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Thanks a lot zippyh! I was tracking using an international tracker and didn't check on the USPS site for some time. It did indeed go to an isc in NY and is in its way to me now.
I did a quick search through this thread, but couldn't find anything pertaining to Sweden to US shipping.  I recently purchased a jacket from Smilefortress and my item has been in some city in South Carolina for the past few days under the tag "Has been sorted".  The thing that occurred right before it was "UTLANDET, CUSTOMS CLEARANCE, IN PROGRESS" in Sweden.  Does this mean my package passed customs in Sweden and is now just held up in a warehouse in the US?
Looking to buy size 48-50 collared moto of black/brown/whiskey.  Any leather is fine!
You should post the measurements on this guy.
Why oh why couldn't the chest have been an inch wider?!  
 I watched the first episode too and it was very hard on the eyes.  What really got me into the show was a recommendation to watch the "Blink" episode in Series 3 with David Tenant.  Great episode IMO and made me trudge along the 9th doctor to get to the 10th.  
Price drop!  
Bleach it it overnight.  That's helped my smelly shaker issues.
How do you guys like the quality of Jean Shop's stuff?  My progression was STF -> APC -> Nudies -> PBJ -> Iron Hearts and I was looking into trying something new again without breaking the bank.  Thoughts?
Anyone else get general inflammation through their body when they gain weight?  I didn't eat too well/work out as much due to the Holidays/work and I've noticed I'm starting to have a habitual sore throat and itchy feeling across my body.  
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