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  First time wearing my Garmin in 6 or 7 months because I wanted to run for time rather than distance today. Goal was to finish 24 miles in 5 hours.   Pretty happy with the results considering I rolled my ankle pretty hard around mile 12 and took a 10 minute break at the turn around to give it some attention. Nothing too serious but it'll be a bit tender for a day or two.
 Thanks for the link nn. I've been looking for insoles with a lower profile (and similar arch support) than Superfeet blues and these look perfect.
20 trail miles. Felt great for the first half but the heat (low/mid 90s) got to me and last 8 or so miles were tough (with little bursts of energy here and there). Plan to celebrate my survival with cheap beers and hot dogs. Happy 4th gents!
8, 7, 6 (miles) the last 3 days. Today's was a real struggle ... Legs like jello and a sharp pain on the top of my left foot (possible due to laces being too tight). Thinking about taking tomorrow off to recover and go a bit longer on the 4th.
To secure your gaiters (I don't use gaiters so no idea how well they work)
If you want more feel and flexibility, the lone peak may be the shoe for you. They're really great, and for runs under 20 miles, my favorite shoe.I'm trying out the Olympus because I want a bit more protection on longer runs (50k / 50m). So far I'm enjoying the Olympus with the biggest drawback being less "feel" of the trail. Rather than picking out good lines, I just plow through the rocky sections without a care in the world (jury is still out on whether this is a good...
14 lousy trail miles today. Was aiming for 19 but decided to cut it short because my legs weren't cooperating.
8 miles this afternoon. Felt pretty good once I got going but that first mile was a struggle.
7 miles yesterday and today.   First run on the Altra Olympus. Picked them up after Altra discontinued the Lone Peak 1.5 (2.0 coming in July). Altras attempt at a "maximal" running shoe (similar to Hokas that are all the rage right now).   Despite being MUCH heavier than I'm used to, they may be the most comfortable running shoes I've ever worn (and the toe box is even bigger than the Lone Peak if you can believe it).    I'm really looking forward to taking them out...
I started running to lose weight. Dropped 40lbs before I realized I didn't care so much about miles or calories or pace. I just really like to run in the same way other people like to mountain bike or kayak.I also run because not running makes me a miserable cunt.Bit over 7 miles today. Legs still a bit tired after all that climbing on Saturday.
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