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Will you ship to Canada, how much?
Very nice. Do you ship to Canada?
Speaking without Styleforum group-think goggles on — in terms of quality Golden Fleece (Brook's best line) is on par with Polo Ralph Ralph Lauren. Brook's other stuff is on par with what you'd find at a mid-level dept. store (Macy's, Dillards, etc.). I'd equate the quality to Claiborne or Stafford. In terms of aesthetics, Brook's apparel isn't stylish (nor has it been for many years), and for that reason alone, I can't recommend it. But, as usual, most people here are...
I haven't decided on a title yet, but it's more-less written. Basically, it's a contemporary guide for the young professional based on my experiences and knowledge. The "rules" of dress are considered, but also generously interpreted. It needs editing and to be translated into (at least) one other language. I'm happy to share everything I've learned on my own and through participation on and George Frazier and Alan Flusser are...
I'm setting this matter straight in my new book. Many "experts" give misleading advice on where a pair of pants should sit (i.e. "always on the natural waist"). The truth is, the ideal rise is different for each individual. The whole point of deliberately wearing a certain rise is to achieve the appearance of having a perfectly proportional body.
Quote: Originally Posted by Viral Plus, most people I see (including the SF snobs) look as bad wearing their "better" stuff as the clothes they loathe. And I've yet to see a pair of Alden's that don't look like they were borrowed from Bob Barker or weigh 15lbs. OK, end rant. Context is everything. It's not what's being said (Italian designers = bad), but who's saying it. Enough said.
I imagine the most worn suit cut in the world is the generic cut, I like to call it: lumpy or round shoulders and unintentionally full fitting. Pants are also unintentionally full fitting. No third piece is included. Sadly, we Americans are responsible for this "cut." Though not technically a real cut, it outnumbers the real cuts by sheer numbers manufactured and purchased.
I meant the short brimmed ones, worn in an ironic way of course. The "American" (Dick Tracy style) fedora is for dorks.
+1 IMO, a hat with a sport coat or suit is simply undoable in this day and age, and in fact, there should be a rule against pairing the two together. Fedoras belong in the realm of street wear. Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel This has to be one of the most foolish threads I've ever seen outside of DT! If I am walking my dog a couple of miles and the temperature is 90 degrees out, I damn well WILL be wearing a hat. I also will NOT be wearing...
Being that I live in the SW, we don't get many Brit transplants. In college, I roomed with a bona fide Chav. He was an epitome of the stereotype. I once asked him what his plans were after graduating college, and he said he'd rip up his diploma. Needless to say, the chav dropped out a year later.
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