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@bawlin or @niyengar or anybody else that picked up the fringed Wyatts, would love to see some fit pics!       Also, I know these are old, but what's the proper terminology/name for these boots:     Anybody ever see these pop up on Grailed or eBay?  They seem very hard to find.
ssense just pulled a bunch of SLP off of sale and made it full-price again.   Couple of things I really hope come back down, super annoying that they do that.
Shit, this is what happens when you don't check the thread for a day! If anybody picked up Spalwart Marathon Lows in a 43 and they don't work out, let me know.   Will take them off your hands.
Either this doesn't work or Acne, Rick Owens, and Saint Laurent are all excluded.
Anybody know when this ends? TIA
5'8, 145lbs, size 28
The stretch is nice and super comfortable, and I'm glad to have it on the more tapered Cast 2 fit since I think it helps with the stacking a little bit.  I feel like they'll also be cooler for the summer. I've got a pair of Cast 1 Carbons that definitely started out rigid, but have broken in over time without losing their shape at all, so if you love the wash on the Coasts, go for 'em.
  It's a $9.95 return fee, and won't apply to "clearance" items, but it's still an improvement.  Hopefully when they run extra percentages off, this still applies.
Thanks man, and to everybody else for the advice.  Will keep them as is. Those are perforated "light grey" from SS14.  They kind of have a slight taupe/tan hue to them.
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