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So... I was going to buy a pair of fifth avenues, but the sale on Amazon is gone now... Does anyone know the next big sale?
Hey, does anyone know the fit comparison between a split toe delray and a clifton?
ahah alright thanks. i think the width of my shoe is fine. but is a little more than an inch of space from the tip of my toe to the end of the shoe too much? 
lol okay. so i can feel the joints for the width, so i guess the width is fine. but since there is about an inch from the tip of my toe to the end of the shoe, it's a little long right? or is an inch from the end of my toe to the end of the shoe a good enough amount of space. 
i see.   since, the fifth avenue is a long and narrow shoe, would a 7.5 d be a better pick over a 8 n? i'd get 8 d again, but amazon doesn't have the size. i want a pair of black shoes for interviews
thanks for the input guys. if you get like a size c or n is that supposed to affect the widest part of the shoe or the area below it?
lol.. hard to tell. I think the ball of my foot is just above the flaps for the laces? but where i have my finger in the picture is just above my toe
what.. I thought shoes sold directly by Amazon are brand new..
     Hey, so I'm not really sure how much space there should be between the end of my toe to the tip of the shoe. I'm wearing size 8 d delrays in the photo, but I think I want to buy 7.5 d fifth avenues from amazon because i can get the shoes with the 20% off discount that they are having. Should I size down or do I stick with size 8 d? I haven't really worn the shoes in public yet, but the 8d delrays fit alright to me..   or should i get 8 n fifth avenues?
price drop?
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