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Posting here in hopes of reaching Kent as my e-mail wasn't answered.  No biggie - holidays are tough    Any chance the white benchgrade sneakers come back in stock (very) soon or there's some extra inventory?  Was hoping to rock these for an engagement shoot, but it's on Jan 22.  I know it's a long shot, but it doesn't hurt to ask. Thanks!
Hi SF and happy new year. I need a pair of Kent Wang white sneakers in size 11 by January 22nd (engagement photos).  Website shows out of stock until late February.  I'd prefer new but will consider something that's worn a handful of times.  It's a long shot, but I'm a bit desperate.   I'll also consider something nicer (CP, Erik Schedin) but I'm not looking to spend $200+ so that may be an even longer shot.  I'm normally a size 10.5, but I guess it'll depend on the...
Not a fan of the medallion but love the side stitching.  Would love to see them on feet!
Yes, these are indeed LM Olfe-lasted.  I'm not sure about the model name - the box says "102461" - it's these below. 
Thought I'd share some pictures of my purchase from my recent visit to Spain.  The store is smaller than I imagined it being.  I was hoping to check out the MTO but the employee there wasn't particularly friendly or helpful.     These came out to about $255 after duty-free refund.      
I bought this shirt online but it's too large for me.  Tired on with an undershirt but never worn or washed.   16.5-34/35   Price is OBO and shipped ConUS   Thanks for looking!
I bought these a while back but prefer black sunglasses.  These have a gray tortoise shell pattern.  These are brand new and will come as pictured.  Price is OBO and shipping is included.   Thanks for looking!
I'm updating this thread instead of this one because that main thread just has a lot of arguing and semantics.  If a mod feels that this should be posted or cross-posted there, feel free to do so.     Here are the results of my HK adventures, based on great inputs from this board and specifically this page.  Both the suit and shirts were my first non-OTR experiences.   Jantzen  Grade: A+ Purchased: 3 Shirts Price: 360-480 HKD depending on the fabric   Very happy...
Do you know if these fit TTS?  I'm a 10.5 but these look great. GLWS
 Can you please that they are 3" wide and not 3.5".  I previously looked into the Chipp2 ties but I wanted something slimmer than 3.5"
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