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From Friday
Thanks Gerry! It's from a brand names Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren, I think.Thanks mate!
From last week
Thanks mate!
I measured my feet and they are 10.625" and I have flat feet (low instep?) and 3.625" at the widest point of my feet.
I forgot to say that the Uetam are suede.
Hey guys, question. I was chatting with a friend and told me that usually in the size you use in Uetam you should go 0.5 size down for Rain last. And for me it was the other way around, I went with 0.5 size up from Uetam to Rain. In the Uetam, the fit is snug, not uncomfortable but almost no space at the point, maybe around 4mm from my toe to the point. When I tried the Rain in 9UK I felt it tight against my little toe. When I tried the 9.5UK it felt good and they still...
Polished Beckman's  
New Carmina's! I went half size up with the Rain last compared to the Uetam.
Outfit from Monday  
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