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ooh.    cliftons and delrays are both on last 8? 
thanks for the input! 
Does anybody know if Lasalles and delrays fit the same?   also could i get some feedback on which shoe i should buy for the better deal? 110 shipped 105 shipped or 95... not sure need clarification from...
ah.. i see. Do those shoes appear to have been worn just a few times judging by the pictures though? Do they only drill holes if they've been worn for a considerable amount of time? 
What does it mean if some soles have black.. leather? Did they come like that from the beginning? or are they there because it was re-constructed?
oooh I see.
if you buy shoes from the ae site or amazon, do they come with shoe trees?
awesome, just what I needed to hear! 
Hey, do you guys think a size 8 d delray will fit about the same as a 8.5 d sanford? 
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