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Thank you Sir!
Dear all,   Here's my entry for this week. Green is in the tie, waiscoat and PS      
I might have dreamt it but I think Vox has a tobacco fresco suit that would have killed us all
 Hi, It was 2500 originally for a two piece suit. But that was 6 years ago. Now it costs 3'100 EUR if you buy it when he's travelling. I don't know about the price in Rome. Might be very slightly cheaper but it's better to ask Andrea Luparelli directly.
To boost participation, cardigans are now welcome   Inspiration  
Dear gents,   Here is my entry!    
 Interesting but I'd prefer to keep Cardigan for a later challenge. I love them. I don't want to mix with waistcoats for now. New challenge is up:  http://www.styleforum.net/t/462532/friday-challenge-march-6th-show-us-your-odd-waistcoat/0_100
Inspiration The theme of this Friday Challenge is to show us your odd waistcoat. Patterns are more than welcome but solids are accepted. The colour can be the same as the suit or sport coat but it has to be slightly different still. Rules:1) Odd waistcoat must be worn, cardigan is accepted!!!2) Outfits must fit the basic premise of a CM fit i.e shirt, tie, suit/sc, trousers and proper shoes/boots. PS's are optional.3) Post a picture of your outfit worn this week.4) One...
   Well then, thanks in that case! The next challenge will be up today: SHOW US YOUR ODD WAISTCOAT!
 Duh, I'm confused (thanks though). Do I choose the next challenge or Braddock does?
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