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 My thoughts exactly. Not typically Cifo-like. The client must have had some strong input in the cut and lapel request. Then once again, this was cut by Rousseau which is by no means what Cifo is or was. Claude Rousseau, just like Gabriel Gonzalez, are closer to what Camps used to cut than to Cifo.
 I have most definitely not tried them given the price tag that is roughly twice Ripense. I have a friend who owns 2 suits. I thought they looked great, beautiful work, quite similar to French tailoring in the structure. However, the price isn't justified in Italy as far as I'm concerned.  You might argue that it's still cheaper than French tailoring. Well, let me support the French economy, it does need it badly 
Yes, could we please get back on topic? The idea is to show pictures of nice suits, whoever wears them. Next time, I'll cut the heads in the pictures.    One could also be doing suits for the largest weapon dealer in the world without knowing. Is that better/worse? It's not up to the tailor to be responsible for the clients' actions. I don't mind them cutting for whoever comes into their tailoring houses.    Back on topic, @dirnelli, yes I think you're totally right...
 Of course I don't mind. I consider that Ripense's price is very fair in regards to the handwork (almost everything is handstitched and beautifully done, it's not handstitching for the sake of it), the cut that is wonderful, the know-how and flexibility of this tailoring house as they know how to do most things (spalla camicia, spalla cadente morbida, a roped shoulder). He clearly became a friend as well which is never an issue as far as I'm concerned. He travels easily...
 Thanks for the kind comments. The Ripense buttonholes are flawless. I never found better looking ones (even Camps de Luca and Cifonelli do them as good but not better). I truly like the value for money that I get with him.
  And then Idriss           And Bozizé  
Just so that we're clear, I wanted to try the single poll. I get that most of you don't like it that way    But well, I had to choose this time and thought I'd see how it went. I should however have mentioned it. My bad.   FYI, I never give more than one vote at each FC, which is why I didn't know that others did.
 Damn, you should have told me beforehand! I set up the poll yesterday and you can't change it once it's set up!  Yes, that was on purpose. Too many good entries, choosing is the most difficult part.
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