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The War Memorial museum is fantastic.
20/20 dry cleaners in Mosman is excellent.  If you have something particularly special they offer a 100% handpressing "gold" service.
 Hmm. . .  those look interesting, I was about to replace my RMs.  Has anyone got a pair?  Doesn't look like you can have the comfort sole with them. BTW, $500 here:  http://www.aussiebushhats.com.au/catalog/product_info.php/rm-williams-signature-craftsman-p-672
Had my fitting with Ascot Chang.  Great selection of fabric but it's hard to just sit back and spend a long time going through the books when you're in a hotel room with two people looking over your shoulder  . . . so it felt a bit more rushed than I would have preferred.   3 shirts for US$880 including shipping.  Think I may place a similar order with B&Tailor to do a comparison test
 I was a customer of Adamo M for a while, four suits in total.  Lovely guy, and very skilled of course, but for whatever reason I was never totally happy with the process.  He doesn't seem to use a paper pattern that can be refined over time like "normal" bespoke.  So rather than eventually reach perfection I felt like each suit was starting over from scratch and counting on his expertise and eye for a great result.  I also found his cut/style to be a little...
I'd forgotten about Bijan . . . yup, would definitely add him to the list.  Haven't seen the steadystate shirts but will check them out.
OK, I'm bored.  Let's say that:   1.  Money wasn't a factor in the decision. 2.  You needed suits and shirts for the office or more formal social stuff. 3.  They had to be sourced in Australia . . . no flights to London or HK   Where would you shop? ______________________________________________________________   My list would be:   SUITS (Bespoke): B&Tailor, maybe JH Cutler though not sure his cut/structure is to my taste SUITS (MTM if I needed quicker...
Details of Ascot Chang trunk show?  They're going to be working out of Sheraton on the Park on Aug 4th and 5th.
Anyone going along to the Ascot Chang trunk show in August?  I got my last few shirts made by PJ or Charles Nakhle but I think I'll give Chang a try and see how they compare.
Hi Gents, Can Romp or someone else explain the actual difference between a suit made at PJohnson and a suit made at Suit Shop?  Are they basically an identical product made in the same factory, etc, but just a different selection of fabrics and less hand holding in the process?  Or is there a significant difference like full canvas versus half canvas?   Thanks!     PS:  apologies if this has been covered already . . . tried to search but couldn't find anything...
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