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Looking good!
Harrisons Moonbeam jacket , H. Lesser trousers, EG Cappelli tie, Vanda PS and Marquess shoes
What shoes are those? Looks a bit like AS Armfield on 104?Nice fit!
Appreciate the compliments 
That will be it. Bit high waist on these. Thanks for the information!Thank you :)
Thanks! It says Exclusive mohair suiting, woven in England. I actually don't know the make, but my tailor recommended it to me. He has a lot of nice mohair blends with the same feel, and it holds the crease amazingly. Not shiny at all. Seems to be my tailors standard pleat, but I like it. Haven't cared or thought of changing them 
Wool/kid mohair suit, Edward Green Chelsea
Wow! Will ask for these with my next pair!
Crosspost from Friday challenge
My entry with my one and only pair of loafers.       H. Lesser 13 oz suit, Alumo shirt, Drake's tie, Roda PS, Calzificio Palatino olive green socks and Belgravia from Edward Green. Watch keeping the shirtcuff high on one of the pictures.
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