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Rick, are the checks on the blue gunclub sportcoat navy and black, or navy and brown? Can't really tell in either of the photoshoots you've shared. I think a third colour in future gunchecks (a blue/purple in future browns, especially) would help me, personally, be less on the fence about buying these. Looking forward to the upcoming runs from the new factory.
Excited about the new RTW shirt fabrics being released. Most seem to be available only with the full spread collar though, will there be semi-spread options available? I'm particularly looking at the light blue wharton stripe.
 To echo others, a summer gun check, of the typical tan variety or a muted blue. Some suggestions below. I think the key to a good gun check is to avoid too many contrasting colours. Would also be interested in a light blue / mid blue, large scale glen plaid.FWIW, while I know 3r2 jackets are popular here, I hope there continue to be two button only jacket offerings.  [[SPOILER]]
Gents, after doing my homework searching the thread, I wanted to ask for a little confirmation. I purchased a pair of Hiro last chukka boots recently, and have found them to be too wide in the heel; after a month of breaking in I still get bad blisters on the inner side of my heel (which I feel to be rotating in and out of contact with the shoe lining). The instep may also be a little too high/wide, as the laces close completely just to get them snug. I tried fitting a few...
Has anyone got a photo of the mid brown wool/linen sportcoat? @spiermackay? I've was thinking about copping it, but am a little worried it'll be significantly lighter than mid grey trousers.
Ya'all have some very nice pieces. I just got my daily wearer back from a full overhaul, so this is probably the only good looking picture of it there'll be for a few years. Too bad these model Breitlings seem to be made of a steel that has a great luster but is super soft and is easy to scratch deeply, and will very quickly be showing "signs of use."   Anyway, Breitling Chronomat Vitesse in two-tone.
New Posts  All Forums: