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Doubt it.  Sounds like it's special because of how labor intensive it is.
Good to know.  Assuming you have to call them to do this?  Can you do it in store?
Nordstrom never has codes.  The marks you see are the marks you get, and they're usually super shitty compared to the other big retailers (Barneys, Saks, etc).
Saw how quickly those longwings were going and went for it.  Really, really hoping I nailed the sizing.  
Answered my own question.  Yes, for MTO groups, you're charged immediately. 
From a little thread research, it sounds like people stay true or go half a size down on the RUI last?   I don't have a pair of Meermins yet, but I get the e-mails.  I may have to pull the trigger on these Japanese shell cordovan longwings, they are gorgeous.
Barneys has those Bottegas.  They'll probably get a drop within the year, if not within the next couple of weeks.
Release date on those new Nike Free Flyknits?  Link to more information?
Selling the QBCDR.  See sig.
Brand new QBCDR up for sale, size 46/48  Check my signature.
New Posts  All Forums: