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 Pleasure! I should soon post about Cifo and eventually Kenjiro Suzuki. 
     You shouldn't believe what the Dutch say :) My Viola Milano ties are amongst my favorite ones. Really great design, cool quality and very good knots. 
It does and I'd never adhere to the whole style but for other rooms like the entrance hall, I have wall lamps from that designer and I like it very much.  
Hi guys,   I'm currently in Istanbul. Interior design wise, I like very much the work of Deniz Tunc.   If you have any other good addresses, I'm more than willing to take them. Thanks!  
Hi guys,   Thanks for the calling tag. I'm in Istanbul on holidays but you can expect a review on Husbands Paris as a suit RTW brand and Viola Milano ties as well :)
Good day gents,   today we have: - Scabal micro-houndstooth MTM suit - Kamakura shirt - Ripense unlined 7-fold tie - Charvet PS - Aubercy shoes     
   Thanks guys! The square is from Rota and I purchased it in Antwerpen in a very cool Menswear shop. The sales guy actually recognised me to my surprise.They really have a great selection there
Good day everyone!   Husbands suit in a Minnis Fresco Gallo tie Finamore shirt Aubercy shoes  
Dear all, here's a piece of information that you'll probably be interested in :)    Camps de Luca goes to London this week   http://paul-lux.tumblr.com/post/118606600075/extraordinary-bespoke-french-tailor-camps-de
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