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Normally the tail (large scales) will be cheaper than throat (smaller scales).
They look extremely nice!
I feel like I should be absolutely clear now. Because everywhere I post now people are being very anal about every little detail. I like the little details that make a product handmade. It's how you can recognize that a product was made by an artisan, especially for you. It's a feeling very different from buying something made halfway around the world in a factory. What I focused on in another thread weren't little things. They were signs of poor quality control (such as...
You're not to picky. We pay a lot of money for buying shoes like this. So we are allowed to be picky. I am picky too, otherwise some of those things wouldn't have bothered me.I'm pretty sure your shoes will come out great. T4, some Dutch friends and I have bought a lot of shoes at Riccardo's and each pair we've received was better than the previous pair.
That drop is very minor. But I don't see any cut in the upper? The trimming is not 100% flat. But I don't have any shoes where it is. The criticisms I had of Bestetti where instances where he seriously damaged the upper. I don't see any of that in these shoes.Especially when I compare it to my Bestetti shoes:Or even Gaziano:
Do you mean the little star he made into the heel?Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met behulp van Tapatalk
Some more pictures of my shoes: Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met behulp van Tapatalk
Have you actually seen the pictures? Because what was shown were pretty embarrassing faults.Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met behulp van Tapatalk
Meccariello desert boot. Super comfy! Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met behulp van Tapatalk
Let alone the waiting time. More than a year AFTER the last fitting.Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met behulp van Tapatalk
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