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First day at the Vegas shows, wore my Plumas today. Excited for more denim without knee rips.
Haha. Dude, when I read your earlier post about it being an easy pass, my very first thought was that a follow-up post where you tell us you bought it anyway would follow suit before the day was over. But I get it, the thirst is hard to quench. If I had the funds, I'd just buy one of everything too - still, funny to watch you fold.
Ebates with 14% cash back today at Barneys and Saks, highest I've ever seen.  Great time to pull the trigger on a pair of Harlots or Escobars or a Kake or the black leather high tops, all stuff that doesn't really see sale.   Shameless plug for my referral link too if you want an extra $10 in your account and are new to eBates:
$600 for the poly pullover seems absolutely absurd.  That thing should be super functional, completely waterproof with taped seams, and have kept the cinched webbing strap in the hem to have warranted anywhere near that price tag.   Maybe they only made 30 of them total or something, that would help further explain the premium in manufacturing cost.
This is super clean.  Kind of AMI vibe up top, pre-surf/sound SLP on bottom. I love this look too, but just don't think us sub-5'10"ers can pull off the relaxed, cropped denim look this well.
When SF blows up the spot while you're at lunch and everything in your cart is gone when you get back. 
Get the Aces man, the Doha is terrible.  I think John has been paying a little too much attention to DSquared2. JE denim is awesome, the washes are great, but I'm ready for some jeans with no rips and no paint splatter.
Pink lows look sick too.
Cardigan is going to sell out super quick.  That's the only item I see that I'm eager to see, although I would check out some JE swim trunks for sure, if that's what those are.  (And assuming they're panel shorts length, not thermal shorts length.)
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