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I wear 10E or 10.5E on barrie (both work), while on888: 10E and 10.5E (close to needing F on the 10)202: 10.5E
I thought he was just complementing the womens shoes posted on the previous page.
You could ask the retailer to order a full length sock in exactly the size and last it's used for. Basically, the current half length sock can be removed, and the full length added. Helps a bit for some. It's attached with a type of glue.
If you contact him, I'm sure he can give you a fitting for bespoke. Send me a private message for further information. He will be in Oslo the first Friday and Saturday of June.
Yanagimachi is visiting Norway in June for trying out a new last. Intention is to hold trunk shows in the future. 
That's very nice indeed. Shoulder looks good. I appreciate both the structured and the softer ones myself, and own both.Saving photos for the herringbone! 
Yeah, I'm curious to see how large the pattern actually is. Hoping for somewhere slightly above medium. Cloth was very affordable though, so worst case I'll try to sell it. 
It's a shetland lightweight tweed from Hunters of Brora, guessing the texture is similar to the one in @jerrybrowne s signature. Texture of the shetland sweaters I own are definitely apparent, and the pattern is something I've been looking for. I agree that it would be a lame jacket if there's no texture. Funny that you would mention it, as I decided not to go for the one from Harrisons upon seing it. Thanks for the input @archibaldleach 
That sounds really nice. Considered a half belt on a midweight tweed herringbone with the patch pockets with flaps and gusset that I intend to commission later. Do you have a picture of the jacket you speak of? Would love to see! This is a lightweight tweed. I guess I'm not sure if the cloth ought to be used for just normal patch pockets or if the flap+gusset could be a nice touch.Thank you for the input!
This cloth on a jacket with flapped, gusseted patch pockets? Too much?
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