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TWTR almost 20% up because of rumors of a possible buy from Sales Force or Google. 
Congrats on the opening Espú!
Might be in. 
 Nice! Congrats! Looking forward for the pics!
Congrats Espú! Now I really need to go to NY. 
 Nice! I need some suede Chelsea's. 
I need for TWTR to come down to $15.05
 Yup. There are some models that look good, my girlfriend liked some of them. I think those are perfect for her because she doesn't take care of her shoes. 
I wish that my beater shoes were as fancy of some of yours, some Alden or Enzo , but for beater shoes I want them to be something I don't care if they get wet or something like that. Sometimes I don't store them with shoe trees. So these are my beater shoes...   For dressier look, a brand made in Mexico, I think it's jrd's favorite brand , Cuadra.       And for a casual look, some suede driver of a mexican brand too.   
 I reallly like this! But I think the tie and shirt are quite busy together. 
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