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 Charvet is a must, if only to drool.John Lobb also good for drooling
 True.  You see plenty of people at investment banks, top tier law firms, etc, wearing black RMWs.  Polished signature series esp. looks far better than most of the crappy work shoes you see in Sydney.
 Those look fantastic.  Might just have to get out the polish and RM's . . .
In Sydney I'd go with Bijan if "off-shoring" is an issue for you. Great work, though I understand that the wait list is long and he is expensive.   B&Tailor is genuine bespoke and personally I don't care where the tailor/cutter lives as long as they do great work.  Similarly, WW Chan are about to do a trunk show in Sydney (see their website); they are arguably the best of the Hong Kong tailors.   -- I had a number of suits made by Adamo Marrone and though he's a...
 True, plus we've got BnTailor in Sydney. Shoes are much tougher though if you've got the wallet then Double Monk is a credible option http://doublemonk.tumblr.com/
 Ha! I think I just funded a special quarterly dividend for the Ascot Chang shareholders
  Ummm . . . maybe I made a tactical error when I told them that I wanted to try a higher quality fabric this time (last time I got the Ascot Chang house fabric).  They gave me some of the higher end Thomas Mason books . . . can't remember exactly which one.   I was in one of those "euphoric shopping moods" when you don't pay as much attention as you should. But when I got back to Oz I calculated the price at --- gulp--- about $500 per shirt!!   
Was in Hong Kong last week so of course had to do a little shopping.     Among other things, ordered three shirts from Ascot Chang which in hindsight I think was a mistake.  Now that I've bothered to translate the HK price into Aussie dollars I'm pretty sure I paid materially more (pardon the pun) than Ascot charge during their Aussie trunk show . . . bugger.  Anyone know how the HK versus local prices compare?
The War Memorial museum is fantastic.
20/20 dry cleaners in Mosman is excellent.  If you have something particularly special they offer a 100% handpressing "gold" service.
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