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It was probably amazing to the owner's tastes, which is what matters in the end in bespoke, I believe. But I admit it's a terrible fabric choice. The same goes with on stage suits made for Claude François 
   Ambrosi is a very nice guy. I don't have the same opinion about that many people in this industry but quite clearly Ambrosi, Formosa, Nicola Ricci and Luparelli are the nicest guys I know in Italy. He's very far from being a piece of shit @Kuro  As for his preference, I think he's just overloaded with work and he has a totally crazy travel schedule. His refuse to compromise on quality and to outsource his work to third parties makes the wait potentially long. I don't...
A&S, Gieves & Hawkes as well as Richard James. WW Chan's cut is honestly pretty British for the DB, it resembles actually a bit the A&S' DB cut
 I knew the house style, which is the one that you see and I asked specifically for it :)
Hi gents, I guess this could go in the "Show us your Chan" thread as well.      
   Come on guys, give the man a break. Garments have to be worn to know how it feels like. A picture only says a bit and depending on the angle, the resolution, the posture, it can also not serve its purpose of showing of how great a pair of trousers or a jacket is in reality. 
 That's exactly what I thought at that point in time. The main reason being that all my bespoke trousers (mainly part of bespoke suits) were not very impressive or did not justify the additional cost. It took me one try with Ambrosi to change my mind. These are the only bespoke trousers for which I can justify to myself what I paid for them. 
 That's by far the best solaro suit I've ever seen. And I've glanced at quite a few during Pitti 86
 I can only speak for myself but amongst all the trousers I've tried, there are none that come even close to both the comfort and cut I obtained with Ambrosi. Now that's only me and I certainly can't say it's a general rule. Just that even Camps de Luca, Gieves & Hawkes and all the other tailors I've tried, including Italian ones, aren't bringing me the same thing. 
 Very possible.
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