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 here you go     They even have their own phone app. 
I've been watching this brand (Conscious Step) and was taken by their social business model.
  Goodism Kanagawa Blue. 6 card slots, 1 frequent card slots, 2 hidden card slots, 1 photo slot, 3 labeled money partition and 1 hidden saving partition. 
I would suggest this underdog Indonesian brand called Hanzo. Indonesian owned and Japanese inspired. Their debut article TS105SS can be considered as a good durable jeans. This article is made from Zimbabwe cotton and stitched with polycore threads, which is perfect for rugged activities. 19 ounces per square yard unsanforized denim and using Zimbabwe cotton for durability. Very comfortable to be worn every day. They pay heavy attention to details as well, such...
Aquamarine cargo pants by Elhaus are quite unique          
Bootleg Airlite, $38 only               
I wonder if natural woven selvedge denim can compete with Japanese selvedge denim  
The folks at Zevin and Voyej gives a comprehensive guide on their 2nd anniversary boots edition, Make it as first Indonesian manufacturer crafting 2 different type of leather. The construction method is Italian Goodyear Welt.         ZEVIN's cowhide plotted and cutted for each piece of the boots        VOYEJ's american top grain       Sewed with scrutinized detail and precision       ZEVIN & VOYEJ brand at each tongue  
I personally like the Bluesville x Voyej "Stow" bag. I like the combination of natural indigo hand-dyed canvas and the beautiful English Bridle London. Convenient and compact, great for carrying numbers of essential tools.          Ipads, wallets, cameras, phones, and notebook could fit perfectly.     pretty details           IMHO, the size is just right, not too small not too big     They only produced 30...
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