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These pictures are from our upcoming smart casual collection...                        
Good point Cantabrigian I will be posting pictures shortly!!
Glad to also annonce the opening of our new showroom on Madison and 57th street in manhattan. It will be a place where made to measure aficionados will be welcomed to check our new collections.
Hi everybody, Longtime reader of the forum , new poster. Very excited to be here and be part of the StyleForum community. Looking forward to post and interact with you guys as the manager of the Louis Purple store in Noho. I'd be glad to hear your feedback about Louis Purple, be honest! Thanks gentlemen.
Hi Everyone,   Longtime reader, new poster. Hope to have a great time with you clothing aficionados as the manager of Louis Purple, a french made to measure boutique in Soho. Looking forward to answering questions and be a part of the StyleForum Community.
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