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 What is TOJ?   Something like this but in brown, I would love to have. 
Thanks heldentenor!
So, I'm realeasing a third book today and my old schools aked me for a pic to put in the note to help with some promotion.   
 That sounds reasonable. But something beyond $1,000 usd right now, would not be reachable. 
 The budget is what I'm affraid of... I can't spend a lot of money right now hehehe.  I really like brown jackets, I don't use a lot of black, so any shade of brown would be better. 
 Thanks man! I love the bomber jackets, this one, I think it's fantastic  But something a bit lighter (in terms of weight if that makes sense) would be great too. 
Subscribed. I need some time to read and watch some post in this thread. I want a leather jacket very bad. 
Forgot to post this from last week. Wearing a new tie via LuxeSwap
Those Carmina Chelseas are awesome!
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