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Sick Bontonis, Justin!
As mimo said, is like a being sick and you can't stop it! The black strap of the Portuguese makes me sad, I would change it immediately if I were buying it.
Pics of the Speedy! Now!
I'm drooling! Great watch mate!
Thanks jungle! I really don't know what chromexcel is, so I'm guessing this are not.
I went polite and marked them as 'spam'.
Thanks gambit that was better. That was what I was thinking, disappear that triangle by taken in the seat seam. The cuffs are a bit slanted. To they touch the front part of the shoe and the back. The leg opening is just below 9".
Looking at those posts I remember when I saw on my Facebook feed that one recommended page was about replica watches.
  Nice!   Your AT is very very nice, mate!
 Thanks! So the waist band should be reduced a touch? 
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