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I have a 11-12 oz W Bill 100% cashmere, that feels really warm. Warmer or the same as a Porter & Harding thornproof suit I own. 16 or 18oz.
Clearing out some shoes that don't fit me as good as I'd like.   Saint Crispin's made on the classic last. 10.5F.  Used quite a bit for around a year, but many years left. Comes with trees. 340€   Enzo Bonafe norvegese derby, made in Vitello Vernaccia, a beautiful light calf. Very good condition, and I'd estimate a 4-5 years at least before resoling would be necessary.  Selling because they're a bit small. Comes with trees made for this last. 946F in size...
I'm a fan too. I like both round toes and chiseled. This was meant to be aggressive while the next one will be more of a round one. I think wingtips really work with both square and round.
Thank you.It's a chisel, but not for everyone I guess!
Imitation brogues from Marquess Jacket and trousers from a maker in London. Shirt from Luxire PS from Vanda Wool tie from @SartodiNapoli
It's norvegese but no Goyser.Here are two pics of the types of norvegese we have. The boots are the same type as the boots you uploaded.
I took these pictures in the first few weeks of work soon 3 years ago.I believe the handsewers has changed some time ago, so it doesn't look quite the same anymore, but still close.Made for Skomaker Dagestad.These two were with shearling lining.
Anyone have experience or heard about a cloth called Alpaca from Smiths? Looks very nice, but I can't seem to find any information
The Soho is really beautiful. RRP is around 950 GBP which is a great price too.
They should be able to ship it with normal cites documentation. Each hide can be tracked back to its origin, and we've never had trouble with thus previously.As for leather, it's only what the leather supplier has available, as they cannot get new hides due to elephant being classified as threatened now (but was not at the time the leather was imported)Might be something new I haven't heard about, but if I need an excuse to bring my wife to Bologna, I really don't think I...
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