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 They look nice and a decent price! 
Santoni Dubmonks freshly polished!  
My entry  
 Thanks mate! I'm in!
I wanted to post here but wasn't sure... here it goes.  I'm new to leather jackets and recently I bought 3 of them. So I spoiler the images cause to me they are the best I own.     [[SPOILER]]
 They look nice and not expensive. Would be nice to try.
Has anyone have heard of this boot company Thursday Boot Company?   https://www.amazon.com/Thursday-Boot-Company-Diplomat-Lace-up/dp/B0153O7SHU/ref=pd_sim_309_16?ie=UTF8&refRID=G111NK0KZKDMY3X5EQB4
Condolences, Erik. :(
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