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Thanks!Thank you. Do you have experience with using moonbeam? How does it hold up? 
Do you have any experience with Harrisons Moonbeam?
WFG has some nice Japanese brands at pretty good prices. The Miyagi Kogyo ones should be in the price-range.Trading Post is great. The shoes made for their label by Japanese makers were mostly blake last time I checked, but they are priced good. Isetan should have a great selection yes.Make sure to buy the Japanese made shoes unless you want Alden modified (which is difficult to find other places in the world)There's a 30% tax on imported leather shoes, so prices will...
Can't really be compared to either of the two. If the lasts fit you, Bonafe makes some of the best value shoes on the market, and they look great.
Try World Footwear Gallery. I've been meaning to go to check out Miyagi Kogyo for years.
I can attest to this. Wearing a three piece tweed suit while being interviewed by TV Tokyo inside was just plain embarrassing. At least none should be able to see my face with all the reflections. Silly decision. 
Haha that's great. I was sure it was chocolate too, but resisted the temptation 
I've had one pair made. Travel to Japan every 6 months, so wasn't much of an issue. As they now have my last I will use the first pair some and then ask for slight slight modifications if needed. Hopefully get them next time I'm there, or when they visit Europe on holiday or so.Another Japanese maker will be coming to Norway soon, but some details are not completely clear yet.
Something like this from Marquess, but black.
Wow, that thing is a beauty. Wonder how it fits!
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