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7 miles of single track with about 2k total gain. Was quite a struggle but things are starting to come around after the time off.
Finally got back out there for a slow 6 mile trot after recovering from a brutal flu and bronchitis (and a fractured rib which seems to be healing nicely) 
5.8 miles at elevation (sort of... Denver). First run in over a week; Got wrecked by the flu.
50 miles with 9200' of climbing during the Leona Divide 50/50 yesterday. Finished in 11:16 and change for a new PR. I had a shot at sub 11 with about 6 miles to go but the heat and some achilles troubles got the better of me and hobbled it in. Good day overall and happy with my finish.
Much needed rest day after yesterday's "accidental" 14.5 miler (got a little lost exploring some unfamiliar trails)
50 miles and ~ 10k gain on Saturday during the Old Goat's 50M:   This race got the best of me last year but I managed to get her done this time around. That last 20 miles is absolutely sadistic (climbs that look tiny on the course profile are absolutely massive when you have 40 miles on your legs). I still have core issues but have noticed significant improvement over past races.   Next Up: Leona Divide 50M in 3...
Played hookie from work and ran 22 miserable miserable miles in 80+ degree temps. Bonked really hard around mile 16 or 17 and took a few miles to get things sorted (and even then I had a hard time running more than a few minutes at a time). Fortunately the last 3 miles were mostly downhill and there was a Guinness waiting for me at the end.   Trying not to beat myself up too bad but its hard to not let a bad run get in your head.
 Few that I know of / have heard about (I'm not a marathoner so take this all with a grain of salt): Light at the End of the Tunnel in Washington in June. On smooth gravel road instead of asphalt/concrete but told it is still a very fast course. Rockies in Denver in July. Starts at 10k finishes at 5k. Steady downhill the entire way. My old boss used this race as a BQ some time ago even though he never raced at elevation. Edmonton Marathon in August. I've heard great things...
20 miles with almost 5k elevation. Just shy of my 50 mile goal so may do a short run in the morning if the rains aren't too bad.
Tired out an alternative route today after seeing a hiker take a fork I'd never noticed before. Ended up with 5.9 miles and about 1200 ft of elevation. Looking forward to working this into my longer runs when I want some extra ups (and rattlesnake encounters)
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