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Np.I don't think Ugolini makes shoes to a low standard at all. They make great shoes at a very competitive price.How much one is willing to dish out for a pair of shoes is personal. I believe the service and shoes I receive at Marquess is worth every penny, and a bit on top. The JLP you mention are priced very high, but some might even consider those good value!
Try to email him! If you know what you want, it doesn't hurt to do it on distance.
I haven't commented on the stitching, but generally I find the stitching on some Ugolinis to not be very neat. I think it looks like a classic Italian shoe, and a nice one at that. The stitching is like most Ugolinis I've seen pictures of. 
Wasn't such of a big difference!I don't think it's so easy to compare the quality of shoes in such different price ranges. It sounds like trying to compare the quality of say Cheaney and Edward Green. I'm sure Ugolini is good value for the money if you like the Italian style :)
Fugee was currently at 6 years :D Really should place an order just to have something going ;)
First of all, the two are the most expensive Japanese makers. There are obviously cheaper options too. There are a bunch of Japanese makers trained at Ugolini that charge less, but I personally don't like the Italian styling and hence stick to the British trained ones.  As for where it's easiest to go, I guess that depends on what coast you're at ;)
The pricing can be seen at their home pages. Marquess starts (last i checked) at around 363 000 yen with shoe trees included. Upcharge for boots, old stock freudenberg, and exotics. Yohei Fukuda starts at around 370 000 for master scratch (bespoke fitting but patterns already chosen), and 430 000 for full bespoke
Just wanted to share this that I arranged for a good customer.
Can't speak for the Italian trained Japanese, as I have only seen some in real life. The stitching of what I've seen has been subpar to the likes of Marquess, Fukuda, Clematis and Yanagimachi.Fit needs to be communicated at fittings properly. I can honestly say my second pair from Marquess is a bit too tight, but I felt with my eyes and not my feet. He is very helpful with correcting that though, and the finish and leather is top notch.The price point for say Marquess and...
He may have faster delivery time for the trunk shows at Armoury. I'm fine with two years though.
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