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Beautiful!I'd use a mix of burgundy and black. Burgundy cream for sure, but black/burgundy wax.
Thanks. Picked up a beige 3A in 42. If the fit is pleasing, I know where I'll find my knitwear in the future :)
Ecton is great :)
Indeed, not the same but still nice.Some models like these may be exclusive to certain Japanese stores though.
That's a very nice model. I believe @Leaves tried to achieve the same stitching as on dover though, but without much luck. That is indeed cool though. I can see this model in hippo leather :D
Jun from Not Fashion But Style has a few GC croc loafers too :D
Looking good! Jacket is very nice. Lapels and everything.
Crosspost from the Japanese thread. Had a fitting for my second pair from Marquess the other day. Was quite pleased with the fit, but Shoji wanted to improve it further. He changed the last a bit and made another pair of fitting shoes express, and had a second fitting yesterday. It will be slightly further improved.  First, I was going for a full brogue. But because of my slightly wide forefoot it's difficult to get a semi slim front, so I changed to an imitation brogue...
The guy in the photo (Imai-san I believe) and a closer are quite recent, but the last one has been with them for a few years.The atmosphere was nice, as one would expect in Shojis workshop.
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