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Olive u-neck (got some funny light though, it's greener in person) 
Will there be a Mica restock this Spring?
Are your Escobars the old fit or the new fit?  The new fit Escos are much tighter than the Tech Fleece.  For Tech Fleece to fit you even close to the same, you'll want to size down.
not sure why the previous poster made the link difficult, but for future visitors:   http://www.gettyimages.ca/asset-detail/gallery/event/536384541
Barneys Warehouse President's Day Sale.  Extra 30 off outerwear, extra 50 off clearance.   http://www.barneyswarehouse.com/   Some pretty awesome deals on the outerwear right now.  Margiela, Jil Sander, Balenciaga, etc.
Wondering why I didn't get this e-mail.
Is the Blazer Mid Metric available anywhere else besides NDC?   Edit: Snagged them from Kith NYC.
SSENSE needs a wish list.
$100 for those is insane. At least Lulu conditioned me to expect the high prices.  Can't stomach it for a pair of Nike training shorts.
Yeah, I do.  I was just in NYC wearing it every day over two layers (a button down or long sleeve tee under a chunky cardigan or wool sweater).  I had full range of movement and was very comfortable. It definitely depends on your body type though and where you carry your body weight.  For reference, I almost always wear smalls in tops, I'm a 36S in most suits, and I typically take a 29 in pants or denim.  If you're a 38 or especially a 40 chest for example, you might be...
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