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  Indeed she does.
That chocolate shantung is... 
"Yayer La Cultre"   In Spanish to me, it sound like that from the video and that's how a pronunce it. 
 A dude like that is following me. His style is bad, IMO. 
Around here mortgages are like playing cards with the devil, seriously.   Especially with some new reforms that started this year. In fact it's a lot more "easier" or "smart" to pay a rent and save with and investment and pay in cash a few years later. Fo example, if you want a $3,000,000 pesos home you will have to put $1,200,000 so that the bank give you the mortgage for $1,800,000 pesos. And you will end up paying $21,000 pesos a month for 20 years, that's $5,040,000....
Best creative photo: @Cleav   The first one, it's awesome!
It is cool!
The only fit pic I saw from JRD was when he asked about the fit of his trousers. He promised to participate in the green jacket challenge and he never did.
I have this same issue. I have noticed that even some of my images taken with the phone look very blurry when I upload them.
I haven't followed the Meermin thread for a while so I have no idea how those QC issues are going but from what I remember the QC issues were more often with MTO's.   There is also a brand from Australia, if I remember correctly, Jocent Royal Shoes that is at that price point but I don't have any idea of how well they are made. I'm guessing somewhere near like Meermin.   There is also an Affiliatte Vendro calle ShoePassion, it's from Germany and their shoes are at that...
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