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Very nice.How do you like the fabric of the pants?Instagram this and I'm sure Sockslick will be all over you. 
Thanks NC and ThinkDerm   It will be a Marquess Round Toe, but he did not put much work to the toe on the trial pair. I like the waist a lot too, and the comfort is immense
The current toe really is brute. This fitting shoe looks like a normal vass shoe, and in that aspect I find it quite amazing.
Will upload a couple soon. The toe is not done yet though. Won't be black like test shoes either. Fit is great, but might be a bit too roomy over the vamp. Will have to get that trimmed a little.
Just received my test shoes from Marquess. A few adjustment and the fit will be perfect. Still considering a few details.
Oof, that Yohji Yamamoto. Wish I could be there!
vat does vary, but member outside the EU will have to pay that upon importing too, just like members in EU.
It appears pointier on the picture than it is. Haven't seen it before now, but we got a shipment with many similar looking waists.
These are straight from the stock. Thank you!Thank you!
New pair of EG Chelsea E82. Fiddle waist? Very pleased.
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