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The green is what makes it too much, IMO. If it didn't have the green it would be unified. I can still see it working as a scarf but not a jacket. Maybe with some rich green corduroys you could go full English children's film.
The XS is too short in every regard.
The pants situation in FW15 looks unreal.
Tell me: where, in time, is Carmen Sandiego?
dude this train has been running for 3 years don't be all incredulous that it's leaving the station once again. pattern recognition
The fatigues are especially slim this year, I wear S in Workadays and 34 in SS15.
Sweet, I'll add some stuff next week.
That's a great idea, I have several pieces that no longer fit that I would much rather trade than sell.
The classic shirt seems to me like a pretty straightforward adaptation of the wool surf shirt, e.g. Pendleton. It's not innovative but it's on point.
Anyone gotten to try on this season's fatigues? Indigo's measurements suggest they fit kind of tight, but Belfast's are TTS...
New Posts  All Forums: