I was able to go up there for this!
After much internal debate I'm going with the 11.5, since my Indy boots in size 11.5 have a bit of room in the length. Order placed!
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