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Appreciate the downhill running tips. I think I mainly need to work on slowing down less (if that makes sense) and generally being less paranoid about slipping and/or falling. It's pretty cold and snowy in Denver this week and I haven't decided whether to use the treadmill in the hotel or take a few days off until I'm back home. 
Got in about 10 miles at a pretty aggressive pace for me (felt like sub 8:00 mile). Was a little hungover and considered skipping but glad I didn't as I would have regret it all day.
Sub 40 on a 10k is pretty damn quick. Well done Yo-han.   8 miles yesterday and this afternoon. Yesterday was a slog but today felt pretty easy.    I've decided I need to focus on my downhill speed if I want to better compete in some of these trail races. Anyone have any advice on how to go about that?
8 mile recovery run (well, it started out as a recovery run but we were both feeling pretty good around mile 6 and decided to make a little race of it... which I lost... meh).   The foot pain has mostly abated. It's still a little tender but otherwise fine. Hope to be back to 100% by the weekend.
Finished the Bandit 50k earlier today... 6k elevation. Finished in 7:01 (bout 15 mins faster than last year). Was on pace for much faster but sharp foot pain around mile 20 forced me to walk most of the last 10 miles even though I had plenty of leg left. Minus the foot pain I'm very pleased with my showing considering I spend most of the last week sick and got zero hours sleep last night (pre race insomnia sucks!). Hoping the foot is nothing major. Icing it down and will...
Nice runs this weekend gents. I'm a little jealous. Came down with the flu so spending my weekend in bed catching up on Banshee instead of outside enjoying the perfect weather. Housemate baked gingerbread cookies so life isn't all bad
 Those knit panel trousers are right up your alley. 
#21 (or #10 depending on which link you received / followed) is one of the things I'm considering. Trousers (#16) being the other.   The #6 I referred to earlier is #20 (Jacket MAT) on the JJVE page. Really diggin' the style, color not so much.    Confusing 
8 miles today. Running partner was struggling so I took advantage and crushed him on the final mile (a rarity). Feeling good.
 Not feelin' it this time around. On the fence about a couple items but nothing jumping out as a must kop (6 in a different colorway might crush though)
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