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Some pictures to illustrate. Do take into account that the Cifo is a travel jacket so don't mind the lapel, just check shoulders and fit   Camps           Cifonelli    
 I think I have a similar attitude. My expectations are rather high, which is why Charvet disappointed me. Not in terms of service but rather in terms of value for money and making process. The fit wouldn't have been good if I hadn't truly driven the shirtmaker. That's not expected at Charvet. That being said, their idea of a good fit might be different than mine.  You won't regret Maison Bonnet. My glasses (in horn) are truly great and I don't regret ordering them at all....
 Though you might give her a headache, you could try Mary Frittolini. She does beautiful things, far above anything Charvet has produced for me. But maybe that's just me.  However, the fabric selection at Charvet is second to none.
 I can assure you that you won't be able to find it now with Drapers. I happen to know them well and asked directly a while ago. Not available and 100% sure.
 Thank you!  Thanks a lot! I recognize your liking of French tailoring :D
 Thanks, yes I'm definitely ready! Can't wait already. 
I'm in
 Probably one of the 3 best looks I've seen this year, including the crowd at Pitti. Congrats man!
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