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Hi guys,   I stayed at a greatly designed hotel over the week-end and thought you'd like a sneak peak as the furniture is truly outstanding. All items are originals, no repro, mainly bought on auction. Damaged items were upholstered by Loro Piana for linen and wool fabrics and by Edward Green for leather ones. Quite the bespoke hotel, I can assure you.   All the details were truly impressive.   Square Nine hotel in Belgrade                
 That's what I've done, twice.
@luxire & @LuxireStudio   Would it be possible to get an answer after two weeks???   I asked three times about the status of the order 13742 without getting any answer.    Thank you in advance
 It wasn't but I'm mostly buying from two very serious sellers!
 As always with replicating tailors, it's all about explaining them in great details what you want exactly and being behind them when they deliver to ensure they followed each and every instruction. Time consuming to "train" them but once it's done, you get that. The construction quality is totally decent for that price point. I've got nothing bad to say about it. Most buttonholes were machine made and not really nice to be honest. Typical industrial work. For the lapel...
Hi guys          Sartoria Ripense DB sport coat Luxire trousers Ascot Chang shirt Gallo tie Carmina shoes
 I have a tendency to only use the more expensive fabrics now with Luxire as i've been very disappointed by their entry-level cotton chinos.The value for money is difficult to beat...
 No I think they're mostly Indians there but I might be wrong.  The model that they copied for me was a bespoke Sartoria Ripense
 @luxire Similarly, order placed on August 13th. I sent an email to ask about the status 6 days ago but have had no answer. Order #13742. Thanks in advance for answering
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