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That is nice PCK1!
Why not, SB?
 For the first point, I agree with the article. But I think that it would be nice to see how fit the girls are. Girls that are skinny-fat (those that look skinny but you can see the fat from behind popping out of their jeans) would prefer a body like that one in the article, Brad Pit. But fit girls, that somehow know how hard is to keep a body prefer more... mmm I don't know how to say it but not ala Frank Zane or Zyzz but just a touch lower.  But then it bring us to point...
Thanks Gianni!
Ahhhh those chukkas are gorgeous, Roger, gorgeous!
 Thanks, DeSense! Nope, no registration needed.   I used to play football, played for 13 years until my back got injured. Didn't know you played too, as estitchy would say "ZOMG!" (in stitches, SF, 2013)  
Uhhhh, @RogerP, are those St. Crispins chukkas? 
There are some entries that are very nice! Sartorial Scum, that one is a very nice one!
   It's easy to recognize who is who. One is the famous character from the movies in combination with one of the biggest music bands of all times and mine is the star in the Orion Constellation near the shoulder. A big red giant star 600 light years from us. See? Easy.       
Thanks Pliny and Academic!   Your tie is also great Pliny, I liked the combo!
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