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I think it's pretty obvious he was saying that when RRL came back after it disappeared, they sold the RRL jeans at ralph lauren boutiques and the full lines at RRL stores
Thanks everyone that took all this stuff off my hands!! BoO is sent back to e-luxury for my awesome $146.81 Uniqlo button down is now $25 (I only have one Khaki left, one navy pending so PM me on that) I'm keeping the cardigan/jeans if they aren't sold. - kelvin. p.s. Dash you are a funny guy. Your desperate pleas for attention go unanswered so you resort to being a dbag (I see you posting the same shitty iphone pic in 50 different threads, yes we get it you got BoO...
^ Are you keeping the same silhouette for the navy one ?
Quote: Originally Posted by Dashaansafin Do a little fucking research before. The recent e-luxury sale had the shirt at 114$ included tax and shipping. Why do I need to do research for? I know the price I (ME, MYSELF) bought it for. I even stated it's the price that I paid. Seriously, ignored as kid much? I don't care how much money you bought it for. I wanted to throw this up on here at cost (FOR THA PEOPLES) which is easier than sending it...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dashaansafin It was free shipping and there was no tax. Nice try. Jesus. H. Christ, what the hell is up your ass Mr. Internet Police? Do you see my location? It says CA which means tax applies. Thanks for the bump The shirt is 17.5" pit-to-pit. Going back to e-luxury on monday/tuesday if nobody wants it. just shy of 28" from the back of the collar to the bottom. sleeve is 25" from the shoulder to the end of the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dashaansafin Thats not the price you paid for the BoO, I bought the same one. I paid $146 after shipping and taxes, sorry for overshooting by $4.
Quote: Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 The finale was shit. Oh, wow! He can learn karate and other such skills. I'm kind of hoping they cancel it now. I will miss Yvonne though. She's absolutely the cutest. I think my favorite was Lou.
Ahahha that chrisjr picture is great. and I like a lot of the fits that master posted. The turtleneck/blazer thing is something I have to try.
are you doing any other colours?
Added BoO Oxford Price drop on Uniqlo cardigan and button-downs!
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