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Tokyo is effing mushiatsui. Had my second fitting with Marquess today. He had made me another fitting pair without even asking for it, and the fit was the best I've ever experienced. Apparently it gets even better. http://instagram.com/p/rq8BXSD4fB/
this seller has lot of nice stuff for sale!
Actually it was 363 300 when I ordered
Can't remember exactly, but it was about 380 000yen with trees included. Lots of leathers to choose from though. Deadstock Freudenberg (brown, dark brown, burgundy llama), pig, various exotics, ++. His regular calf leathers are great too, obviously.
You can have a fitting and have the fitting shoes sent. He did that with me.I still have another fitting in Tokyo though. My trial shoes were too roomy, and I'm very glad my final shoes were not delivered as the fitting ones.
Visiting Marquess in 9 days. Can't wait to see some beauties for myself.Seeing these pictures I'm very happy with my choice of toe.
There's just too may possibilities. I was considering Burgundy, nightshade, cloud and dark oak. Happy with my choice though. Need some different colours, not all brown.
Go for it. Regret in 5 months ;)
Looks great!
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