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Are you still looking for a pair?  I have some noir/black APC NS sz 27 in good condition that I'm trying to sell
I'd be willing to trade my 27 APC NS for these, if they are still up for trade.  I'll also throw in a pair of SJ nudies in the trade for free.  Just PMed and emailed you pictures
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Hi guys. I bought a pair of the black noir APC NS size 27 trying to size down three. However, after wearing them around a bit they are still terribly uncomfortable for me. Is there anyone who wants to trade for a pair of indigo NS size 28 or 29? They have not been washed and only show signs of minor wear. I'll also throw in a pair of pre-washed nudie slim jims size 28 in addition to the APCs. PM me if you are interested. Thank you!
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