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v jealous of whoever bought the size small puffer from Barneys for $900.   Thought about it, couldn't justify for Texas winter, but man that thing is tight.
TTS.  I have the tan pair from last year, and I think they are great.  The strap rides up a little bit on my pair, so I have to adjust them a few times throughout the day, but not a huge deal. They're a steal for $200.
Got my first ever pair of Rick Owens sneakers in today from Barneys sale... only to discover I had purchased a women's pair.  The men's version are still $1200.     Probably my most disappointing sale fail ever.     
Got the Premium LunarCharge's in Bone from Notre.  Went with usual Nike size (10) and had to return.  Need to size up to 10.5.  Just FYI!
This may or may not be helpful, and I haven't tried the sheets yet as they are technically a Christmas gift for the lady friend, but: Brooklinen, kind of a Warby Parker of sheets, is supposed to be good.  https://www.brooklinen.com/ If you cart a few things and go halfway through checkout (including giving an e-mail address), then abandon your cart, they will send you an offer to take $15 off your order a couple of days later. Anyway, the packaging was nice and the...
Raf and Rick excluded, it would appear. 
Measured differently on a raglan since there isn't a shoulder seam to measure from.
I really like the Givenchy Urban Knots lows and highs. Speaking of which, does anybody have any experience with the sizing on them? I take 42 in CP, UK8 in Lanvin, but could probably take a half size down in both of them if they were available, so wondering if I should go 41.5 on the Givenchy or stick with a 42. Any help/info appreciated. 
Black raw D02s are not as skinny as I thought they were going to be. Y'all think I could go down another size? Already went down one from my usual.
Thanks man. I've just been reaching for the Plumas way more because the newer fit is better on me.  More taper and snugger in the waist. Thought about just having these tapered a little bit, but seeing if there's some buyer interest first. Shoes are Common Projects Achilles Perforated Lows.
New Posts  All Forums: