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Now open to best offers.
These are the Coyote Roughouts, made with water repellent, Mil. Spec. Roughout leather from the Tasman Tannery in Maine. The boots themselves are made in Colorado. Plain toe, leather mid sole, pull tabs, antique brass eyelets, stitch down construction, unstructured toe, studded Dainite sole. Extremely durable, quality leather. Lightly worn, in excellent condition. This sale is for the boots only, no box/bag. Retail is $440 with a 13-week wait. Yours for $315 including...
Edit: Since posting I took these to a cobbler to try to widen them so I could wear them but to virtually no effect. Still otherwise BNIB. Now offering at $330 shipped free within Continental US. You are welcome to pick up/try on if you live in Boston.
Crockett & Jones dark brown oiled leather Islay wingtip boots. Brand new in box. Size 8.5D (US). Picture Gallery This is the roughout leather version of the standard C&J Islay boot seen here. Retail for $660. Offered for $330 shipped. Local pickup in Boston area welcome.   I've sold lots of high-end stuff on eBay including boots and watches (16 years 100% positive feedback). Happy to provide references.   Full info: 1.25" (30mm) heel (approximately) Medallion toe,...
I got a small scuff on some black lizard skin boots that shows the tan color beneath the black finish. What's the best product to fix it? (It's very small but noticeable because of the color difference.)
I bought a pair from that guy, they're really nice in person. sadly I need 8EE so it looks like I'll be sending them back
thanks. that looks like a neutral color though, so I assume I would still see the scuff after applying it. it doesn't look like they offer a black version.
I got a scuff on some black lizard-skin shoes (so you can see a bit of the lighter color underneath the black). Could someone recommend a good polish/conditioner to fix this? My understanding is you can't generally use the same product as for non-exotic leather.
If you're like me, you visit quite a few menswear stores every week to see what's new in stock and on sale, and it's a pain to remember which stores you've visited recently, and what products you've seen already, so you miss stuff or it sells out.   To solve this problem, I made a site that shows all the new and sale stuff from specific menswear stores on a single page as soon as it becomes available. You see all and only the stuff that's new since the last time you...
Follow up to my earlier question: I bought some used flat head 3009's, unworn but hot soaked for 45 mins. I was wondering if this was enough or I should hot soak again to get out residual shrink. Someone on SuFu advised "Just soaking FH jeans doesn't fully shrink them, I'd say give them a full wash (with or without soap) in warm water.  Agitation is absolutely crucial to get all the shrink out at once.  Don't worry about losing indigo, FH denim is insanely dark and...
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