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Ooops, sorry. Know Berkeley was available in E82 for a while ago.
whichn model?
Instep looks good. The facings should close further with time, but it's no biggy. Shaft looks OK too. I'm not of the opinion that the shaft needs to follow the leg. Just go with your instinct. I'm sure you have experience with what adapts and what does not.
Just send him an email and ask. If planned a long time ahead, it may be possible to get a fitting, but I really don't know. He speaks fluent English and you will have no issue communicating.
Few sizes, but ecton in burnt pine antique size 10 and 11. 
+1 :)
Still some sizes available ;)7.5, 8, 9.5, 10.5 and 11. ex vat around 360 GBP
I've used them many times, and have been very happy with the service!
I believe brass change 3000 yen or so for metal tips.Try union works in ginza? Looked very good when I was there.
Great model that holds up to everything you throw at it. Favourite for wet days. Selling it because I have 2 other versions of the same model. This one was used for about a month or so last autumn.   Size 44.5/10.5. Fits true to size. add 30€ for international shipping.
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