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Let me see if I can get that shot.Thanks estitchy!
I source him the fabric and he makes them for, considering the exchange rate $15.00 pesos for $1.00 usd, give a total of $47.00 usd.Obviously he doesn't hand finish them but I guess no one notices that if they fit nicely.
Thanks! And if I tell you how much he charges me, you wouldn't believe it.
Thanks, I need to see if some tailor could do some work with the shoulders of this jacket.Thanks Pliny, pants are MTM from a tailor I know from around here.
Does this count as loud jacket?  
 This fabric looks great!
 Exactly what I want. I know they are very hard and will resist a long time, but it doesn't hurt the boot to keep the moisture of them by using a tree and mainting it's shape longer. 
Really nice shoes, Justin!
From where is that shirt @heldentenor ?
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