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I have that. PM sent.
Has anyone seen the black denim BDU outside of Japan?
Cropped stuff can look good on shorter guys due to upper/lower torso balance.   Chest-darted stuff can look good on guys with a triangular/athletic upper torso (true of suppressed jackets in general IMO). But sleeve size tends to be a problem.   Fit and proportion in general is hard to talk about without considering the shape of the body, this is obviously true of blazers and similarly true of "women's clothing" which tends to have more 3d construction. And what is...
That hasn't been my experience at all. I take an M or an L basically at random and I definitely would have screwed up my sizing this SS/FW if I didn't try it on first. If the difference is only fabric well, the Bedford has been made up in just about every fabric from chambray to tweed, that's a wide variation.
I am a 38-40 and take an M Bedford, and I am pretty short and boxy (5'7). Bedford is a boxy, relaxed cut; at 5'11 I would predict an S to look unusually short.
The green is what makes it too much, IMO. If it didn't have the green it would be unified. I can still see it working as a scarf but not a jacket. Maybe with some rich green corduroys you could go full English children's film.
The XS is too short in every regard.
The pants situation in FW15 looks unreal.
Tell me: where, in time, is Carmen Sandiego?
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