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Thanks. The suit feels good and will fit good after some minor alterations. I had to have a couple of work suits quickly so I think it'll work out well. I appreciate the info.
It is definitely the Southwick tag but there is no fabric tag, nor any tag delineating the line and cut of the suit. Interestingly enough though you can definitely feel it is full canvas construction. Any ideas?
Thanks for the info. I will check the tags in the morning and post an update.
I don't have a picture but the label in the pants is just a navy blue label that "Brooks Brothers Established 1818" in white cursive. The tag in the jacket says "made in the USA of imported fabric". I'll try to get a picture tomorrow and post it. By the way, how you can tell by the tags where it was manufactured?
I just bought two suits on Ru La La, one Golden Fleece Fitzgerald and another that was advertised as "full canvas" construction but not as a Golden Fleece and the cut wasn't listed either. The suits arrived today and I can tell the mystery suit is fully canvassed but it doesn't have the golden fleece tags. Any ideas on what exactly the story is on this suit?
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