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Thank you!
Saw this on FB but ended up with a couple of Tie your Tie shantungs. Exactly what I've been looking for.
Good good! Hope to see you the 17th!
Glad the fit was good and that you received them before your trip. Picking up the returned ones on my way to work!
1: black cap toe oxfords 2: medium brown punched cap toe oxfords 3: black punched cap toe oxfords 4. dark brown nst (dover) 5. brown/chestnut austerity brogue 6. brown suede chukka 7. black plain toe oxford  8. black plain toe structured derby 9. brown derby with some sort of pattern, possibly burgundy 10. boot (see galway/wigmore/norvegese)
 Visited his workshop 2 weeks ago, and it looked amazing. Really nice guy too!
Tokyo is effing mushiatsui. Had my second fitting with Marquess today. He had made me another fitting pair without even asking for it, and the fit was the best I've ever experienced. Apparently it gets even better. http://instagram.com/p/rq8BXSD4fB/
this seller has lot of nice stuff for sale!
Actually it was 363 300 when I ordered
Can't remember exactly, but it was about 380 000yen with trees included. Lots of leathers to choose from though. Deadstock Freudenberg (brown, dark brown, burgundy llama), pig, various exotics, ++. His regular calf leathers are great too, obviously.
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