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I'd contact them, I've placed a couple of orders, and although slow to arrive (a couple of weeks or so), there was always a tracking number available.  
What does it say on the tracking? You'll get more reliable info there than asking others to guess ;)  
On both the orders I placed, I got an email with the header "Received your payment", which contained an order tracking link - did you check that?  
In my experience, they all take cards (MC and Visa, Amex less so).  
A heads-up regarding the current schedule: mine were paid on 6/10 (a Saturday), despatched on 14/10 and were delivered to me here in Belgium on 22/10.
  Thanks!   I don't think they show that cloth on their site. In fact, they only seem to show a very small selection of what they carry. I'm sure they could post you a swatch. I paid the same as the other tweeds on their site, £40/metre. It's worth noting that all their tweed is a very heavy gauge, certainly the heaviest I have out of three tweed jackets I own.   It's just a small family-run business with I'd guess less than half a dozen employees. I've visited there a...
I just had this jacket made for me at Lee Baron in Hong Kong using cloth I bought direct from the mill at Trefriw, Wales:  
After lurking on this forum for the past few weeks, I've just got back from a trip to HK where, following advice here, I visited Zee's for a pair of shoes. Not being able to make up my mind, I ended up with 3 pairs!   I arrived at around 6.30pm on Thursday and explained to them that due to my flat arches and bunions, I needed to include an orthotic insole in the shoes. This was no problem for them (I brought a pair of insoles with me), and they proceeded to take...
Following all the excellent advice I've read whilst lurking around these parts, I was in HK last week and visited Lee Baron to order a suit, a tweed jacket (using my own cloth from Trefriw Mills in Wales) and 6 shirts.   I am absolutely delighted with the service and quality of Peter's shop. I was measured around 6pm on Thursday, had a first fitting on Saturday, a second fitting on Monday, and collected the finished items on Tuesday afternoon.   Whilst I realise...
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