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Thanks all, I'll probably just return this one.  My current two suits are 38L and required significant altering of the jacket (taking in the waist quite a bit) to keep them from looking like bags.  The problem is I can never find long jackets sized smaller than 38.  It doesn't help that the largest men's stores close to me are the big box stores and the likes of Jos A Bank.
It was clearance and the only 38 available (paid around $350).  I usually wear a 38, but nothing smaller was available.  So, I either just scrap it and return it or have some adjustments made.
There seems to be a good amount of fabric in the sleeve, so I'm hoping that's fixable.  If anything, it seemed a tad snug in the chest (the jacket seems to pull away a bit in the lapel area), but a bit large at the torso/waist.
I've been a lurker for a while.  However, I'm getting ready to relocate to Austria (from the States) and figure it's time to get a bit more serious about quality clothing.  I picked up the below Brooks Brothers 1818 Milano suit on clearance along with the recent F&F 25% discount.  Feeling a little iffy on the fit of the jacket.  I'd love to hear any thoughts on the fit - whether it is worth a trip to the tailor or if I should just send it back to Brooks Brothers?    
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