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@Claghorn   outstanding windowpane suit mate!
 It's indeed a very good store for that style. There used to be Holland & Holland for that purpose but the Avenue Victor Hugo store closed down and only the London one remains. FWIW, it was almost as expensive as Hermès.
@Murlsquirl very nice!   Today we have one of my new favorite sport coats (Orazio Luciano) and ties (Viola Milano)    
Good day everyone!   Cotton & linen by Sartoria Ripense Sozzi tie Finamore shirt      
 They won't be as wide as these. However they will still be rather large, in line with the style of Lorenzo Cifonelli A bit like this  
 Well I have another fitting this week so I'm guessing in July.
 Honestly? Yes 
 They're brown buddy, not black :) Suit by Sartoria Ripense 
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