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 Thanks for the recommendations. The hardware definitely needs to go away and I'm even thinking to remove the TV. I'm never watching TV, at all.  As for the rug, I was thinking of a Beni Ouarain rug.  I absolutely understand but they've been in my family for 60 years and were made to measure for silverware and family plates in African blackwood and aluminium by a master of the Boulle school in Paris. I wish these were for my clothes but that's not the case at all.  I...
 Totally not him... It's one of the guys of Tailorable or Winelabel in Korea
Good evening gents,   I've been living in the same apartment for 6 years, first with a roommate, then alone, then again with a roommate, oops (got a slap on the arm), my girlfriend I meant.   I basically inherited some pieces of furniture and moved from Paris to Luxembourg. I'm paying a very low rent which definitely does not push me to buy as the annual rent / purchase price is roughly at 2.5%.   As I don't own the place, I've never ventured into making lots of...
 Really? It's rare for Ring Jacket to have this kind of shoulders. I have 4 suits from them and none has that feature.  It's a spalla camicia (shirt-like shoulder)
 I think I'm saying rubbish. The tie is by Drake's and was bought from Exquisite Trimmings. The sozzi tie is one I posted in the Friday Challenge!! Sorry about that!
 Definitely, 13 degrees today! Sozzi tie :)
Hi guys    
Hi guys Here's my entry, featuring a Sozzi tie  Here's a bonus one because I love the tie but I don't have a full picture   [[SPOILER]]
Thank you Sir!
Dear all,   Here's my entry for this week. Green is in the tie, waiscoat and PS      
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