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How does Hunt compare with P Johnson?  Not trolling, genuinely curious.  Has anyone had a suit made by both?
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  Edoya shoe brushes.  Awesome. http://dieworkwear.com/post/52715237353/edoya
 No, don't think so. They have switched to Church's and Carmina. Cutler sell Edward Green, mostly MTM . . . wouldn't attempt to just try them on there though!!
  Don't know.  Maybe send him a PM . . .  @incontro 
 Don't know your budget/urgency but Jo Ha from B&Tailor/Finery Company is doing Gaziano & Girling MTM orders
  Well, not extinct perhaps but they're certainly on the endangered or extremely vulnerable list in Sydney.   In the 1990s I lived in New York for a few years and then in Melbourne and most of my suits were DBs.  In around 2006 I wore my last remaining one on the Sydney ferry and an older retired gent walked up to me and said something like, "oh, a double breasted.  I haven't seen one of those for a long time".  Or maybe it was, "oh, a double breasted.  Are those coming...
Apologies if this has been discussed recently . . .    Question:  are double breasted suits coming "back" in Australia?  There definitely is a trend back towards them in the US and UK, but I haven't seen much evidence here yet?  Opinions?   In Sydney the "suit but no tie" look is now so well established that I suspect it may prevent the return of the DB . . . pity, I miss them.
 Totally agree.  In fact my favourite suit is a MTM, not a bespoke.   There are pros and cons to both approaches that go beyond simple price . . . for example bespoke is a slow process and bespoke tailors seem to be genetically unreliable with deadlines, bespoke can be a bit hit or miss (even at the most "famous" tailors), and so on.  In my case I have a very "normal" body shape so I don't need bespoke to get a great result . . . there's something nice and simple about...
 +1.  If they really are only doing an initial measurement then as far as I'm concerned that's not "real bespoke".  I'm a little surprised that a firm with the reputation of WW Chan would risk its brand in that way. For $2,100 with no fittings I'd say you are better off passing and going to one of the locals.   For example, PJ (for MTM) or B&Tailor (bespoke) are both roughly in that price range.
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