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Size 9F in Yes Castagna if someone feels an urgent need for a new pair of shoes.
It's a different order. We've had this model in various colours for years in the store I work, with 360 stitching and light brown (what you would call natural in alden I suppose) edge dressing. Ours are on the 946F last. The version I personally own is a lighter one. Happy to see more Bonafès around!
    Betis Castagna for you!
Thank you. Mine are in another colour, but the Castagna looks magnificent too. You're in for a treat!
Sorry, but the norvegese derby of mine is on 946F (the normal width for Bonafe). The black pair (special austerity pattern) is on the 062/g@rydenfan Terrible picture, I'll snap a new one one of these days 
It's difficult to visualize indeed. Betis Castagna in our store is a lot lighter than that picture though. It looks like a dark Betis Noce (spelling?), a light Betis Ebony, or possible a very very dark Betis Castagna. We're stocking it in black, and it's beautiful indeed. Have a derby in a similar style:  [[SPOILER]]
Personally I need a size 10.5 on 202 (or my toes hit the front, which is extremely uncomfortable), and a 10 on 606. That being said, I can use 10.5 on 606 with no problems, just slightly roomier. 
Superb shoes @RogerP ! The ghillie is intriguing.
These were absolutely stunning. 190000 yen you so? Hmm!
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