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Pleasure my friend! One of my favorite DB by Ripense 
 True with the current pricing of DH but they used to be cheaper, more around the 300-400 euros for sweaters which made them comparable to RRL now. Thanks for your answer, it sheds some light!  That's a bit my feeling as well. Thanks for sharing. Anyway after trying out, it turns out even the S is too big for me. 
 Yes I have. As it is a rather disappointing experience, I tend not to share about it. It's hard to judge a tailor on one commission but it didn't make me want to commission another one admittedly. 
Hi all,   I'm mostly a classic menswear poster normally. I'm trying to discover a few more S&D brands to add up things in my wardrobe. It's pretty full in terms of classic menswear clothing but am looking for nice chunky sweaters and a few casual outerwear pieces.   I visited the NY RRL store and was a bit underwhelmed with the quality of the products. Most of them did not feel really well made. I might be spoiled by the classic menswear side or by the rather early...
 Indeed, rather hectic schedule. But I enjoy it. I'm a sartorial no man's land for the time being in Colorado but the region has many other advantages. Was your 6x1 from Cifo?
Unfortunately not as I've had a very hectic travel schedule for work and therefore haven't been able to do my next fitting.
 I only wear briefs.  Once again, it does not matter how it looks. You'll have no idea of how it actually feels until you get some made for yourself. 
 Obviously, I'm serious. It's actually super comfortable. And I've had trousers from Anderson & Sheppard, Camps de Luca, Ripense, Formosa, WW Chan, Orazio Luciano, etc.  My Ambrosi feel just better. Anyway, I don't really see the point of explaining. it's all about how you feel in them. Images can't explain that. 
I thank you all for worrying so much about my comfort    My Ambrosi trousers are very comfortable and fit the way I wanted them to fit. I've got nothing bad to say about them.    YMMV obviously but as far as I'm concerned, I'm satisfied and, quite clearly, this is by far what I'm interested in. 
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