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50 miles yesterday in something like 12:30. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong but I managed to finish (not quite a DFL but close). Looking forward to being able to walk normally again.
Solid week of running for me 8, 9, 9, 8, and 19 miles today. Running partner says I'm looking stronger than he's ever seen me. I don't noticeably faster or anything but I'm certainly less fatigued than I expected considering I've never run on 5 consecutive days.
8 miles Friday followed by 19 yesterday. Yesterday was exhausting and I had to fight the urge to turn back after 5 (and 6, and 7, and 8) miles. Hit the 10 mile mark and ran into some familiar faces. I explained that I was really struggling to put it together and they invited me to join them. A steady pace and good conversation helped those last 9 miles fly by (and I actually started feeling pretty good towards the end there).   Shoe talk... I've been an Altra guy for the...
23 trail miles yesterday.
 No doubt. Chipotle isn't even that good but pretty convenient and calorie dense... but I'll likely avoid it in the future in favor of something a little more bland and homemade :). I think you're right regarding the dropping down. Initially I was thinking a lesser finish would be better than a DNF but I'd likely be equally disappointed in myself and probably not worth putting my body through that and spending more time in recovery. Next race is only a couple weeks away....
 My best guess is previous nights dinner was the cause (chipotle, my normal pre-race dinner). I woke up feeling queazy but figured it was just pre-race anxiety. My stomach never quite settled and by mile 15 or 16 I was struggling to keep things down. Figured I'd get back to the start / aid station (figure 8 course), rest up, then head out but it took too long for things to feel right and I missed the cut-off.  In retrospect, I wish I had dropped down to the 50k and...
22 miles yesterday. Much less than the 50 miles I signed up for. Inability to keep any calories or hydration down for more than a couple minutes crushed my chances of finishing. Spent an hour and change at an aid station trying to sort myself but eventually had to call it as my stomach wouldn't cooperate. Feels pretty miserable :/
Congrats on the 5k justridic. When are you doing your first 10k? :)   9 miles at a very relaxed pace today. Last long-ish run until Saturday... lazy mode engaged!
15 miles on the trails yesterday. It was pretty warm (high 80s/low 90s) but few sections with ample shade made it pretty bearable.    
Another couple of 8's under the belt. Feeling pretty good lately... one or two more runs then a little taper.   Glad I'm not running the LA Marathon this weekend... gonna be a scorcher! I read somewhere that race officials are considering "not recording finish times" to prevent people from overexerting in the heat. If there's any truth to this, all I can say is: what a bunch of clowns. 
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