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Brilliant, thanks for your opinions. I like the trousers on the fb link, with a pared down jacket / shirt / w'coat combo I think I can pull it off.    I'll get this sorted well in advance so there's plenty of time if I change my mind. 
I realise this is a niche topic, but does anyone have any experience / opinions of non-striped Morning Suit trousers/pants? 
I'm getting married this autumn and it'll be a morning suit event. My current morning suit is 2nd hand and has been worn well over the years. Now I'm the one getting hitched I can justify the expense of a new one.    I have a question about trousers. I've only ever worn cashmere stripe trousers and would quite like to mix it up a bit. Looking through some excellent blogs I've found reference to PoW, houndstooth and grey flannel as all being acceptable for trousers. What...
I hadn't ever considered this option. thanks!    Can anyone say how NY slim compares to BB ESF? 
I looked at that but felt the TS was going to be too tight on the chest and body. I'm going to try the NY slim and see what turns up! 
Hi guys, would like to try a few shirts from these guys so hoping for sizing advice. I'm 6ft, 16 neck and have always taken regular sleeve lengths (c.34/34.5). Are the tokyo classic fit shirts really that short on the arm (32.5)? Or should I go for the NY slim (36.3)? I'm guessing it's easier to get the latter altered.  
  Thanks both - I was worried it was a horrible shortcut so somewhat relieved that it may not be. Will enquire further when I next go to see him.    Thanks, T
Hi all, just hoping for some advice before I start fretting over this - none of my other jackets have any sort of stitching/tacking on the underside of the lapel so would like to know why they did that and what it means. I know the pictures are hard to tell, but the stitches are quite randomly spread across the cloth.  Thanks, T
Hi, I've just had a suit made. Not overly happy with the fit so will be taking it back for some tweaks shortly. One other thing I've noticed is some stitching on the underside of the lapel? Is this normal or is it a short-cut? Does this mean that there's no canvas in the lapel?   
  I've just found something on threedifferent - a damaged boglioli SC section. With little red flags where the damage is.  http://www.threedifferent.com/web_eng/gallery.asp?genere=1&cat_id=0&scat_id=0&mar_id=386&cod_micro=&pag=&special_price=&saldo_privato=&viewall=&orderby=art_prezzo_internet%20DESC I can't see any obvious damage, but given that many of you seem to have problems with "non damaged" goods, would I be absolutely foolish to willingly order a damaged SC?...
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