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I guess some people buy shoes too tight, and need time to break them in. Never had trouble with SC. That being said, it does take time for the shoes to soften and reach the real potential.
More pics to come in better light, but liking the waist on this new pair.
This one is purely by chance. Most popular sizes are between 7.5-10, but goes all the way from 6-13. Even lower/higher in extreme cases. I'd say the normal width of for example EG is E or F.
Haha Daniel!Yes. I've added a fitting piece for a bit more width. For you, I'd probably go up a width (new last he recently made), and size 10!
I'd say that they're based off of my feet. The last has since been generalised quite a bit, but the fit is obviously close to bespoke for me. I needed a few changes in the end to receive optimal comfort. I shall experience the result on Monday!Your pair looks great, Jesper. Hope I won't regret not going for the same!I've been trying to work on a solution! Will let you know if I hear something.
Very nice! One of my most favorite single monks ever.
The sole stitch on Takano-sans shoes is sick. Believe he uses a pricking tool?
Haha yes. Zoom in on the last picture I posted. Not sure if you had any or the same adjustments though.
Hiroyuki and his crew are all great! Had the pleasure of bringing him and one of the clickers to Western Norway this summer. Great company!
Last adjustment, but really quite close to bespoke for me. Laughed a bit when I saw that Jesper from shoegazing had his name on the last too!
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