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Hello gents, I'm in!  
 Wrong information. Artling starts at 800 for suits, not jackets. No way you'll find MTM with half canvas around 500 EUR. Online isn't nearly the same thing. Opt for Boggi or Suit Supply in that price range and go RTW. No option that I know of outside of Paris that would be around that price area
 Depends on where you order them from of course If you're talking entry level MTM (Gambler, Handson, Wickett, Artling): we're talking 450-700 EUR for a sport coat (fused) Mid-range MTM (Ohnona, Dandys, Tailormail, Scavini): 900-1300 EUR Top tier MTM (Orazio Luciano for Tailormail, Diagné, etc.): 1500+ Shirts range from 120 EUR approximately to 250 EUR in MTM. It can be much more expensive depending on the fabric.But I would go towards the end of the range at 240 EUR with...
  Valid question: Shirts are indeed pretty good and fit well. MTM suits are rather disappointing as far as I'm concerned. I've had to work around the suit with my alteration tailor so that it would look decent. The balance of the jacket was completely off... Foreign languages is not his strongest asset but as every Italian, he explains with his hands very well
Gents,   Dirnelli (Dirnelli.tumblr.com) and I (paul-lux.tumblr.com) have contributed to this extensive review and are very happy to hear your thoughts. Don't expect outstanding writing skills from me though   Source: http://parisiangentleman.co.uk/2014/04/17/pgs-recommendations-the-2014-ready-to-wear-suits-edition/​   ______________________________________________________     Gentlemen, It is our pleasure to publish today the Parisian Gentleman Selection of...
Your suit is stelling by the way! (blue one)Thanks :)Very hard to find indeed. I bought this one at Rosa & Teixeira in Lisbon, in-house brand but probably produced by someone else. I haven't seen any other like this.  Many thanks!
 I liked very much the sport coat though it almost looks like an orphan suit jacket. The pattern is amazing but I think the color makes it a bit difficult, especially with beige trousers
 Much cheaper actually. Scarlett Paris 70€ vs. 300€
I'm in!      
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