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 Thanks Patrik @Leaves
My last polo coat order with WWChan in a rather heavy wool by Holland & Sherry (740gr)    
 It's a Harris Tweed that I'll be using for a sport coat made by Dalcuore later in the year
On-going bespoke projects, good question...   I've got on order: - A W Bill cream linen suit broken down in sport coat to be made by Dalcuore and trousers by Ambrosi     - A blue Donegal (P&H) sport coat by Stark & Sons     - A potential raglan DB coat if I find the appropriate material, with Dalcuore as well   And I got the delivery of the final product of this jacket in Japanese jersey cotton (feels like a luxurious sweat shirt basically)  
 There was an era when this forum had truly awesome classic menswear guys. They're still lurking but not posting anymore. Still a few Nordic guys have good tastes and style.   Indeed. I remember Fuuma from another French forum a loooong time ago.
 Thanks. I only bought the jeans for now because they indeed were very clearly a must. The cashmere sweater is just awesome and much much better than the wool version. I totally agree that the white is distracting and it looks like I was in jail.   No clue, I'm not well versed in SLP semantic yet. Here's the model on Rakuten  The shirt is there as I was wearing a whole different outfit when I came in to try....
 I can only imagine what your comments would be if you were voicing your opinion on the classic menswear WIWT
Hi guys,   I'm totally a classic menswear guy and have close to nothing in my wardrobe for SW&D but I decided to give it a shot as I'm too often overdressed (not that I don't like it but it seems to be sending the wrong message across)   So here are the things I've tried at SL in Paris. I actually liked all the items apart from the boots that weren't that comfy (and wrong size on picture, too large). The wool sweater was great but I prefer the cashmere version,...
Clients paying full price with VAT are now at 3'600 EUR for a suit FYI
 Superb look!
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