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 Indeed!  What do you think of the ones I posted, Cleav?
 I did not understood this. 
  Very cool, Espú!
I'm not used to use glasses while playing but I'm seriously considering the Maui Jim with the green glasses.    This ones:   
 Is it this one: http://www.hodinkee.com/blog/inside-the-manufacture-audemars-piguet-le-brassus But no video if that cool piano / guitar. 
 To me they look tight in the shoulders. That's why you get those dimples in the sleeves. Your chest is "pushing" the armhole to a cirlce instead of a kind of oval shape which they are done. Then the sleeve wants to adjust to it and breaks at the top. Your shoulders are popping out. Try one more size and post pics. Those dimples should dissapear. If not, the cut might not fit you. That happened to me with the Sienna cut. 
 That looks very cool! Any link to listen it, estitchy?
Nice! Subscribing!
Jason, does the e-voucher expires?
[[SPOILER]]  Fuaaaaaaaark!  Do not tell @jrd617 that Gucci sources their croc leather from the Mexican brand he hates. 
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