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It's not horrible but could be better. I'd totally take it back to Richard James and ask for the following things to be done (refusing would not be professional):   - lengthen the jacket sleeves for sure - halve the shoulder padding. You already have broad shoulders and certainly don't need that much - have the shoulders unsewn and turned forward (otherwise the sleeve is full of creases which means that either you didn't show him your natural posture or he did...
 I hate to be late for parties. I've missed quite a thread here. Trying to catch up guys. Just read 900 posts and saw the Foo approaching, not sure the thread will still be alive when I'll finish the reading. Re. gun club / checks, I truly love them and have been wearing a few recently    [light is so wrong on the following one...]   Then regarding jeans and odd jackets   
Short video on Camps de Luca (apparently a teaser of a longer video to be released later) - available on my tumblr   Looks great, I have to say!   http://paul-lux.tumblr.com/post/105353849670/charlesdeluca-teaser-of-the-new-movie-of-camps
 Haha, I kinda know where you got that one from
Hi guys,   My entry consists in a vintage sport coat from Savile Row (bespoke) that is older than I am, 30 years old. Say hi to the nice colleague who agreed to take an overall picture      
Count me in: probably a vintage jacket on my side
Parking Place Vendôme, Parking Place du Marché Saint Honoré
FOUR GENERATIONS LATER: CALABRESE 1924 TIES AND ACCESSORIES http://parisiangentleman.co.uk/2014/12/07/four-generations-later-calabrese-1924-ties-and-accessories/​ The penchant for the word “craftsmanship” is becoming the norm among well-dressed gentleman these days, even if the abuse of such words, including handmade and bespoke continues, as businesses play on the sentiments of consumers who dislike the idea of owning industrial-made clothing. Fortunately, there...
 They'll have a view on Cartier as well and will be within walking distance of the Park Hyatt, the Ritz, the Hotel Westminster and even the Westin, le Meurice and Mandarin Oriental. It's also the street of Charvet and Corthay is right at the corner, it's the bespoke triangle
 Strategically thinking, the new location is much much better than la Madeleine. There is even no comparison. Rue de la Paix is on the radar of all luxury tourists. La Madeleine is barely on it. The prestige of the new address is clear.
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