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Alfred Sargent does, to my knowledge, not have an own place of retail. Bowen (same owners as AS) do though, and sell Alfred Sargent.
You're not completely correct here. AS makes to the standard requested. I'm sure Herring and the others chose the options they do in order to keep cost, and hence the price, down. They still make shoes to Exclusive standard, and quite frankly, from what I have seen, they are far above the others you mentioned (not counting C&J handgrade). I agree though, that Church and C&J have very strong brand names. I'm sure hand grade can still be ordered, but for special makeups they...
Another oneEG:E82, E606, E202, E888: 10.5G&G:MH71F: 10.5 (also use E, but bit tight)Saint Crispin's:Classic: 10G or 10.5F
Don't have that one.Uploaded loads here though:http://skomakerdagestad.no/saintcrispins/
It feels really thick and substantial. It's a suede I believe would be appropriate for heavier use. The kudu feels a bit more like a summer option.
Yes. Making space for a new project
I have used Boot Black High shine coat on this one.
Selling a special one. Check out my signature :)
Foreign brands are generally a lot more expensive in Japan than elsewhere due to their 30% tax on leather footwear.
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