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Regarding the dampness and cold. I can't help imagine that skinhead fashion would have turned out sort of differently if it had originated in Sweden. It's all good and well to wear a harrington, a cardigan, shirt, perhaps a scarf it it's temperate. In -10 to -20c, wind and 2/5 of a meter of snow it ain't. T'is time for wool socks in the boots right about now.
Tried wearing a crombie the other winter, had to wear an incredibly thick cardigan and a scarf, not to mention freezing my ears off. A donkey jacket just about works, got myself one of those without the pvc and with tartan lining. Donkey jackets wasn't part of the original look other than workwear though if i read correctly some 100s pages back. But at least they're thick and warm.
I must say, i do have a preference to the northern look. But something i havent seen discussed; what did you wear in winter? Sheepskins would do i suppose, but i was under the impression not everyone could afford those. Perhaps you didnt have those -20c winters we have here?
Works pretty reasonable with the rest of my stuff. On my way to city council.
Yes, and 20£ was the post/freight fee, 20£ was for the coat itself. Cant imagine no one wanted to bid higher, perhaps the coats that are lighter in colour are in higher demand?Anyhow, really quick delivery, 2 days from Holyhead, Wales to Sweden.
IHere it is, 40£ worth
The second or later waves hasn't been discussed, as they've been deemed outside the scope of thread by quite a lot of people. Me, i don't mind as long as long as the politics are checked at the door so to speak. There's a time and place for everything.   What i think would be interesting to delve into a bit more is what carried over from the 1st wave to the second, it has popped up on occasion. And the more recent cropped peoples reinvention or rediscovery of the more...
Got the sheepskin today. Wont be needing any special cleaning since it's in good shape. It's one of those brownish/darker types. Matches the rest of my warderobe better. 40£ including post/freight isn't too bad.
Heheh Nah, not really.
I like old school tattoos. One of mine is actually based on a design originally created in -65
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