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@victoorious1 To give you a little further context, since I know you were a frequent contributor here but then took a hiatus for a while: the occasional post about something you had for sale that was sold out/hard-to-find/brand new was typically allowed under a generally unspoken acceptance within this thread.  Then, more and more people started posting full-on classifieds as posts trying to dump old or ubiquitous items like black and grey Villain hoodies and the mods...
I think the nylon side looks really tight.   Almost happy it's 93 today in Austin, keeping me from spending money I don't have.
Leather/suede paneled puffer jacket towards the end.  
May get shit on for this, but a bunch of Zara's latest wave of topcoats and overcoats look pretty great to me.  Also have a rag & bone donkey coat from a few years back that has held up extremely well.  Been really satisfied with it.  Their raw edge coat from this season looks interesting.  Not sure if any of that is the aesthetic you're going for though.
Really surprised at the stock levels on those jackets.  They made ONE small in the stadium jacket.  I totally understand JE's desire to keep the hype train rolling and sell out of product left and right, but talk about leaving money on the table.
Doesn't seem to be working on Vans either :/
At 160, I think you want to stick with a large for the intended fit.  It's designed to fit slimmer than a typical hoodie.
Do you hem your SLP and JE denim?
I picked these up.  They are awesome looking in person, I'll post some pictures later. I bought them as new gym shoes and have worn them there once.  I need to give them a few more workouts to decide if I like them for that purpose or not, but I'm definitely not getting any of the heel-rubbing issues that a lot of people mentioned in their reviews on NDC.  They are really light and comfortable, but I am not sure they're stable enough for the gym. They may just end up as my...
No pics, but a friend bought them and sent them back because he didn't like the way the panels made the knee-to-ankle portion of the denim flare out.  He's also super thin though, so if you're a little more muscular, you might not have the same issue.
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