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Thank you!Actually, not too much, no. Helps living in Norway though :D
Cross-post from the casual Friday challenge. [[SPOILER]] Harrisons Moonbeam (Wearing this a lot lately. Love it.)Corneliani shirt, Goddard ps, Saint Crispin's shoes
[[SPOILER]] My humble entry
Jo, er hos Dagestad. Driver mest i butikken samt nett/fb/IG og kunde/leverandørkontakt.  Carmina har mye fint, og de er definitivt sommerlige. Vi har nylig tatt inn noen modeller som fungerer godt. Fin balanse mellom pris/form/kvalitet. Liker spesielt godt derbiene dine! 
Fin fit, men vi må få gjort litt med skogarderoben din. Resten er upåklagelig! Send meg en melding neste gang du skal til Oslo!
Great!Edit: The PS is from some Japanese department store. One of my favorites. Will buy a few more in July.
Good job!Not easy to achieve a good fit like that.
Thank you.I wanted to add somte blue with the tie, and thought I needed a contrast to the shirt.With a brown jacket, and brown trousers, I did not want to wear another brown (shoes) in the same-ish tone, and went for something chestnut. I appreciate the feedback though. What would you have suggested for colour on tie or shoes?
  Harrisons Moonbeam, Luxire, Roda, 知らないブランド, Saint Crispin's
Looks a bit like the 062 last to me. Very nice, and nice design!
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