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I expressed myself badly. It's actually at the train station of Lake Como, Como San Giovanni.  Absolutely insane!
I spent some holidays in Bellagio on Lake Como and when going back to Milan to take my flight, I encountered a few hundreds (actually close to a thousand) migrants from Eritrea occupying the train station and the area in front of it, clothes hanging on the balustrades. The luggage storage facility was closed due to too many thefts occurring there and on top, you had a few migrants scanning passengers and on-boarding and off-boarding trains quickly. Very reassuring! Cool...
Thanks for noticing! I added a close up of the buttons hoping one would notice. As expected of you ;-)
Hello gents, Long time no see! Vintage Claude Rousseau blazer (former cutter at Camps and Cifonelli)   and details, of course, of the outfit featuring gold buttons from Holland & Sherry [[SPOILER]]
For French bespoke afficionados, be sure to visit http://vestiairedurenard.fr/  I saw some pretty sweet deals on nice French tailoring http://vestiairedurenard.fr/en/product/canvassed-bespoke-lightweight-40-42l-suit-with-two-trousers-camps-de-luca/
FYI guys, just saw that Kevin Seah had an online sale for G&G and EG: https://kevin-seah-bespoke.myshopify.com/collections/shoes   The cambridge pair is at 1000 $SGD which means 650 EUR, not bad! That's roughly 40-50% off.
Good day gents!   Today is made of relatively inexpensive items: - New Kingston suit (HK) - buttonhole made in Paris though - Boggi 7-fold tie - Loding shoes with a cognac patina   The only item that defies the rule is the shirt, made by CEGO in NYC, in Zendaline cotton    
Thanks! Yes indeed, no flash. Only ambient available light and given that both were at a night market, it's very varied but often tungsten light
I feel humbled by your pictures guys. The ones posted by KoY are absolutely extraordinary.   Here's one from a recent trip to Chiang Mai    
Thanks a lot to @EFV for the nice pictures :-)
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