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Another 6 or so miles along Cherry Creek again. Noticeably colder than Tuesday but still warm enough that my "cold weather gear" (arm warmers and thin gloves) was enough.    Picked up a pair of Altra Instinct 3s as my new travel running shoe. Really happy with them so far. Big improvement over previous iterations. 
7.5 miles along Cherry Creek in downtown Denver. Didn't find the altitude to be a problem surprisingly.  
3 miles.
Somewhere between 23 (according to google maps) and 26 trail miles (according to other runners who run a similar route and how my legs feel).   Tons of elevation and 30+ mph headwinds made the return trip extra challenging. As much as I hate the winds, it made for an extra beautiful day (approaching the turnaround)  
 That's what I've done to make them work (and what I'll continue to do to avoid selling them, haha). Thick socks and So Cal temps don't mix particularly well but I'll suffer.  Sorry, 8.5
Dine LA is a shit show... don't bother. The participants are so overwhelmed by frugal diners that service and quality suffer terribly.
  Every time I consider selling these (1/2 size too big), I put em on to take pix and am reminded how fucking awesome they are (and then decide to keep em).   StyFo GMTO
Uphill both ways?
Nice week Fueco.    A slightly hungover 8 miles for me today. One of those days when it helps to have a running partner as I'd have otherwise skipped it.   Felt pretty good until the final push where I had to slow up to avoid puking.
Ye olde 8 mile loop.
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