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I want my Loake Chester's! Fantastic shoes munky.
Thanks! Might need to get some ASAP!
They look nice! Are those in the Inca last? Does the shoe tree fill the whole shoe nicely?
Nice! Thanks guys!
Hey guys... do you know how does the 724 last compares to Carmina's Rain or Inca last?
How does that last fits compared to Carmina Rain or Inca?
Who makes those shoes? They look very very nice!
Thanks! Your foot is even bigger than mine. Mine is 10.75"
Thanks! May I ask, how long are your feet? I might need to wait for them to bring the 9.5 UK to try it.
Hey guys, I searched the forum for size advice for C&J but can't find what I was looking for. I say the Westbourn the other day and it's fantastic but I have some doubts about the last (348) I think it's more chiseled than Carmina Rain. I wear in Carmina Rain and Inca 9.5 UK. They didn't have 9.5 UK in the 348 at the store but they had 10 UK and it felt nice. But don't know if that's the correct move or general consensus, to go half a size up in the 348 from Rain. Thanks...
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