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Everything can be ordered, but only slightly used and to this price will be difficult
Also interested in this.Will probably try LGB from Lessers for my next suit project. In between a 7/8oz or a 11 oz.
WIWT. Vintage Burberry Prosum trenchcoat bought in b&s.
That sounds like a good thing to me, really.
They're both looking great :-) Glad you're pleased!
I think you generally have more room for the toes on the 606. I don't know this for sure, but it feels like the 202 curves due to the round toe, while the 606 stays straight longer. My three innermost toes are about the same length, making this an advantage for me. 
Looks great! Deets on the shoes?
If you're on EEE in Barrie, I really doubt F in EG to be enough. G ought to work though.
Wearing these today.
Thanks @Sander ,With cuffs/cuffless I really don't have any preference. Some looks good with, while others looks good without. This suit was bought online, and there simply wasn't enough length to make with cuffs 
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