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Very nice, and congratulations with your new pair!
This looks pretty good. Smalto double breasted overcoat in 100% cashmere, 69€ BIN?  http://www.ebay.com/itm/FRANCESCO-SMALTO-CASHMERE-DOUBLE-BREASTED-COAT-/291414815930?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_71&hash=item43d9ad34ba
The 804 is beautiful. Here's another make up from works ig: https://instagram.com/p/pmRGdttMk_/And two more from Jesper at shoegazing.se
I have a pair made 4-5 years ago with red lining that did stain some socks. Not sure if it still does, and don't consider it a problem as I normally wear dark coloured socks, but I personally do all Bonafe makeups with the natural, beige colour.
Indeed, but at some point most models are getting restocked.
You don't have to go the MTO route for the stock models really. Ask the retailer to order in one in your width if you're sure of the size. No MTO charge on certain models or store makeups.
I assume your heel is properly placed in the back if the shoe when the laces are tightened and tied.How is your instep?
Received this great tie from Cleav a few days ago, and I have to say I'm very pleased. Thank you, Cleav! This is a good initiative too. If anyone wants one or both of those two Japanese made suits, please send me a message.
I wear 10E or 10.5E on barrie (both work), while on888: 10E and 10.5E (close to needing F on the 10)202: 10.5E
I thought he was just complementing the womens shoes posted on the previous page.
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