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 Because that's not the look I want.  If they're that loose in the waist now (2 inches big), it's only going to get worse as the rest of the denim stretches out.  I'll end up hating how they fit.   Like @Jbidwal said, you generally want them to be as tight as you can stand to button.  They're going to loosen up and when they do, you'll have the fit you want. I don't want them hanging off my ass, constantly having to pull them up or deal with a belt every time, creating a...
Yeah, I consider myself a true 29. 29 in most Acne Ace, Blk Dnm 25s, rag & bone Fit 1, and my one pair of SLPs are a 29 as well. I do, occasionally, size down to a 28 in some stuff.  28 in raw APC Petit New Standard, 28 in J Brand, and based off measurements Ssense is providing for some of the new SLP denim, I'd size down in those too.
Just got my Springs.  They are awesome, but unfortunately the product measurements online are way off.  29 supposedly measures a 30" waist (15" across), but these are measuring 16" across.  They fit great everywhere else, but the waist is definitely too big so I'd probably regret keeping them.   Hope they restock the 28s soon.
Any reason SSENSE is $300 less on these: https://www.ssense.com/en-us/men/product/saint-laurent/white-skinny-jeans/1399663 than Mr. Porter is: http://www.mrporter.com/en-us/mens/saint_laurent/skinny-fit-15cm-hem-denim-jeans/653184?ppv=2# ?   Am I missing something?
        NEW YORK, FEBRUARY 4, 2016 by LEE CARTER One gets the sense that John Elliott, only on his third collection, is fine-tuning his sporty-conceptual aesthetic on the fly. Last season’s athletic theme, based on a long-distance run he took through Southeast Asia, turned a dark corner for Fall. Think ’80s punks on the Lower East Side, rowdy soccer hooligans, and Berlin nightclubs. Particularly the clubs, he said, spending days and nights in their...
Based on the measurements, I sized true on these.  Went w/ the Spring.  Hoping that the stacking doesn't look absurd, but we'll see.  I refuse to tailor jeans with so much wash and pre-distressing.  It usually ruins the look, especially if you go with the original hem.   I'm pretty positive Spring is what's pictured in the gram below.  Don't forget how crazy the filtering and lighting JE uses can be.  The sage Kake looked like a completely different color on Union's...
http://man.totokaelo.com/rick-owens/island-dunk/black/N166F9/ru15s4895-lms-81   Unfortunately for me somebody snagged the 8 already, but shit this is the best price I've ever seen on Island Dunks.
Take the same size.  Escobars are slimmer, fit tighter throughout, but a size up would ruin the intended look.
Can anybody identify?   Thanks.  
Damn, you must've grabbed the 9s that were in my wishlist.  Did they price match even though your size wasn't available at BNY?
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