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I truly don't understand the kiltie. Shoe underneath looks good though.
They fit pretty like they were the same last on my feet. I always thought TG73 gave plenty of room around the toes, too.
Thank you, lachyzee, althanis and Henry Carter. Great to get advice on what must be changed.   I will try to shorten the back rise slightly. I also thought the waist was tight enough, but it still slips down a bit. Is it possible to make the elastic tightening function slightly tighter to make sure it won't fall down?  
[[SPOILER]] First order. Fit taken for the pants were suit pants, but ordered a cheap cotton one to try out. The shirt was a rather slim fitting one. Does anyone have some advice on what to change to improve both?I don't like the excess fabric around/under the buttocks as well as what can be seen on the picture from the front between the top part of my thighs. There's also some between the waist and the buttocks.As for the shirt, some excess fabric between the shoulder...
The repairs come in the dark green boxes, but that obviously is not it!
These are super soft. Great brushes!
They can make pretty much everything. Blake, handwelted goodyear(?), norvegese.Skoaktiebolaget has a selection to be seen on their site, and you can see some other styles here. If you want to make an MTO at say Skoaktiebolaget you just contact them and say what you want, and they should get pictures of possible solutions. The leather and color choices are immense. Here are some other styles possible: http://skomakerdagestad.no/index/#/enzo-bonafe/ The 3839 toe is beautiful.
I travel to Japan two times a year or so. I'm not very fond of Tokyo, but will go there for shoes!
Good price, great umbrella!
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