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Im guessing RG Day-Date II
Love all this dress watch talk. They've been on my mind since the hodinkee article, and ive been spending quite some time obsessiing over this ALS 1815 up/down. Its a great size at 39mm, and i think the two sub dials help it dress down when it needs to. Only problem is i cant decide if i prefer the white or rose gold
so the 5960 in steel is legit. Hodinkee has all the dets but it looks like its gonna retail at 55k. Any thoughts on what this will do for the pricing of the (now discontinued) 5960p? It can currently be had for around 60k so not much of a price difference for platinum over steel...
the 5960p with gray dial has long been my favorite patek. Thus i am excited to see a 5960 in steel that can help make the price a little more palatable. That said the bracelet looks awful (though will have to await better pictures) so i would throw a leather strap on it and let the bracelet collect dust. I am not sure i like the little changes to the di:Dal though, the hands are fine but id rather have the dial stay one color throughout rather than switch to that outer...
also disagree i love the 5164, and the aquanaut in general, although i prefer the uncomplicated dial of the 5167. I fell in love with the aquanaut after trying it on and have always preferred it over the nautilus (sacrilege i know) which has never done much for me. Who knows maybe its because im a younger guy (pateks target demo for the aquanaut)... any one else feel the same? and willing to admit it?
What can i say the man has good taste
thanks guys! Next up is the MUT Moon for graduation. Although thats not for two years so well see what happens in the mean time
treated my-self to a speedy pro for the birthday, arrived today and i am very happy with it sorry in advance about the crappy iphone pics
Have any of you used "polywatch" on your acrylic crystals and if so have any pointers for me before i give it a go. My 1601 DJ has been in dire need of a scratch removal and now that school has slowed down for the holidays i'd like to spend some time on it.    Also as an aside, is it possible to change my SF username? I didn't anticipate actually being on the forums much when i joined a year ago and so i just used my name but now that I'm hooked on TWAT () id like to...
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