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  Edoya shoe brushes.  Awesome. http://dieworkwear.com/post/52715237353/edoya
 No, don't think so. They have switched to Church's and Carmina. Cutler sell Edward Green, mostly MTM . . . wouldn't attempt to just try them on there though!!
  Don't know.  Maybe send him a PM . . .  @incontro 
 Don't know your budget/urgency but Jo Ha from B&Tailor/Finery Company is doing Gaziano & Girling MTM orders
  Well, not extinct perhaps but they're certainly on the endangered or extremely vulnerable list in Sydney.   In the 1990s I lived in New York for a few years and then in Melbourne and most of my suits were DBs.  In around 2006 I wore my last remaining one on the Sydney ferry and an older retired gent walked up to me and said something like, "oh, a double breasted.  I haven't seen one of those for a long time".  Or maybe it was, "oh, a double breasted.  Are those coming...
Apologies if this has been discussed recently . . .    Question:  are double breasted suits coming "back" in Australia?  There definitely is a trend back towards them in the US and UK, but I haven't seen much evidence here yet?  Opinions?   In Sydney the "suit but no tie" look is now so well established that I suspect it may prevent the return of the DB . . . pity, I miss them.
 Totally agree.  In fact my favourite suit is a MTM, not a bespoke.   There are pros and cons to both approaches that go beyond simple price . . . for example bespoke is a slow process and bespoke tailors seem to be genetically unreliable with deadlines, bespoke can be a bit hit or miss (even at the most "famous" tailors), and so on.  In my case I have a very "normal" body shape so I don't need bespoke to get a great result . . . there's something nice and simple about...
 +1.  If they really are only doing an initial measurement then as far as I'm concerned that's not "real bespoke".  I'm a little surprised that a firm with the reputation of WW Chan would risk its brand in that way. For $2,100 with no fittings I'd say you are better off passing and going to one of the locals.   For example, PJ (for MTM) or B&Tailor (bespoke) are both roughly in that price range.
 Charvet is a must, if only to drool.John Lobb also good for drooling
 True.  You see plenty of people at investment banks, top tier law firms, etc, wearing black RMWs.  Polished signature series esp. looks far better than most of the crappy work shoes you see in Sydney.
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