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Gotta give some love to The Corner.   I called to see if I could get a price adjustment on an item from a week-old order that had dropped again and was still in stock in my size.  The call took about three minutes and they adjusted both items from my order that had dropped again.   Really great customer service.  Definitely will not forget that.
It just totally depends on your feet, but I wear:   42 in CPs (they're a little long on me, but 41s are way too narrow) UK 8 in Lanvin 10-10.5 in Nike   Sounds like you'll be solid in the UK9.
MMM high tops came in from TBS.  I like them a lot, but they might end up in B&S.   [[SPOILER]]
Hand wash or dry clean, pretty straightforward.  
Any links to your music @AlexanderTG ?
Yes, deleted by mods.
I would snicker behind your back if I saw you with your t-shirt tucked in.  Just sayin' Then again, these guys make it look pretty sweet.   
Finally had my first dream about getting my BCDR.  It didn't fit very well, but it was still thrilling to open.
the Acne Depps in a 46 got swiped from right under my nose while I was fucking about trying to get the Extra20 code to work.  If anybody snagged those and they don't work, let me know. I did manage to get an order through on the black Margiela high tops though.
Is the Extra20 still working for anybody on TBS?  Can't get it to work.
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