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Beautiful shoes. Specially like the chestnut Malverns.
I'm sure you're aware, but don't forget that there is still a John Lobb made in London, although different to the RTW and paris bespoke. Their shoes are made in London and possible outworkers. 
I totally agree.
I got the impression you could order series of Handgrade too. I might be mistaken, but I believe various stores do keep a stock of Handgrade, or at least has the possibility.
I don't have any knowledge of said lasts, but on c&j 341 I use a 10.5 UK, and I use the same on 104. The c&j is slightly roomy. There is more room for the toes further ahead in the shoe than say 724 from AS. Can try on a pair of plaza myself in an hour or so, but I tend to fit size 10 e or d with most Aldens, but 10.5 works too.
Nice writeup. Hope to do the same at some point.The RTW NMWA carries is I believe the exclusive line (the best from AS being handgrade). That being said, AS exclusive might be some of the best quality/cost. Oak bark tanned channeled soles, and rather thick but fine leather. I'm personally a big fan of the Wilson and the single monks NMWA has in stock. Have seen many examples of 10-20 year old Alfred Sargent shoes holding up well at my place of work. 
Very nice.How do you like the fabric of the pants?Instagram this and I'm sure Sockslick will be all over you. 
Thanks NC and ThinkDerm   It will be a Marquess Round Toe, but he did not put much work to the toe on the trial pair. I like the waist a lot too, and the comfort is immense
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