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Not so common today, but in 1943, there was an iGent artisanal bow tie conference in Quebec:       In 1951:  
The Prince's single-breasted suit has jetted pockets:    
Emperor Akihito.  I like how his navy tie and suit have a richer, bluer tone than Sarkozy's suits, which are sometimes in a rather flat shade that's black or nearly black.    
Prince Charles looks elegant in this single-breasted suit.  Note the tone-on-tone match between the shirt and tie in the spirit of his grand-uncle:  
Sarkozy makes an appearance in post 43 above.   For the dress shirt, a white, light blue, or blue/white stripe works best.    Prince William with his parents.  Prince Charles wears navy on navy with a pattern.          
Michael Caine heard that you've been criticizing his friend Cary:     He's doing very well, thank you very much:     He recently met with Dieworkwear,     and stopped by his tailor, Quintino, with his friend Martin:     In all things, navy or otherwise . . .      (For more of Michael: http://www.voxsartoria.com/post/74570514052/men-in-bespoke-suits-get-the-job-done-michael)
Beautiful cashmere Mr. Pink.  I was curious about the weight?  [[SPOILER]]
Fred Astaire, Cary Grant, and Apparel Arts from the 30s often paired a grey sportscoat with grey trousers.  I think it's a good look YRR92.    
JFK, being interviewed by Walter Cronkite:  
An interesting twist to the question, inspired by the previous posters, is: what were you wearing when others took a photograph?
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