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tate and yoko
[[SPOILER]]   These came in today, they're unbranded skinny. Whatchu guys think?
Oh yeah, Charly told me 20 weeks as well but maybe there'll be a miracle where he learns how to make 10 jackets at the same
Alright, thanks then. I'll go ahead and order the 46 x 50 and hope it gets here before my trip to NYC. Thanks for the help guys and maybe expect to see me more around styleforum.
Yeah, I'd only be wearing a shirt + a tee at most though, which is what I'm wearing in the picture I posted. I'll probably get the 46 though.
  Charly said I should get a 46 or 48 with 50 lengths but I feel like that'd be hella baggy on my body. Ideally I'd like a 44 with 48 shoulders and 50 lengths but he can't do that
Yo,  I don't use styleforum much but I figure you guys could help me size my TOJ0.    Length from shoulder to sleeve cuff: 26" Length from collar bone to where I would like jacket to hit in front: 24" AROUND chest: 34" AROUND navel: 29" AROUND where I want jacket to hit: 33" AROUND shoulders: 41" Bicep: 11" Wrist: 6.5"   Those are measurements   http://i.imgur.com/RuweTOq.jpg This shirt has a shoulder measurement of...
Hi, my name's Cooper. I'm still young. I attend a college prep school. I wear pretty basic stuff mainly, looking to get out of the basics though and move on and find my style and not the reddit/mfa style of OCBD, dark jeans, CDB.
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