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Wearing my new pair today. First impression is that the fit is just where it should be. Leather is beautiful, and everything is what I wanted it to be.
 Thank you. Very happy with them :)
New kicks
[[SPOILER]] I don't think they need to be sleeker at all. The chiseled would be good, but I find the SC chiseled to not be too sleek, but with nice balance. I think that's a really cool shoe. The screwdriver can be nice for some, but for my feet, the shoes already look long enough with the normal lasts. 
This was what I expected. Pictures can always be misinterpreted.
Scary thought!
I basically told him I'd want something a bit more casual. Not an Oxford, and not a suede leather either. It's all in his hands now!
Thanks :)I noticed too that it may be slightly off, or it could be the angle of the picture. Will see when I get it in my own hands. Don't think it's such a biggy though.
Crosspost from the Japanese thread. New pair from Marquess, that Jesper was kind enough to take some nice pictures of in Tokyo. They turned out just the way I wanted. Understated while still a bit special.   Thanks, @j ingevaldsson
Jesper took some nice photos of my new pair from Marquess in Tokyo. Turned out like I hoped. Bit special but still classic and easy to wear. Number 4 is a rather fun project. Omakase! Shoji comes up with the design, and I'll do the fitting blindfolded sometime next year.
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