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Nawh, it's a classic! :D
Modifying lasts is easy if there are few and simple modifications, like added space over little toe or adjustment for high instep. If these small adjustments get many, or more difficult adjustments (say flat feet), then it's a big risk for the retailer too. Arranging for a modified last is a great service and lots of work, and should definitely not be a charity case. That sounds like asking a bespoke shoemaker to create your last for free, as they are guaranteed to get...
That price depends on where you go, I guess. As a retailer though, you do have costs of shipping back and forth, as well as the cost of the bespoke last to take care of. Don't have any experience with Meccariello or the service there. Edit: and to be honest, I think a modified last fully finished with machine made goodyear for 300€ is too cheap, but if he sells directly to customers, I'm sure it's possible.
Great!really enjoyed the blog post!
You need to meet them to take measurements, I believe. They usually send the actual shoe before the finished stages for you to try on. Give feedback and send back, and they make minor adjustments.At least this is how I have seen it done through Bonafe.
Bad influence I guess.It is a bit different than a normal trunk show though.Hiro Yanagimachi does this in various stores in Japan. He brings 5 samples, 5 leathers (or more/less I guess), specific sole types, and customers can order these models within the variations offered at a discounted price. I believe you can also order other models in other leathers and specifications, but then the price is slightly higher.Hiro Yanagimachis pattern order fairs (at least the ones...
Trips to Tokyo are cheap these days! 750$ or so?Oh, and I believe Hiro Yanagimachi will be visiting Leffot for pattern order fairs .
Those are really beautiful.I'm pleased to hear that the last isn't off on everyone. We had big luck with the last in Norway.I wear his size 10 with a fitting pieces over the little toe, an done on the heel. The curve of his last went a bit too sharp into my heel, so needed a slight adjustment.He has these pattern order fairs every now and then, with a further reduced price. Was very tempted to order his plan toe derby when I visited ;D
I think that depends if it's necessary or not. If fit is good in the normal lasts it's really not necessary at all. You are however able to improve the last by each pair you make, which is valuable, as long as you do the whole process in a last you're going to continue to use. Classic is great! 
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