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Sounds like you've been doing some research! 😉
Thank you. I've been in contact with SC and there are really no issues here. I decided to keep them because I like them, while they also offered to remake.
Thank you!
Selling a pair of lazyman shoes that I haven't been able to use to the extent deserved. Beautiful and supple, black leather. Made on their most popular last, the 724F (regular width), size 10.5UK Used a couple of times in good weather. Please have a look at the oak bark tanned soles to confirm. 200 GBP Lasted trees can be added for am extra 40 GBP International shipping 30GBP
This was just some spare cuts for a lower surcharge. May be though? Haven't tried :)
Same pattern.Can be had on other lasts.https://www.instagram.com/p/BAAXKL7NMvf/
To be honest, that's up to me. Sure, it ended up slightly different than expected, but I don't think it's that big of a deal. I'm very pleased with the shoes as they are now
Aye, I've been thinking of this model for a year now, and went for it. Love the way their derbies turn out. This is the first pair on my personal last, and fit is extremely good. Will be difficult to motivate myself to buy other RTW now. 
Indeed, that doesn't sound like the best of ideas. I thought maybe it was some sort of fine sanding paper or so. It was ordered with nubuck to make it more discrete, but didn't find it as flashy as I feared with normal croc either. Love how it looked with jeans, and think a heavy tweed could be good in autumn too.
The croc was actually supposed to be a nubuck, but we'll see. I'll ask Phillip how they create the matte/nubuck finish and see if I can do it myself.
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