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 Totally agree with Dirnelli If you read the Rake, check the one on Camps, there was an outstanding sport coat by Camps de Luca in suede (on the right) 
 That is the worst so called 5 star hotel I've stayed in my whole life. Even worse than some in London. The room was creepy at best (of course it wasn't this one) and the view was lovely (railroads)
 No just that I doubt they'll put things on sale
 I doubt it as they will launch the store around Q1-15
 Quality is really very good for the new RTW line. Probably as good as it gets. As for the price, a suit will be in the 3000-3500 range IIRC.
Clearance sale part 2 after the amazing success of part 1 where I sold pretty much everything within a week! So this time, the following items are for sale. They’re all pretty much either 44 or 46 EU (34 / 36 US) but I provide measurements so that you can check against yours. Prices range from 130 to 200 EUR shipping included to Europe, add another 15 EUR for worldwide shipping. 1. Smalto By suit - navy with chalk stripes - 200 EUR Very rare house signature Smalto...
 My thoughts exactly. Not typically Cifo-like. The client must have had some strong input in the cut and lapel request. Then once again, this was cut by Rousseau which is by no means what Cifo is or was. Claude Rousseau, just like Gabriel Gonzalez, are closer to what Camps used to cut than to Cifo.
 I have most definitely not tried them given the price tag that is roughly twice Ripense. I have a friend who owns 2 suits. I thought they looked great, beautiful work, quite similar to French tailoring in the structure. However, the price isn't justified in Italy as far as I'm concerned.  You might argue that it's still cheaper than French tailoring. Well, let me support the French economy, it does need it badly 
Yes, could we please get back on topic? The idea is to show pictures of nice suits, whoever wears them. Next time, I'll cut the heads in the pictures.    One could also be doing suits for the largest weapon dealer in the world without knowing. Is that better/worse? It's not up to the tailor to be responsible for the clients' actions. I don't mind them cutting for whoever comes into their tailoring houses.    Back on topic, @dirnelli, yes I think you're totally right...
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