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Indigo, straight leg (but without looking like Dad Jeans) that I could wear with a jacket for an informal business meeting or wear socially.  Price not a big issue, happy to pay $250 - $350 . . . but maybe Corlection cost more than that
JEANS IN SYDNEY?     Sorry if this has been done to death before, but where do you guys shop for jeans in Sydney?  Few options from Google:   Corlection Denham Nudie (Paddington)   Glue Store General Pants (for Nudie, etc) Just Jeans (Levis) David Jones
 Zegna Traveller.
Anyone know anything about Mister.Mister in the Strand Arcade? Their MTM suits look pretty nice in the window. Looks like they also do MTM denim, which is interesting.
How does Hunt compare with P Johnson?  Not trolling, genuinely curious.  Has anyone had a suit made by both?
Page 4,000
  Edoya shoe brushes.  Awesome.
 No, don't think so. They have switched to Church's and Carmina. Cutler sell Edward Green, mostly MTM . . . wouldn't attempt to just try them on there though!!
  Don't know.  Maybe send him a PM . . .  @incontro 
 Don't know your budget/urgency but Jo Ha from B&Tailor/Finery Company is doing Gaziano & Girling MTM orders
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