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10 trail miles with a bit over 1k of elevation. Making an effort to run more hills in during the week. This new route might be just the ticket (once I figure out how to finish about 15 minutes quicker)
I also received my orders today. With all the sale chaos, I didn't really expect anything to arrive until later in the week so it was a nice surprise to get back from my run and have a couple packages waiting for me. Really impressive service!   From the sale I picked up another long sleeve heavyweight tee (ordered wrong size though, ), a couple henleys, and a pair of the Enzo Chinos. As usual, quality on everything is top notch. The chinos are especially noteworthy. My...
Great job coco, congrats!
I suffered from pretty bad side stitches when I came back to running. Things that may have helped me:- shorter stride and increased turnover (moved from heel strike to mid foot strike)- better core strength (and fitness in general)- rythmic shallow breathing at harder paces (inhale for two steps, exhale for two steps)Purely anecdotal so ymmv.
Couple of long runs to wrap up the week: 19 on Thursday (also heat exhaustion, wee!) and 12 more this morning. Legs feeling pretty good lately. I think running 5+ days a week has actually resulted in fewer injuries for me than when I was averaging 3 to 4... touch wood.
18 very flat miles in just under 2:30. Planned on doing my normal loop but ran into a friend who convinced me to do another. Longest run in a bit.
Got in 9 miles pretty late (for me) yesterday and followed it up with 10 more today at lunch. A few hours later and I'm still feeling more wrecked than usual... Crazy how much of a difference 5 or 6 hours of recovery time can make.
Another week of 8s (today was a bit shorter due to an unexpected downpour).
8 miles each of the last couple days. Incorporating a few changes to my posture and foot strike and noticing improved speed and efficiency (possibly placebo, time will tell)... also, unexpected leg soreness!
8.5 miles this afternoon in ~ 90 degree temps. Quads refused to cooperate so pace was a full 5 minutes slower than usual.  
New Posts  All Forums: