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Is anyone able to recommend a place in Toronto that can repair and clean watches? I have an vintage omega and wanted to have it cleaned up. any help would be greatly appreciated.    Thanks! Ray
 wilson fly fishing, great guys, they gave me 10% off, and te koop sometimes has 10%, and maybe check uncle otis 
Any suggestions ?
Hello   I apologize if this is a noob question, but I’ve searched through the forum and have not been able to find a clear answer.   I recently picked up my first leather coat, and am struggling to find an answer regarding how to maintain it. It is made from goatskin and I’ve received mixed opinions if it needs to be conditioned or not. The coat is the Franklin leather shirt by AllSaints, I’ve posted the link below.  Any advice regarding if it needs to be conditioned...
Can anyone in Toronto recommend what oil/condition they are using that is available in area.    Thank you!
i'll try to snap a photo tomorrow, wait never mind i have rockfords lol
 Europe bound on King street has snoseal, and Sail does too. I also found Filson boot oil at Wilson Fly fishing on queen, however not sure about Obenaufs,
   Thank you both! I appreciate the input, I'm pretty set on the pullman, but I'm attempting to find one in person before pulling the trigger. I"m actually in Toronto, so the BB deal wouldn't have worked out, but thank you! 
Hello  I recently picked up a medium duffle, but realized its too big. I'm sure this has been discussed, but i was wondering what everyone's thoughts were on the pullman and the sportsman's bag? I'm looking for a bag as carry on, that can fit enough for more then weekend. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. (not really fond of the medium travel bag)   Thank you! 
Hautelook has the Austen boot for about 220$ and few others
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