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I think that's a pretty cool thing. Spitshine that toe!
Not sure what Sutor Mantellassi usually makes, but this pair is blake stitched. Google got this: http://www.primermagazine.com/2014/spend/understanding-shoe-construction-goodyear-welt-blake-stich-cementing
    Thank you!I really like this style and the pattern, though I realise it's not for all. The colour looks great in my opinion. Discrete but still special, and I think it works with many combinations. 
Beaulieu E82 Cloud Antique!
They're not my personal pairs. Work in a store that retails EG.
Just snapped a picture: From left to right: Walnut CC, dark oak, dark oak (older finish), burnt pine antique, rosewood country calf, chestnut, edwardian. I agree with the acorn and maple being lighter of course.
Edwardian is the lighest. Burnt pine is sort of in between dark oak and edwardian I'd say. Sometimes it ends up very close to DO.Chestnut is a darker edwardian with more orange in it.
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