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Yeah, stayed true to to size.
Haha, that is definitely a creepy toe angle.  Should've put some shoes on.
5'8", 145lbs - This is a size small which fits perfectly.  It's snug across the shoulders, but not uncomfortably so, and I was not going for a baggy or oversized look. 
They were intriguing, but too long IMO.  Not trying to have a 12 inch inseam + a semi-dropped crotch hanging down to my shins.
I like the way they look, it's just a really different direction than we're used to seeing from JE.  Kind of jarring to see the clothes styled with boots since we've seen nothing but sneakers since the beginning.  Not saying it looks bad, just new. And yeah, the denim is sick.  Bet those breach the $400 mark.
Maroon really does look great, but as a Texas grad, I cannot bring myself to wear that color.   Dark navy is killer too.
I was referring to markdowns on barneys.com
Drops at Barneys - finally got the black paneled shorts.
Agree completely about the color.  Was surprised the black sold out faster.  The Clay was definitely more intriguing to me.
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