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 I can assure you that you won't be able to find it now with Drapers. I happen to know them well and asked directly a while ago. Not available and 100% sure.
 Thank you!  Thanks a lot! I recognize your liking of French tailoring :D
 Thanks, yes I'm definitely ready! Can't wait already. 
I'm in
 Probably one of the 3 best looks I've seen this year, including the crowd at Pitti. Congrats man!
Hello!   I'm selling a few items at approximately 15% of the RRP (650€ for suits and 500€ for jackets). All items are in 8+ condition (out of 10) and have been reasonably worn but have almost no usage marks (nothing that I could see). They were all MTM apart from the DAKS jacket which was resized to a EU 44 so they all fit more or less the same. Measurements are available for each.   Shoot if you have any question, I ship worldwide.  Europe shipping is 15€ Rest of...
 Thanks! It's a Camps de Luca suit, made approximately 4-5 years ago
@Anden killing it as always!     Today, I'm wearing French!  
  Camps de Luca suit
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