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I would snicker behind your back if I saw you with your t-shirt tucked in.  Just sayin' Then again, these guys make it look pretty sweet.   
Finally had my first dream about getting my BCDR.  It didn't fit very well, but it was still thrilling to open.
the Acne Depps in a 46 got swiped from right under my nose while I was fucking about trying to get the Extra20 code to work.  If anybody snagged those and they don't work, let me know. I did manage to get an order through on the black Margiela high tops though.
Is the Extra20 still working for anybody on TBS?  Can't get it to work.
EastDane seems to go brand by brand, never really an across the board cut.  If you put stuff in your "want list," they'll send you an e-mail when anything drops. Some stuff seems to max out at 50 or 60% off though.
All three of my items hit 70% off and I had to pull the trigger. I wanted to wait too, but it's a dangerous game to play!
Picked up a Bric's Pininfarina 27" trolley for under $75.  It might be an obnoxious color, but hey, I feel pretty good about it.
Nike RT shit went quick on TBS.   I'd like to have that t-shirt.  Not sure why though, the footwear is ugly as can be.
Anybody get a BCDR recently?  Any update?  Is Daniel back yet?  On my 55th week.     @impolyt_one @mrchariybrown @bentobox @cyc wid it 
waited too long on my CPxTimCoppens slip-ons.  if one of you guys grabbed the 42s (brown/gold/blue) and they don't work, let me know.
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