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9 slow hungover miles... ugh
60 hours without sleep race report (sorry for length and grammar) tldr; DNFd at mile 43 of the SB100k. Met Dean Karnazes. Great guy. Tarantula Hawks are serious business. Hated the course and doubt I'll return. Spent the weekend up in Santa Barbara at the SB100 race. I didn't get into the race but was allowed late entry on race day. I credit this to a very poor showing compared to most ultra races in the region (less than 90 racers total when most other races get...
Tapered a bit this week and got in a couple 5-6 mile runs. I didn't get into the SB 100k (which is probably for the best) so planning to crew and pace a friend who's running the 100m. Starts tonight at 6. Should be a good time.
Couple of 9s. Temps dropped a bit and legs are feeling back to normal. Decided to sign up for the SB 100k after all (despite being ill prepared) but missed the deadline. Sent a note to the race director. Fingers crossed that he lets me in.
@Donut +1 to cobbler recommendation. I also have a high instep and my cobbler has stretched 2 pairs of s21m for me. I tried a number of "home remedies" without much success before giving up. Few days at the cobblers and they fit like a dream. Was really inexpensive as I recall (< $20)
Bit over 21 trail miles this morning. Slower than my usual pace but happy to finish a longer run given how I've been feeling of late.
9m both yesterday and today. Skipped the long run on Saturday... legs have been really fatigued since last thursday so took friday and saturday off and didnt seem to help much. Today was a struggle.   On a not-really-related note: One article comes out about OTS and suddenly my instagram and twitter is full of trail runners claiming to have OTS after a single bad run. It's like it suddenly not ok to just have a bad run now and then without blaming a "syndrome"
 For me distance is more a function of time. During the week I try to stay within a 90 minutes window (including drive time to/from the trail). Initially I struggled to cover 4 miles in that time... now I cover 8 or 9 pretty reliably yet I still run them the same... negative mile splits and full sprint finish (well, almost). If I were running for fitness, I'd probably cut back to 30-45 minutes and call it a day... but I run to keep myself sane (it helps me manage chronic...
18 miles on Saturday and 10 more this afternoon. Glad our weather is getting back to normal... I prefer hot and dry to warm and muggy any day!
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