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Unfortunately I think I made too rash of a decision in purchasing two 43/44R Benjamin suits (charcoal and dark navy) and having standard alterations made to them.  After I had the chance to wear the charcoal suit a few times, I don't think the shoulders are broad enough for my build.  Eh, to the StyleForum classified sections they go, deeply discounted.  The navy one at least.  If anyone is interested in the charcoal, I could be quickly persuaded to sell that as well....
Brand new dark navy Benjamin Granoro suit, size 43/44R for sale.  Standard alterations (sleeves, hem, waist), but never worn.  This suit is full canvas, and is in excellent condition.        I purchased this suit along with a charcoal grey Benjamin Classico of the same size, and had both altered.  I wish wholeheartedly that I could keep the suit, but after wearing the charcoal one several times, I recognize that the shoulders on these suits are simply too narrow for...
Ben, I think I saw somewhere that you are considering "scrapping" the Classico model and starting from scratch?  What changes would you make, and when realistically do you think something would be available?  
  Thank you!
Ben--will you have 43/44R Dark Navy Classico suits in the shipment you expect to arrive in the next week or two?
Can anyone comment on Allen Edmond's fit as compared to Alden, specifically with respect to cap-toe oxford (that is, Allen Edmond's Park Avenue versus Alden's Straight Tip Bal)?
Can anyone comment on the fit of Alden's Straight Tip Bal (#920)?  As compared to Allen Edmond's Park Avenue would be ideal.  If I were to have purchased the Park Avenue's, I would have bought the 10.5D--would I be looking at the same size in Alden's?     I would like to order the 920s, but none of the local stores stock the sizes that I would need to try on.    
  You won't be restocking the Dark Navy Classico suits in size 43/44R in a week or two?  I'm looking to add one to my wardrobe.
  Thanks, Ben.   I would like a Dark Navy Classico in 43/44R.  If we could arrange a "pre-order," that would be great.     Last couple questions (for now at least): How much can a typical pair of Benjamin trousers be let out at the waist? Who should I contact if I need to ask to swap out trousers of one size for another?
New Posts  All Forums: