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That's rather funny actually. It was one of the first pair of good shoes I bought, and I had no experience with sizing. At the time it felt too tight, while the purchased size is actually the one I'd go for now. Perceptions change I guess. 
​ Ladbroke is a great pair. Had one in midnight blue once, but they were every so slightly too tight, and got rid of them a few years ago.You guys are making me realise I need more brown in my life. Will have to check my funds in May. :D
Another try. This time neither black or brown, but somewhere in between!
Quite a few Americans seem to be looking for SC retailers. Handled some orders and inquiries last week, and we don't have a big internet presence. 25% VAT helps I guess. I would think Leffot would be a great place to go though.
Apparently there are big differences in price. Specially now due to the dollar having increased so much compared to euro.
Yeah, should have had that pair of dark oaks I guess. It's on the list, but a couple of others coming up first! (Dover, some single monk and a black full brogue!)Appreciate the feedback. One of the main reasons I'm posting.
Thanks for the feedback. I can agree with the tie being casual, but I liked how the colour worked with the blue tones. 
Valstar, The Real McCoy x2, Fausto Colato, Alden
Week 1 [[SPOILER]]
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