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  Incidentally, I bought a suit from Cad and the Dandy which I really love and I hope to buy more from them in the future.  (I deal with one of the owners, James, who is a really nice guy and very helpful.)   I do like the CATD shirt, I just wasn't blown away and I fancy trying out one of the specialist shirt-makers just to compare.
The problem with RTW shirts, which I really ought to have realised a LONG time ago, is that they measure the neck size and guess the rest! I am a 15 3/4" neck, but I'm on the small side (in terms of height) - so I either have to get a 15.5 (which is tight on the body) or a 16 (which swamps me).  I don't like fitted shirts because I am a bit stocky - so 16" fitted shirts do not look great either.  I tend to buy TM Lewin because at least I can get shorter arms (although...
PS I didn't mean fittings as such.  However, some places do prepare a "trial shirt" and then modify, if necessary, when they make the actual shirt.  I'm not sure how common that is, however.
Thanks. I'm very interested.  A few questions (if you don't mind):   1. When will you next be in London? 2. Can you come to my office or do I have to come to you (whereabouts exactly)? 3. Is there a minum order number? 4. Is £120 for a "basic" cloth only? What is the price range for better cloths? I don't want the best, but as a general rule, whether it's clothes, electronics, games or whatever, I tend to avoid "entry level" and go for "mid range"? 5. What is the lead...
I'm certainly not offended (can't speak for others!), so thanks!   Where are you based and do you have a website I can look at for further details about your shirts?   Are these fully bespoke (will I have fittings etc) or are these made to measure (straight to finish)?
Or what about Rayner & Sturges: also £175 for 3 (plus they let you keep the "trial" shirt for free)?
I've been doing some further digging on the forum and have come across - £175 per shirt - a bit more than I'd hope to spend but perhaps my original budget was unrealistic.   Problem is that I have read a couple of mixed reviews about the place (although they were from 2008!).   Anyone had any recent experiences of R&H?
  I gave them a call ... bespoke shirts start at £225 (minimum order of 4 shirts), so a bit more than I was hoping to spend, unfortunately.
I'm happy with MTM, no need for fully bespoke.  My problem is that my neck size is 16", but if I buy 16" collars, the rest of the shirt is too big (especially on the arms).  All I want is a shirt that fits properly.   I have bought from Cad and the Dandy (£125) and Stephen Haroutunian (£90) - the shirts were absolutely fine (much better than my off the peg shirts), but nothing special and I'm interested in trying out a few different places just to compare.
I'm new on here, so please be kind!     I've just discovered the world of made-to-measure suits and can't quite believe that it took me as long as this!  I've bought a couple so far and I'm really pleased with the results.   The obvious next step is M2M shirts.  I've bought a couple from Cad and the Dandy and one from Stephen Haroutunian - I liked them, but I wasn't blown away.   I'm not looking for anything too fancy or upmarket - just some shirts (unlike...
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