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Was EEE not wide enough? The widest last is probably trubalance, but there are plenty of choices. Modified might be good.
Thanks for the advice!
Any suggestion on brown jacketing fabrics? From medium to heavy weight. H lesser, Harrisons, Smith? Been looking for a dark houndstooth, but maybe there are other suggestions. Thanks!
For a wholecut I think it's perfect really.
Newbury cloud antique on the new 890E!http://instagram.com/p/vW1K4btMvm/  [[SPOILER]]
I think the shoes should first of all fit well, and while fitting well look as good as possible. "Looking good" is subjective. On a short and wide last I think the result looks great. Nice pair, @DWFII  
I think it looks like you say, a ligher version of dark oak.
I've only had good experiences with luxire. Any tips on some heavier shirting fabrics for winter? Something sturdy. Thanks!
Thank you. Should be sufficient. Will think about it some more.
Is it possible to extend the sleeves? If so, by how much?
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