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 New collar but same measurements
 Thanks, fair point. It is a Gandi fabric. Hope that's it
I've been waiting for over a month for a shirt but still got no news   It's been the case in the past with trousers which I understand take more time but for shirts, I'm a bit surprised
 In my case, the trousers are really high rise. I've never had them so high and the belt is at the belly button level.  You would expect them to be even higher?
 I don't at all 
 It is most likely to be the case, they want it "grand" and given the fact that Lorenzo visits NYC quite often, I can imagine that they will open a retail shop in NYC at some point
To be honest, it's bespoke so you can have whatever you want. Andrea might advise you what he thinks is best for you but you decide in the end what you want. I went for very high rise this time and it's looking good.
Jean Michel Casalonga, Patrice Rock et Anthony Delos As you probably already know if you’ve been reading PG for the past few years, we have an immense respect for young Master Bootmaker Anthony Delos. In July of 2012, the news dropped like a bomb, sending a shockwave through the shoe lover’s community : Anthony Delos was to join Berluti’s workshop along with his small team. Up until then, Delos was installed in the quiet French Maine et Loire countryside. It was a...
 Simply by having 3 cutters including 2 that split the work on Patrik's suit. However, the percentage of completion of the suit was actually 60% and all seams needed to be finished.  Everything is still handmade in that suit :) Unfortunately for you, Ripense is closed for the whole month of August like most of the others shops. So first week of September, do rush if you want it.
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