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36 miles with 8600 feet of elevation yesterday at the Sean O'Brian 50/50/100 . Felt great the entire race and managed to make the (very aggressive) 36 mile cutoff but due to some miscommunication, a number of us got swept (we were told that the next cutoff was in 45 minutes and over 7 miles away so we all called it... discovered that this cutoff was only for 100k runner who started an hour earlier).   Very disappointing DNF but that's just how it goes sometimes. In...
4 miles yesterday and 8.5 today... both at super easy pace. Legs are feeling about 85%. Expect I'll be 100% for the SOB5050 this weekend.   Also, I've hopped back on the GPS watch / Strava bandwagon in hopes that it'll help me train a bit more seriously for a 100M. These gadgets sure have come a long way since last I owned one... really impressed with the Garmin FR 235 so far.
50k in 6:29:45 (~45 mins faster than last year). Last climb took a lot out of me but still managed a strong (ish) finish. Hip is at me a bit but not unexpected given the beating I gave it today.
8 trail miles for lunch.
18 miles today. Didn't pack enough gels and hit a wall around mile 13. Struggled mightily for the remainder. Longest run in a bit.Bandit 50k in 2 weeks then the Sean OBrian 50m the following Saturday (probably the dumbest thing I've ever attempted)
9 miles... Hip still acting up but noticeable improvement the last couple days. Got a couple races coming up so this is kind of crap timing.
7 miles. First run of 2016. Struggling with a nagging hip injury that may require a doctor visit (doesn't feel terribly serious... just annoying)
9 easy miles each of the last 3 days. Little bit of hip tightness today. Probably the result of skipping my post run stretch routine the last couple weeks.
Out for walkies with my pup when a young lady complimented the wear on my 'bergs.    SF GMTO from last year:  
8 hard trail miles (hard for me that is... the trail itself is pretty tame). It appears that I've also surpassed 2k miles for 2015 (non GPSd so take that total with a grain of salt)
New Posts  All Forums: