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Btw, higher resolution photos here:
I was looking at this picture of a beautiful navy suit, worn by Luca Rubinacci.  The shoulder looks very elegant in my eyes.  The surprise is that it seems a bit structured, while the Neapolitans have a reputation for a more sloping shoulder.  I'm not saying that it's not a natural shoulder, just that it has a nice line to it.  How would you describe the shoulder to a tailor if you wanted something similar?     Btw, two other surprises are that the jacket is a 2...
Nice suit -- what's the vintage?  It's cut quite differently from any other Zegna I've seen.
Not a suit, but a sportscoat: Brioni navy wool single breasted, 3/2, Augusto model, side vented jacket.  It receives more compliments than the rest of my jackets put together.  
What suit do you wear that attracts the most compliments?  Photos would help us appreciate the tailoring.
Thanks for the helpful tip Jcep -- I'll have to be careful about the alterations tailor that I use.  Both suits look great, and I love the lean fit of the navy MTM. 
Where in Europe would a RLBL suit be available for 300 euros?  Thanks for the tip.
PRL suits are now closer in price to RLBL suits ($1595 vs. $1695).  Is this a sign that PRL suits are moving to full canvas, or that RLBL is moving to half canvas?
I would be happy with either the grey OTR or navy MTM, but the MTM is especially impressive from the front.  It's cut more closely to the torso above and below the waist for a custom fitted look.  The shoulders also look slightly trimmer.  I'm not a tailor, but I do own a grey Anthony model RLBL suit.  I wouldn't touch the buttoning point on the navy MTM (and this is coming from someone who has a strong aversion to higher buttoning points).  It's a classic low RLBL.  Any...
Corneliani suits are on sale for $799 today on Gilt:   The suits are in staple navys and greys, all two button.
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