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Indeed, not the same but still nice.Some models like these may be exclusive to certain Japanese stores though.
That's a very nice model. I believe @Leaves tried to achieve the same stitching as on dover though, but without much luck. That is indeed cool though. I can see this model in hippo leather :D
Jun from Not Fashion But Style has a few GC croc loafers too :D
Looking good! Jacket is very nice. Lapels and everything.
Crosspost from the Japanese thread. Had a fitting for my second pair from Marquess the other day. Was quite pleased with the fit, but Shoji wanted to improve it further. He changed the last a bit and made another pair of fitting shoes express, and had a second fitting yesterday. It will be slightly further improved.  First, I was going for a full brogue. But because of my slightly wide forefoot it's difficult to get a semi slim front, so I changed to an imitation brogue...
The guy in the photo (Imai-san I believe) and a closer are quite recent, but the last one has been with them for a few years.The atmosphere was nice, as one would expect in Shojis workshop.
Usually one I guess, but he's a perfectionist and I appreciate that.Here's a pic of the first pair of trial shoes.And Shoji and one of his apprentices and me.
I had a fitting on Thursday last week, and Shoji had already made some changes and a new fitting pair produced. The fit was already good, but got even better. Will be changed slightly more, but really chasing perfection now. Service is just tremendous. I'll post some more pictures when I get better internet. New pair of trial shoes Last and what not
Don't buy foreign shoes in Japan. They cost more then Europe at least due to 30% tax on leather shoes. There are some Japanese brands that are good. I would check out Miyagi Kogyo that are sold at various locations. About the same as Carmina or Crocket & Jones. Japanese feet are different from abroad though, so the last may be difficult. Has to be tried I guess.
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