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Great combos guys! Euro, who makes those?
Why do you have to use the same size as me, euro! Dammit!    These look gorgeous!
 To be honest, I would only take a pic with it, in case I won it, and then see if I could sell it to get my beloved Speedmaster.   I like this one! 
Can I ask, how long are the collar points and the height of the collar band.
I didn't know that Hublot was SF (TWAT) not approved! O.o
Blue Loafers, that shirt looks great! The collar looks awesome!
I'm 27!
 Oh yes, that one, yes. Sorry, my bad. 
Nicely done Clapey! @clapeyron   A really nice chip in yesterday at the Ryder by Martin Kaymer.  
 I don't know about that.   DSOM? I played a tournament today... I was 23cm, that's 9 inches, away from winning a Hublot.  
New Posts  All Forums: