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I just gave him what I wear in EG and G&G, and he came up with a suggestion. Will probably request a personal last with some slight rasping between the arch and the ball, possibly slightly over the front part of the foot. 
Being my first pair of St Crispin, I have to say I'm positively surprised at the fit (with advice from Philip Car). I like the long heel stiffener. A feature I've only experienced with Japanese bespoke (not yet received). With a few adjustments I'm sure a close to perfect last could be created. 
I thought I might have forgotten to slag someone off.Thank you RogerP!
And now to something completely different. Probably not to everyone's taste but I saw a similar shoe in Japan and felt a strong need. Very pleased with the result. Pretty versatile too, imo. The colour is a perfect chestnut.
Thank you!
Saw this on FB but ended up with a couple of Tie your Tie shantungs. Exactly what I've been looking for.
Good good! Hope to see you the 17th!
Glad the fit was good and that you received them before your trip. Picking up the returned ones on my way to work!
1: black cap toe oxfords 2: medium brown punched cap toe oxfords 3: black punched cap toe oxfords 4. dark brown nst (dover) 5. brown/chestnut austerity brogue 6. brown suede chukka 7. black plain toe oxford  8. black plain toe structured derby 9. brown derby with some sort of pattern, possibly burgundy 10. boot (see galway/wigmore/norvegese)
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