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What the f* is the purpose of that thread... Beats me. Who cares? I certainly don't to be honest.
 Thanks a lot @DerekS !  Totally true @EliodA ! Dim Sum might have made the day perfect :)  Hahaha @EFV, I shall think about it... A bit presumptuous maybe   @UrbanComposition, believe me, I've already tried everything but the fabric is immensely thick and the tie is lined... Nothing doable with that.   @YRR92, sure can Sir. These are bespoke Bocache Salvucci Calzolai in calf and croc 
Hi guys!    Today is Chan's day :)  
It was probably amazing to the owner's tastes, which is what matters in the end in bespoke, I believe. But I admit it's a terrible fabric choice. The same goes with on stage suits made for Claude François 
   Ambrosi is a very nice guy. I don't have the same opinion about that many people in this industry but quite clearly Ambrosi, Formosa, Nicola Ricci and Luparelli are the nicest guys I know in Italy. He's very far from being a piece of shit @Kuro  As for his preference, I think he's just overloaded with work and he has a totally crazy travel schedule. His refuse to compromise on quality and to outsource his work to third parties makes the wait potentially long. I don't...
A&S, Gieves & Hawkes as well as Richard James. WW Chan's cut is honestly pretty British for the DB, it resembles actually a bit the A&S' DB cut
 I knew the house style, which is the one that you see and I asked specifically for it :)
Hi gents, I guess this could go in the "Show us your Chan" thread as well.      
   Come on guys, give the man a break. Garments have to be worn to know how it feels like. A picture only says a bit and depending on the angle, the resolution, the posture, it can also not serve its purpose of showing of how great a pair of trousers or a jacket is in reality. 
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