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Take the same size.  Escobars are slimmer, fit tighter throughout, but a size up would ruin the intended look.
Can anybody identify?   Thanks.  
Damn, you must've grabbed the 9s that were in my wishlist.  Did they price match even though your size wasn't available at BNY?
GG is definitely true to size, but I also don't size down CP or Lanvin. Sounds like you need a 44.
Can anybody tell me what the leg opening measures on a pair of slim narrows?   Thanks.
Total shot in the dark here, especially since rag & bone mostly gets shit on, but if somebody lurking just swiped that reverse Rickham jacket in Small and it doesn't work out, let me know.
Yeah, shit, that Extra 20 on SJS was working yesterday, went to lurk on the Margielas again just now, and it wouldn't accept the code for a US delivery...   Sounds like my order may well have gotten cancelled anyway.  I e-mailed them so we'll see what they say.
need Y-3 sizing help for the Laver slip-on.   some places list a UK8 as a US9, but they Y-3 website has a UK8 correlating to a US8.5.   anybody know how these run?  I'm usually a true 9 (42).
I know the recommendation is almost always to size down in Balenciagas, but are there some that run TTS (not Arenas)?   Mr. P advises to size down in most pairs, except for the pair I'm considering.  Should I trust them, or size down anyway?
If anybody happens to see olive ripstop E-1 in XS, please let me know.  I've searched high and low.  Might settle for khaki or chambray, but don't feel like I'd get as much wear out of either.
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