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Hey does anybody know of a good tailor in Salt Lake City? I just bought my first suit and I'm looking for someone to do alterations.   There are some decent reviews on Mario's and Top Alterations; anybody had an experience with either? Thanks!
Hey all,    I just graduated from college and I'm purchasing my first "real suit." I found this Hickey Freeman at a good price. It's a 40S. Is the fit correct on the shoulders or is it slightly off? Thanks so much!  
Any idea where to check out the Hickey Freeman Fall 2012 Collection without flying to one of the flagship stores in SF and NY? I've called the stores and the website seems to be seriously lacking pictures of fall suits in the "B" and "C" cuts. Thanks!
Hey everybody,   I'm a recent college graduate looking to start a career in the entertainment industry. I recently found a passion for nice suits while searching for my first "real" suit (I'm still looking for it). This forum has been a great education so far, so I'm here to get involved and learn more. 
New Posts  All Forums: