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 Allen Edmonds makes some shoes with a straight back seam, which makes me wonder about the quality of that construction method. 
We usually associate A&S with double-breasted suits, but if they made this single-breasted suit for Prince Charles, I love it.  The shoulders have a good angle, they're not too sloped, and the sleevehead is natural.  The waist suppression is done nicely too.  These photos are from 1981 if it helps to determine the maker of the suit.       
Not so common today, but in 1943, there was an iGent artisanal bow tie conference in Quebec:       In 1951:  
The Prince's single-breasted suit has jetted pockets:    
Emperor Akihito.  I like how his navy tie and suit have a richer, bluer tone than Sarkozy's suits, which are sometimes in a rather flat shade that's black or nearly black.    
Prince Charles looks elegant in this single-breasted suit.  Note the tone-on-tone match between the shirt and tie in the spirit of his grand-uncle:  
Sarkozy makes an appearance in post 43 above.   For the dress shirt, a white, light blue, or blue/white stripe works best.    Prince William with his parents.  Prince Charles wears navy on navy with a pattern.          
Michael Caine heard that you've been criticizing his friend Cary:     He's doing very well, thank you very much:     He recently met with Dieworkwear,     and stopped by his tailor, Quintino, with his friend Martin:     In all things, navy or otherwise . . .      (For more of Michael:
Beautiful cashmere Mr. Pink.  I was curious about the weight?  [[SPOILER]]
Fred Astaire, Cary Grant, and Apparel Arts from the 30s often paired a grey sportscoat with grey trousers.  I think it's a good look YRR92.    
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