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Hahahha I've created such a mess here! I wasn't aware of the amount of losers that rip into people they don't know anything about online. This I the first and only thread I will ever start :-) have fun all u web tech donkeys battling each other on who has more ram and shit. I just wante to vent a little and achieved it. Have fun all you bloggers reading about other peoples lives instead of living your own. Beautiful thing is... This is probably all you have to do today. So...
The quality was fine. It's the sizing. They state in the terms and conditions that they will replace or remake if it is a production error. Which it was. So where is this my fault? U must work for Itailor LOL
Haha that was a good burn with the PLEATS too Itailor still garbage.! Anyone looking for a deal don't do it. Go to a retail environment and pay full pop. And H&M has one length of pant and don't do tall sizes. So smart ass I would love to have bought a suit from there but they don't fit
Your right bud. I get garbage. You should start a consulting firm! What a genius you are. Sorry the majority of the population thinks that $200 should go a long way. We all can't be rich like you. My point was well made. You confirmed it. Itailor is crap.
Before you judge me bud, take a look at the website. Someone put a lot of money into that thing. Also, apparently they've served over 100000 people. I should have looked deeper into the reviews though. They do not stay true to their word. I want help all other people see the truth about this company so no body else makes a mistake
I have purchased a suit from ITailor recently. Both the jacket and pants werre faulted. I ordered my pants with pletes and the pletes are completely wrong and look tacky and unprofessional. The jacket arms do not fit around my bicepts or forearms. This is a production error as they do not have an area for measurments of that part of the body. When i sent them pictures of the pletes and the arms complaining. They told me that its a rare error and cannot refund or remake...
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