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Today we introduce a special shoemaker from Japan to everyone. We're searching all around the world for great shoemakers. Looks nice. Looks like Joe Works to me, but I'm sure it could be one of several others too :-)
Got a pair of special ones to sell if anyone wears a 10.5 šŸ‘
I'm receiving a pair of brown Chelsea boots in elephant from Bonafe in a week or so, but surely not to this standard.
Ā Just amazing! :D
I did recognize them. My most used suede for sure, and the colour ages beautifully.
Those trousersĀ 
T4 pointed out something that's easy to miss, and I did not see it as so rude. That said, I still think it's a great model, and good work from the Skoaktiebolaget guys to get Enzo Bonafe to create this new pattern.
He does for a fact carefully colour all the punched holes
Nice comparison. Amazed you got all that down in some hours.Your chisel toe would be more towards what Marquess' square toe shape toe is like. It's fun to see how the proportions change due to a slight rounding of the edges.In my opinion, the main difference of the last shape is how Shoji aspires to keep the lines as straight as possible, whereas Yohei cuts in a bit more to acquire his look.I think they're both great, but for my next pair I may ask for a slightly more...
1) Leather stiffeners for the heel, celastic toe2) Not sure of the tannery, but I believe it's an Italian one. Holds up very well.
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