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Cool! By the way, I didn't mean that in a negative way. Just interested in the kind of leather used. It looks buttery soft, but the shoes I've previously seen from Maftei has looked like a rather stiff crust leather.
Looks great. Interested to see how they crease!
Wow, so clean and beautiful!
Your pairs sound great. Look forward to see them all!I regret thinking with my eyes and not my feet on my second pair. It's being widened a bit now. Third has so far felt perfect, and can't wait for the fitting of number 4, hopefully this easter. Will be blindfolded, so no pics! 😁
Really nice! Jealous of the lazy man, especially!
The 606 is great too.
The 202 shape is great. I would also suggest G&Gs GG06 last. It has a beautiful toe shape.
Good response from @DWFIII have experienced the same with several RTW pairs myself, even with the ball being at the right place.The reason, I think, is that the waist and arch is not shaped for your foot, but to fit a large number of people. I have a high arch, and as DWFII writes, there's excess leather just behind the ball, causing the crease there. 
The discussion was begun with @Leaves writing about what I understood as the possible market of Japanese shoes if introduced world wide, and the fact that some of the popularity may now come from the difficulty of getting them.The discussion then continued into quality, hand welting, a discussion about who makes the best shoes, price, and what not.I've written my replies on basis of the value of these shoes, if sold in the West, while still noting that the cost performance...
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