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SSENSE needs a wish list.
$100 for those is insane. At least Lulu conditioned me to expect the high prices.  Can't stomach it for a pair of Nike training shorts.
Yeah, I do.  I was just in NYC wearing it every day over two layers (a button down or long sleeve tee under a chunky cardigan or wool sweater).  I had full range of movement and was very comfortable. It definitely depends on your body type though and where you carry your body weight.  For reference, I almost always wear smalls in tops, I'm a 36S in most suits, and I typically take a 29 in pants or denim.  If you're a 38 or especially a 40 chest for example, you might be...
St. Bernard's is the leading online retailer of CG in the states.  They're based out of Dallas with a location here in Austin as well. I purchased a Chateau from them online earlier this month.  Great customer service, quick shipping. I am 5'8" and about 150 lbs.  The small is perfect on me.
They'll likely do another one.  February I'd guess.
That rider looks so, so, so good.
They send an e-mail but it's usually several hours after the sale has started.  I got the e-mail at 10:17am CST this morning, and the drops probably happened around midnight or 1am last night.
FSR of python Rick dunks just got another drop at BNY:    http://www.barneys.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-BNY-Site/default/Product-Show?pid=503681415   Wish I could snag these!
  Pretty happy with the ETQs, especially at 70% off.  I never would have given them a shot otherwise.  The leather is very thick and sturdy, so I'll take them home over the holidays and see how they break in, but they seem comfortable so far.
Doubt it.  Sounds like it's special because of how labor intensive it is.
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