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There are several makers that makes a wholecut chelsea. J.M. Weston and even R.M. Williams.  The burnham is of course nice, and the Bonafe too is great. Interested in seeing how the leather develops.
My two pairs need to go, so offering free shipping worldwide and an additional 10 £ off to anyone that mentions this thread, to both my pairs in sig.
It depends on a lot of things. Personally I can in some lasts use a d-width rather than an e-width now, while on other lasts I can use half a size smaller. It really depends on each foot. Sometimes with a size 10, my toes hit the front and they're too small. This happens for me on the 82 and 202, while not on 606 and 888. I could use 606 and 888 previously too, but it was very very tight. Now it's more comfy.
How was the heel fit? When he visisted us in Norway, he was given feedback that it curved a bit too sharp into the achilles, which may be something that differs from the average Japanese customer. We also needed another width for some customers, which I think is what he made for his visit at Leffot.Excited to see when I visit Tokyo in November. And, of course, pick up my first pair. I'm sure you will too, @j ingevaldsson! 
I know ;) Not in my size anymore though!
Wow Cleav. Beautiful!
Maiden voyage! Not the easiest of shoes to pair with clothes. Got some cream trousers coming soon, and that should make things easier.
Great makeup!
It's a mahogany Scotch Grain
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