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EBAY listing on Auction: http://www.ebay.com/itm/orlebar-brown-/161355862062?pt=US_CSA_MC_Swimwear&hash=item25918f102e   A great pair from the Orlebar Brown tailored beach wear collection. Retails for $240, no longer available to purchase from their site. An excellent pair of luxury shorts to add to your collection.   Excellent (9/10) pre-owned condition. Worn once, but to tight on me. No rips, tears, stains, or sign of wear.   Size: 32 Material: polyester Made:...
Marc Jacobs Unisex MJ 125/U/S Gold Sunglasses Color: Gold Style: Aviator Model: MJ 125/U/S Frame: Metal Lens; Protection: 100-percent UVA Temples; Logo Nose pads: 14 mm Measurements: 65 x 14 x 120 mm   Box and cloth, were misplaced. Glasses have been worn once; brought on a whim. In near-mint condition (9/10). There are some micro-sized/ hair line grazes that can be easily buffed out, mostly due to a lack of box. However hard to see with naked eye and capture on...
Thank you for the comment. And, yes a bit more detail would help. My suit collection is pretty small, just 2 blazers, and one blue suit, so a few more could help. Also, didn't think i would purchase a TF for another 5 years (27 years old now), but here I am with an opportunity to buy one, should I go for it?
Hello SF members   I thought about this issue for a couple days and would love SF member's input. I saved up for a Tom Ford suit, tried it on, fits-looks exceptional. However, for the price of one, I can almost get two Zegna suits. I really want the TF, and I know I wont regret it, its just should I save the TF for later, and think more practical, and get two suits I can wear to work...?   Love to know your thoughts   -Harman
hello   Is the Omega watch available for purchase?
I went to see a tailor, with whom I had bought a navy blue Paul Smith suit (my first one). I now wanted to get another suit which would be versatile, one I can wear to work, meetings, and sport it casually. He mentioned grey, to which I agreed, but was shown some many shades of grey. Light grey looks casual, but really sticks out next to all the others dressed in black, while a dark charcoal seems to serious (I think).   Which shade of grey would qualify as a...
Thanks. Sound advice. I see what your saying with causal nature and quick wearing, as most have fragile looking pebble rubber designs. Then again, the Bally Wabler (the pair i'm looking at) has a hard wearing sole, which allows one to wear it out more often (mostly with shorts and chinos).   Also, I'm not at the moment in my life were I need driving shoes to drive my Honda :| but the look is really nice.   Thanks
So far, I got....     Pocket Squares: Vintage Hermes square and Tom Ford. (go for bright and shw some colors and designs)   Tie Bar: Gucci   Collar Pin: None   Wristwatch: Haurex (still waiting for the Hublot)   Scarf: Z Zegna and Marcs   Cufflinks: None (stick it out with the braided elastic ones ) (Go a bit crazy- within means- bright colors and designs)   Umbrella:None  (live in Australia)   Briefcase: Bally leather envelope   Eyewear:...
I found a great pair of Bally driving shoes. Question is, can you wear them causally- like loafers or would that be a faux-pas?
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