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Wearing Plumas, holding OG Springs: Springs vs. Plumas:  [[SPOILER]]
Hard to say just yet, but my Plumas fit a lot slimmer than my Springs in the same size to begin with.  I've worn the Plumas five times or so and haven't noticed any bad stretching.  They are keeping their shape so far, and the fit on them is pretty perfect for me. Based off of everything I've read here and my own experience, I feel like this is the deal with JE denim: If you have thick legs or really athletic thighs, you're not going to fit in to the size you need for your...
My guess is $499-$599.   They'll price them similarly to the CP Chelsea or Alden Indy, I would imagine.  They're not going to be $800, that's Bottega/SLP range.     You can make a great, quality boot with a good margin for around $500 retail.  Slap on an extra $50 for the hype, maybe?
JE definitely ups the contrast on their site photos, plus the items pop off the stark white background.  Rarely does something you receive look exactly like the product shots. Having said that, received the Plumas today and they're pretty awesome.  Yes, they are similar to the Springs, and I wouldn't have minded them being a little darker, but the fades and contrasts are pretty stellar. Also, they fit about one size smaller in the waist than my Springs in the same size,...
Has anybody tried any version of the Free Train Force in the gym?  Love the way they look, but the reviews on the general release versions are terrible.
Yeah, pretty sure they are.
Went with Plumas.  Love the Harlot, just feel like I'll still love the Plumas once the knee-rips and hyper-distressed trends fade away... plus they're $70 cheaper.
Why is Saks pricing all over the place?  $78 for the black classic crew, $98 for anti-expo.... would like to use a code they sent me, but it basically just makes those items the same price they are at other retailers/JE's site.
Yeah, stayed true to to size.
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