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Address confirmation on the 18th and still no package.   :(
I just gotta say though.. posting about your item in the brand's thread is actually really damn helpful.  There have been plenty of SLP and JE&Co items I never would have seen/considered/bought otherwise. Seems like the rule should be amended for threads that are dedicated to a particular brand IMO.  
It's never been that hard to get.  Just get online the day it comes out for your choice of pieces and sizes. It won't sell out like, say, Kobe IX or Jordan launch though. This is, however, the first time ultra popular streetwear brands like En Noir and John Elliot have been involved, so who knows.  The hypebeasts could sell it all out in an hour.
To be clear, what we got was "shipping address confirmation."   At least it's something.  Mine is for a June 30th '13 QBCDR.
I'm just waiting to be able to ID the TR1.
I don't think there's a tailor in Austin I trust to make that adjustment correctly.  Guess I'll see what Denim Therapy says.  Is there a way to make that adjustment without losing the chain and patch detail?
Got 'em when my size came back in stock/was returned. Love the fit/wash, don't love how shallow the front pockets are, but my biggest concern is that the waist is floating off me in the back.... Not sure if this will get worse, and I'll end up hating them.  Any thoughts appreciated.  
Received the sand suede and the black suede this past week.  I think the suede was pretty nice, honestly, but I'm no expert.  $150 feels $20 too high I'd say, but it is a nice suede sneaker. Compared to other Nikes, they run big for me.  I wear a 10.5 in anything Nike Running or Training, a 10 in Nike Basketball or Jordans, and I've had to send these back so I can get a 9.5. I'll be re-ordering the proper size in the black ones. For reference, I'm a 42 in CP, MMM, and Lanvin.
It looks like you put those shirts through the ringer, literally.  I would guess that you're washing them far too hard and often.   Try washing cold, gentle or delicate cycle, hang to dry.  The creasing placket and hems happens on J.Crew's stuff too.  I usually just iron it out pretty easily.
New Posts  All Forums: