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The classic shirt seems to me like a pretty straightforward adaptation of the wool surf shirt, e.g. Pendleton. It's not innovative but it's on point.
Anyone gotten to try on this season's fatigues? Indigo's measurements suggest they fit kind of tight, but Belfast's are TTS...
I got the basketweave and basically agree with Fycus' impression; it is very light, textured, and a little bit crispy. The weave is deep with some khaki threads and is not captured well in any photos I've seen. It looks much better as a shirt-jac than a midlayer.
Tried this on today and was surprised to find that the Large fit best; the M had pulling in the shoulders when buttoned and looked too short (and I am already short). I now fit S, M, or L depending on the piece, so that's pretty funny (and I'm guessing XS fatigues would complete the set).
+what looks like an aviator with an amazing lining underneath it.
How loose is the Dayton? I'm always on the border with EG sizing (S in the CPO and Miner, M in most jackets and the Work Shirt). P2P/S2S measurements never seem to help because the cuts are so different.
literally looks she is about to throw down some ps2 era japanese sprite fighting game hi super art finish
There was a long discussion about this earlier in the thread w/r/t the CPO; general consensus seemed to be that it is a great midlayer and a looser fit.
Yeah this is what I have been trying to say about it. It weights, fits, and has pockets like an outer. It is actually pretty different from what I would normally call a CPO. I've seen this chambray - black pant - red CPO color scheme in a couple places and I just think it's so great. 
 Yeah, if what you want is a mid layer I think the current CPO would be the wrong choice...it has so many outer details and the fit is extremely roomy, I don't know where all that fabric would go. But as an outer I can make use of that volume and easily fit an overshirt or thick sweater underneath it, and I'd be willing to take on New England weather wearing 31oz of wool or w/e. For me the real point of comparison is the 19oz field jacket, and I think the current CPO has...
New Posts  All Forums: