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Sipang, was this to me? Where do you see ribbing mixing with other things?   EDIT: Never mind, understanding has COME!
  I haven't- but the pictures at fascinate often don't show the tow top down, and this can lead to some misperceptions about the toe shape, as it is rather more bulbous than anything else I've seen (width wise, though not height wise as much)
I feel like Mikey searching for a jacket- and so I apologize. Maybe ToJ Duffle in camel next?  
  Devoa footwear is pretty odd- make sure you look at it in many photos, because the toe shape is bulbous beyond bulbous
Cutting holes in a sheet- ghost (unsexy version)
  The buckled boots are MA+ ones that look similar- not the ones he bought
Fuck you. I am more proportional at a better 48/ 48/ 42
What if I'm a 48 usually but sometimes a 46? Do I still get to be in the fat squad?    If it helps, I'm a 31 in pants... 
Looking for a winter coat for Seattle- looking at the following:        
I may just succumb to beautiful things... oh god talk me out of this because I don't need them (that badly)
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