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For the challenge, I don't have any navy trousers or a blue suit. I don't use suits.    One cuff is hiding.   
I don't know if I will qualify since I don't have navy trousers... and I don't have a blue suit.  One cuff is hiding.       
This made me laugh.
I haz no blue trousers.
Do I have to wear blue trousers too? If I use navy shoes instead? 
Congrats EFV!    I finished T-2 that's nice! Thaks for all the votes!
 A comic book. 
The shoulders look amazing! I need something like that.
Morning earthquakes are the worst. Hope everything is ok.Around here when the earthquake occur between 2 - 3 am they wake me up and can't continue sleeping. The last one was at 6am and I didn't even noticed it. It was a 6.5 Richter scale quake.
Kulata, that brown one is just AMAZABALLS! Wow! From where are those?
New Posts  All Forums: