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Tu hoy killin' it!
Boom! Sugarbutch and SeanJean with solid and cool entries! Dat jacket SB it's "perrona"!
Yeap, no problem Cleav!
 I have a pair of Luxire trousers in Dugdale or that fabric and have the same issue. I think that the pleat has to be "deeper" if that makes any sense. I asked my tailor to do it deeper in my recent trousers and they came out pretty well. I think I'm picking them up tomorrow. 
 Nice! Thanks! Has somebody ordered this fabric? http://custom.luxire.com/collections/all-sorted-by-price-low-to-high/products/green_pencil_stripes_on_white
@kulata which collar is that one and how did you ask for the shirring?
I second this.
Yeap. The loafers I have in the UETAM last are 9UK
Nice! Thanks guys! I love two of their watches, the baumuster B or whatever it is called and the marine Chrono.Can kill da rooster, post pics of your Stowa!
I thought yours was gray but I took a second look and yes, I need a brown too. Light brown and dark brown. Yes, just because of the brown check.
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