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This is nice. Sure you've listed it before, but who's the maker?
Just to clarify: I use styleforum privately, and not for the store. However, if I get a pm asking questions, I will of course answer. Shoes is a passion, and even if my main place of work is something very different, I still help out some, mainly taking care of international customers.
Selling lots of ties as I went a bit wild on the tie-front last year, and my new workplace doesn't involve ties at all, so I'm selling some off.Standard shipping in an envelope is 10 euros worldwide. If you buy 3 or more, I'll offer the shipping for free.From NorwayTies: Petronius dark green paisley, used once, perfect condition: 70 euro    EG Cappelli light  blue/medium blue, 1-2 times, perfect condition: 70 euro  EG Cappelli orange unlined, used 3-4 times, perfect...
Apparently my last post was deleted because of commercial content answering your question. I'll let someone else post the link or pictures instead
Comparing these to my other ties, they definitely tie the best knots. (Vanda comes close, but feels a lot better than Petronius, my Cappelli (no 5+ folds), Drake's, Tie your Tie)
https://www.instagram.com/p/BAm2H_rD4Ui/I'll get some more detailed shots when I get home from the mountains. I believe 7 or 5, but I'm no expert. Maybe @SartodiNapoli can chime in.
Prices are good.Try one out!
2nd that!
Hah. Reminds me of Turkish sellers in the streets selling trash
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