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I really like the Givenchy Urban Knots lows and highs. Speaking of which, does anybody have any experience with the sizing on them? I take 42 in CP, UK8 in Lanvin, but could probably take a half size down in both of them if they were available, so wondering if I should go 41.5 on the Givenchy or stick with a 42. Any help/info appreciated. 
Black raw D02s are not as skinny as I thought they were going to be. Y'all think I could go down another size? Already went down one from my usual.
Thanks man. I've just been reaching for the Plumas way more because the newer fit is better on me.  More taper and snugger in the waist. Thought about just having these tapered a little bit, but seeing if there's some buyer interest first. Shoes are Common Projects Achilles Perforated Lows.
Looking to move my size 28 OG Springs.  They are the first cut, have not been washed or altered.   PM for more pictures and measurements.   $220, shipped.     Springs on the left, comparison shot with Plumas.
I have a set of Area sheets, and they are great.  They took a couple of washes to soften up, but I would definitely buy another set.  They were my first and only foray in to luxury bedding though, so I don't really have anything to compare them to except for the Nautica and Ralph Lauren Outlet sheets that covered my mattress beforehand.  
Took it down.  They probably went early.  I'm sure it will be on again at some point this week.
only eligible for stuff on this page:  http://www.ysl.com/subhome/index?section=privatesale&yurirulename=subhome&gender=u&siteCode=SAINTLAURENT_US
They don't put you on timeout for sharing a site with a sale.  People are generally discreet about that type of post if JE is included in a promo code since they typically don't allow retailers to do so.  This is just a general seasonal sale though, so you are fine to post the site.
Compile customer list, send codes to top 10% (or whatever number they choose) of spenders.  Pretty easy.
New Posts  All Forums: