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Hi, I'm attending a wedding this winter and was planning on wearing a brown tweed suit and a red madder tie, however, i'm struggling with the choice of shirt to go with this outfit. Is white the best option, or some kind of tattersall (or would that be too many checks!) Advice appreciated in advance Snake
I've just bought an olive green tweed jacket and wanted ideas on what to wear with it. Not too formal but for nights down the pub etc. I was thinking a checked shirt and plain wool tie? Any help much appreciated, including photo ideas! Snake
So it's purely down to the quality of the shirt?
Hi, The end of my collars tend to curl inwards towards my body, despite wearing collar stays, any iodeas how to prevent this effect? Thanks Snake
Hi, I've only recently started attempting to dimple my ties, and invariably, my dimple is quite small, maybe only 1-2cm in length. Is this how it's supposed to be, or should it extend further down the tie? Thanks Snake
Thanks guys!  Good to know I'm not totally clueless!
What are peoples thoughts on tie length?  I usually look to have the end of my tie sitting on or just above my belt buckle, but see many people with significantly shorter ties?   I'm very much a newbie on here so any advice is much appreciated.
Thanks for the advice, I was planning on wearing a navy pinstripe sit, witha  whiten shirt, or a pale blue shirt (with or without white collar/cuffs).   I think I'll likely go with a white cotton square to be on the safe side, as most of my other squares are either pale or dark blue.
Long time lurker and first time poster here.   I'm a godfather at a christening at the weekend and intend to wear the tie below, but wanted to move away from my usual white pocket square, what sort of colours would be best, I was thinking something like the square below   feel free to blast my choice and suggest better!  
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