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Looking forward to see them!
This is a F-width yes. The colour is called vitello vernaccia. It started out very light but has darkened a bit, and is now comparable to maybe maple from British makers. Mostly wear it with denim.Thanks a lot. Very pleased with it. Pretty rustic but I enjoy the esthetics and the fact that it's difficult from the other pairs I own. See this model every day in vitello vernaccia, vitello nero (black), betis ebony (dark brown) and betis castagna (chestnut).Picture in normal...
I don't personally own this last. (I have 946F, 2012026 and a heavier last the last pair, I believe 375. See attached pictures). Can try it on in a couple of days when my exam is over, and compare to my EG/G&G/other Bonafes 
946 is the brown wholecut
Let me double check after exams on Wednesday, but I believe so, yes.
Yes. Personally my instep is rather high and it works, so I see myself as lucky.
Yes Patrick,Ours is called 062/g (not sure if the g means it's wider. Doesn't feel like it) , and as all other Bonafe lasts they're great if you have high instep. It's pretty similar to the 946, but a bit more elongated.
I think it looks like 062, but I might be wrong. 
I think it's nice, and it just fits some feet better than the 82.Great pair!
Was EEE not wide enough? The widest last is probably trubalance, but there are plenty of choices. Modified might be good.
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