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Nice jacket!
60143, 60144 and 60135 were nice. You Sir, just made my decision a whole lot harder. Thanks though. 
Thanks again for the suggestion. Tailor prefers british cloth, so will probably stick to the Mersolair, and it's always reassuring to hear that he recommends this cloth too.Checked out the Merino Brothers site, and the pictures were very good. Nice to also see the texture. Like the look and texture of this, and sounds like a heavier cloth. Being in Norway that shouldn't be a bad thing.These two also looked nice: 
Thanks!Was thinking of a navy or chocolate linen/ linen blend jacket with hip patch pockets. Should be able to use it as a sport cost and a summer suit. Will have a look!
Anyone got suggestions for a summer suit or jacket? Was thinking about Harrisons Mersolair for a 100% linen or a linen/mohair mix. Does anyone have experience with these? Can't find the book online at harrisons website, but my tailor has it.
My favorite is Clag. :D
Week two.Used twice is the tweed jacket, the wool/silk grenadine tie, and the polo suede shoes. [[SPOILER]] Week 1 recap [[SPOILER]]
Just picked up a few squares at the post office. Effing perfect. Pics soon. Thanks!
Interesting. What's the name of the business, and with official retailer, I expect you just mean a normal retailer, right?
That's rather funny actually. It was one of the first pair of good shoes I bought, and I had no experience with sizing. At the time it felt too tight, while the purchased size is actually the one I'd go for now. Perceptions change I guess. 
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