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No. This isn't about me.
Still is, no? Yellow Bugatti out front and all? If heismatt can wear hoodies I can poast in this threaq.
if those are EG then so am I.
What sort of loafers were these? I mean, I've held pepper grinders that made me feel like Porfirio Rubirosa, but that doesn't make me edmorel.I like Chelseas although I don't own any. Always worried about the elastic gores giving out. Am assuming you mean Chelsea boots a la Steed rather than the EG Chelsea oxford.
I've spent some time talking to Philippe Atienza, who ran the Lobb Paris bespoke atelier, now that he is at Massaro, and he agrees with us about the Lobb Paris RTW designs, which got more gimmicky (sorry ) and even uglier around the time he was leaving. Ironically, the RTW shoes he has designed for Massaro are some of the most beautiful RTW shoes around, and some of the most beautifully finished.Lobb RTW's ugliness isn't completely new though -- the Campus and Lopez are...
Really? Do you have a link to an old thread? Double-sided coral branch links in silver and red enamel?
I think you've been spending too much time around Manton... ... ...
It's the law, b!tch.Have you bought your RJ cat pocket square? Wang has them back in stock.
They only made fifteen fucking pairs. Got a lead?
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