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That hasn't been my experience at all. I take an M or an L basically at random and I definitely would have screwed up my sizing this SS/FW if I didn't try it on first. If the difference is only fabric well, the Bedford has been made up in just about every fabric from chambray to tweed, that's a wide variation.
I am a 38-40 and take an M Bedford, and I am pretty short and boxy (5'7). Bedford is a boxy, relaxed cut; at 5'11 I would predict an S to look unusually short.
The green is what makes it too much, IMO. If it didn't have the green it would be unified. I can still see it working as a scarf but not a jacket. Maybe with some rich green corduroys you could go full English children's film.
The XS is too short in every regard.
The pants situation in FW15 looks unreal.
Tell me: where, in time, is Carmen Sandiego?
dude this train has been running for 3 years don't be all incredulous that it's leaving the station once again. pattern recognition
The fatigues are especially slim this year, I wear S in Workadays and 34 in SS15.
Sweet, I'll add some stuff next week.
That's a great idea, I have several pieces that no longer fit that I would much rather trade than sell.
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