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Who wore it best?  Blue suit, light blue tie, and white or near white shirt, black shoes.  But only one man has a pocket square.    
The Gathering Storm, Churchill's memoirs of the Second World War (p. 10), has a good explanation of why the Allies kept the emperor, by way of the cautionary example of Germany after the First World War.   "Wise policy would have crowned and fortified the Weimar Republic with a constitutional sovereign in the person of an infant grandson of the Kaiser, under a Council of Regency.  Instead, a gaping void was opened in the national life of the German people.  All the...
Looks like the memo David Isle and I sent finally reached Hollande:     Much better trouser width than before:    
I think it's time to broker a peace treaty, gentlemen.     I think we can agree:   There are nice suits without a Milanese buttonhole.   Milanese buttonholes are a nice detail and lovely to look at.   What matters most in a suit is the fit and quality of the materials and internal construction.   Clinton's lapels and buttoning point are way too low.   RJMan needs to return to the French tailoring thread.
A well-made buttonhole by itself is not sufficient for a good jacket, but it does contribute to the jacket being beautiful. If your dinner starts with a well-made cocktail, it doesn't necessarily mean that the whole meal will be a success.  But it certainly enhances the dinner.  It might also be a sign that the restaurant pays attention to detail, increasing the likelihood (though it's far from inevitable) that the meal will be well-prepared.  
I like a higher collar.  It looks more formal and polished.  One reason I gave up wearing Brooks Brothers shirts is that their collars sit too low in the neck, with a collar band that's thin and flimsy.  It's a messy look.  Compare Winkelmann, who's well known for wearing higher collars:     with BB.  The collar is open but you can see if it were buttoned it would still be very low on the neck:  
Equal or close to equal width in the blue stripes and white ground looks more pleasing to my eye.  As Loathing mentioned, the symmetry is appealing, and it allows the shirt to blend in more easily with the rest of the outfit.  The stripes should also not be too wide.       vs:     It's hard to explain, but the wide white ground paired with a much narrower stripe is a bit reminiscent of the 80s (just as a shirt in a highly saturated solid French blue reminds...
Packaging is the clothes that clothes wear.
 Btw, if you like Lockie, the Andover Shop has their four-ply cable knits and two-ply plain knits 30% off.  If your size is sold out online, you might try calling their Cambridge or Andover locations. An earlier post by RJMan on Lockie:
Grey on grey CBD, assuming he's not carrying the purse:     Montezemolo:  
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