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This week has been absolutely blazing (100F+ with 55% humidity), but I've managed to get a couple of slow runs in (5, 6, and 8 miles).   Heat wave is slated to break soon... it's only supposed to get into the "upper 90s" today.... hooray?
7 miles. Still in the upper 90s but the lack of breeze made it feel 10 degrees warmer. Looks like temps should start heading back to normal on Sunday... can't wait.
9 miles at 99 degrees.... pretty toasty out there today. The cool down cant come soon enough.
9 miles in mid 90s temps yesterday. Expecting it to be even hotter today.
Haven't done much running the last few weeks but managed a not-horrible showing at the Bulldog 50k this weekend.   Felt great for the first 20 mile and was on pace for a sub 6:00 finish. Severe cramps kicked around mile 20 and ended up finishing in 7:02. Happy with my finish considering the course difficulty and my lack of training.    More importantly, I may have finally figured out the cause of my recent race day gastro issues (worrying too much about getting x...
9 miles. Taking it slow until I can work out some hamstring tightness. There will be foam rolling in my future.
9 miles today. First run that has felt "good" in a couple weeks.   Speedgoats are getting returned. Took them out for about 10 miles on Saturday and the toe box is just too narrow for me (became quite painful towards the end). I really hope they incorporate the same vibram outsole on their other trail runners because the grip/feel was incredible.
9 miles today. First run in over a week. Business travel and winery construction sucking up most of my free time (not to mention all that regular work too).   Picked up a pair of Hoka Speedgoats today. Hope to take them out for a short spin tomorrow morning. First impression: run a hair smaller and more narrow than the Challenger ATR but have a more comfortable tongue and lacing configuration.
9 slow hungover miles... ugh
60 hours without sleep race report (sorry for length and grammar) tldr; DNFd at mile 43 of the SB100k. Met Dean Karnazes. Great guy. Tarantula Hawks are serious business. Hated the course and doubt I'll return. Spent the weekend up in Santa Barbara at the SB100 race. I didn't get into the race but was allowed late entry on race day. I credit this to a very poor showing compared to most ultra races in the region (less than 90 racers total when most other races get...
New Posts  All Forums: