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It looks like you put those shirts through the ringer, literally.  I would guess that you're washing them far too hard and often.   Try washing cold, gentle or delicate cycle, hang to dry.  The creasing placket and hems happens on J.Crew's stuff too.  I usually just iron it out pretty easily.
How are y'all sizing on the Fragment Courts?   Typically wear a 10.5 in anything running related, but a 10 in anything meant for basketball.
Yes.  June 30th QBCDR.
Any other place to find these?  
Nah, you need a UK 6 or 7.
Probably a 40, unless you have kind of wide feet in which case you might be more comfortable in a 41.
Yes, closing out this thread will definitely make those of us still waiting on a June order even more comfortable that things are still moving forward in Korea and that we will eventually receive our jackets.
Thoughts on the Hazelwood Parka?  Anybody have any experience with it or seen it in person?  
You're probably too late man.  Ssense, Men's Market (Hirshleifers), and Far Fetch all had fantastic deals on OB.
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