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Have this in navy... Really fantastic shirt. Compliments every time I wear it.
8, 6, and 13 miles the last few days.
7 miles today. First time in a few weeks that it's felt "ok" (or about as miserable as normal). Can only guess the monsoon like humidity had a much greater affect on me than I was willing to admit.
6.5 today in the furnace that is the Southern California valleys right now (mid 90s, high humidity, zero breeze). There was much walking as I tried to catch my breath... doesn't take long to forget how to run in the heat.   In happier news, ankle recover is coming along nicely. Felt almost normal out there today.
Picked these up for a steal a while back and never wore them because they were a bit too snug with insoles.   These were professionally dyed black and vibrammed by the previous owner (see below).   Tagged sz 7 but fit more like an 8 or 9. I wear a 42 in CPs & GATs and think these would be better for a 41. Outsole measures 30cm.   Selling them for what I paid: $300 shipped.   You can see the original listing (with better photos)...
These are seriously comfortable for all day walking. Selling because they don't get nearly enough wear. Treated with Obenaufs last fall and have been sitting in my closet ever since.   These fit TTS. I wear a 42 in CP and 43 in MM GAT and these fit perfect. Outsole is ~ 32cm (12.5")   $220 shipped CONUS.
Finally back on the wagon after two weeks off to let my ankle heal up. 5 slow miles yesterday and today. Taking it easy and sticking to the bike paths until I'm back to 100%.
@conceptionist did you have the pants tapered or is that the camera angle playing tricks on me? 
 I'm racing Bulldog 50k in late August so the cancellation gives me more time to prepare for that one I guess. 
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