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Hi Gents, Can Romp or someone else explain the actual difference between a suit made at PJohnson and a suit made at Suit Shop?  Are they basically an identical product made in the same factory, etc, but just a different selection of fabrics and less hand holding in the process?  Or is there a significant difference like full canvas versus half canvas?   Thanks!     PS:  apologies if this has been covered already . . . tried to search but couldn't find anything...
          Thanks.  I do actually own some shoes that aren't black . . . but yes, the captoe fetish continues!
    Interesting.  I thought it was more that Tony and Dean of G&G used the AS facility/equipment for a period while they were establishing their business.  In exchange they helped AS develop the new lasts/styles which have largely driven the recovery in the AS business from near collapse.   I didn't think that AS actually executed the G&G RTW production on an outsourced basis.  Perhaps it is a fine distinction anyway.
Speaking of shoes . . . New Year's Resolution:  take better care of my work shoes.   Three hours of polishing later:      
    +1.  Definitely higher quality than Charles T or TM L.
  Couldn't agree more about the Armoury . . . the clip-ons must go!!
Wow, everyone is obviously in an abusive mood today.   There are a few issues I see with your suit:   1. Pants too long so they don't have a clean line. 2.  Pants too tapered.  This is more than just a  matter of taste; they are so tapered that the natural line is totally wrecked 3. Bit hard to judge from the photos, but I'd guess that the shoulders are ending well past your natural shoulder . . . they are "hanging off" your shoulders 4.  Chest looks like...
One advantage of P Johnson is you can get your trousers with side adjusters rather than a belt . . . certainly helps when you've been hitting the grog too much!
Enjoy the new Loakes!  They may take a few weeks to soften up and be really comfortable but it is worth it.  You are now on a dangerous slope . . . first Loake, then C&J, then Edward Green, then G&G . . . then broke.   Saphir creams/polishes are fantastic if you can be bothered to order them from overseas.  
Charles Nakhle talked me into trying the sewn-in collar stays and I have "never looked back."  Never had any problems with pressing, etc, and it's just one thing less to worry about in the morning and when I'm travelling.   While they look great, I do find his fused collars a bit stiff compared to the soft comfort you get with an English shirt like T&A or H&K.  That's the main reason I was considering trying MTM shirts from P Johnson.  Maybe I'll experiment with a...
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