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 Yes they're machine made. Jacket price is around 300 EUR I believe
 Absolutely possible indeed! I usually just send a jacket to replicate with fabric and there he goes on producing it. Just know that if you want incredible handmade buttonholes, it's better to ask him not to make them, especially the lapel buttonhole.
 Haha, aren't you the cranky type? I'm not purely advertising. I would say that I am trying to promote the work of promising new tailors. I don't get any commission or anything like it. I just try to encourage people pursuing the bespoke way. Kevin certainly has yet to master certain things but he's producing a fine product in my opinion. I'll let his customers speak for themselves if some happen to see this thread. Those that I've seen wearing the final product in the...
 It's pretty good in my opinion
    Oger  Mary Frittolini Boivin The Armoury Carmina   Good day to all of you!
 I always give garments to replicate so it's simply the fact that the original jacket was cut like that.  Most of the other garments copied were from French tailors whereas the last one was from Napoli; different styles
 No worries, you're right to be cautious. I just prefer to send all details about the tailor instead of receiving PMs asking me the various questions that could therefore be answered within the post.  That being said, I definitely continue to do more bespoke in Europe than in HK 
 You mean my post? Not really, no. I'm just sharing what I think is good value. I get asked a lot about that tailor on Tumblr following what I post so I thought it would be interesting for people here as well. I have absolutely no share or interest with that tailor if that's what scares you :)
For what it's worth, I've commissioned quite a few things with NK Fashion (New Kingston), only CMT and to replicate existing garments.   It's not as refined as WW Chan but well, it's approximately 4000-4500 HKD for the CMT of a suit, fully canvassed and quite good looking (save the lapel buttonhole that you'd better have done somewhere else).   I'm pretty happy with the results and continue to commission on a regular basis with...
THE NEW GENERATION OF BESPOKE TAILORING KEVIN SEAH Paul LUX17 August 2014 These days, it is unusual to find a young man whose dream is to become a Master Tailor. But every once in a while a new young talent comes along that commands our attention. Such is the case with Kevin Seah, a skilled artisan belonging to a very small guild of young up-and-coming craftsmen. The current shortage of skilled tailors raises the question of whether the demand for handmade suits will...
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