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Got the BlackXAqua in yesterday in a 30 slim.  I had previously ordered a pair of Gustins in a 29 slim (my usual size) but they were way too small.   Thoughts:   -Interesting fit, unlike anything else I have.  Definitely the highest rise pair of denim I own now. -Pretty good top block.  Will likely be great after it stretches a bit. -Slight pinch of fabric on the seam at the thighs, just below where the pocket lining is sewn in to the inside of the leg. -Straight...
Acne Max (slim) and Acne Ace (slimmer) are very similar. Also rag & bone RB23 as well as a J.Brand Tyler.
I purchased this A.P.C. chain and pendant a few years ago from the A.P.C. webstore.  It was somewhere in the $150-$175 range.   The chain is approximately 20 inches long, so it hangs relatively short.  The pendant is about a half inch in diameter.  On the back of the beret pendant, there is a small anchor inscribed as well as a small "A.P.C." inscribed.   I'm not sure what the metal is.  It's probably not sterling, but it could be since when this was purchased, silver...
This is so fucking aggravating.   THAT GUM SOLE, FUCK I NEED IT.
Agreed.  The Sandro version is badass.
There are several of us over 40 weeks now.  That's why we're antsy.  The last update they gave said "35-40 weeks," which again was incorrect.  @Potsnu @cyc wid it @PDinh, myself - all at 40+ weeks now, if I'm not mistaken. The issue is not the wait.  The issue is that it's hard not to feel slightly misled.  If they had been forthright from the week they announced they were closing shop (which they still haven't), this wouldn't be a problem!   "Hey guys, we were absolutely...
Yeah, pretty frequently.  It's Friends & Family e-mail code.  I feel like it happens 3-4 times a year.
Probably.  I take a 42 in both, but that's because a CP 41 is just too uncomfortable width-wise.  The 42s are a little long length-wise, but still comfortable and I've never had an issue.
Been wearing the ChenChukkas that I bought during last clearance sale a ton.  Super comfortable, really lightweight, love the Lunarlon sole.
@Krish the Fish Any chance you could post pictures of the inside and of the shoulder straps?   Will now search the thread for said pictures, but I'm sure it would be helpful to have them in this portion of the thread as well.   Thanks!
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