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 No problem, mate! Those are Zanella. The thigh on those are 13", at the knee 10" and at the bottom 8.75". I used them for a Luxire and it came out nice. I bulked up and for now they don't fit haha... but the new ones I have are from a tailor and thighs are 14", knee 10" and bottom 9". The slight break on my thing is because how I stand.  [[SPOILER]]
Congrats SB!
Fantastic @kulata !
 Paging @An Acute Style 
Nice ties!   Let me see if I can get a couple for me. 
I think the shoes mentioned in the write-up must be from fellow B-geuse brother @Beatlegeuse I haven't order shoes from Luxire, although in the near future it's a possibility.
I guess. I postes before knowing the the other one was short.
X-post for this weeks challenge 
Well this jacket has cashmere, so it should qualify.   
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