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I believe the Fiat GP was commissioned by Fiat directly in a limited run. Still, it's a relatively discreet place to place the branding (as opposed to a Domino's Air King or the like), and I would imagine it's easily polished off. Beautiful watch for a great price, IMO.
Been awhile, SF. Frills - joining you on the Nautilus train. This, a recently acquired long time "grail" of mine. It was my foray "into" Patek, and the ownership experience thus far has far superseded expectations. Useful complication, dynamic grey dial, precision case finishing, and interchangeable straps (I have brown rubber, black croc, and grey rubber) all wrapped up in a neat, wearable, supremely versatile package. I love it. You can see the color variation...
Well put.
Late to the party, but I do like those FCs. What's the recommended spot to acquire? I'm generally a used market guy, and FC's don't pop up often.
Beautiful Timezone. One of my favorite Langes, especially in the anthracite dial.
Speaking of Reversos, this one has percolated up to the very tippy-top of my list:
If you're looking for a solid dive watch that'll do daily duty and come out 20 years later looking great? I've experienced a full spectrum of dive watches from Seiko to AP and one of the top contenders for this slot is still the Rolex Sub-C. Classic yet modern design, will do both dress/casual duty with ease, and has all the nice modern touches, including the one of the best bezels and clasps (with glidelock micro-adjustment) in the business. Plus, they can be had for well...
The re-released Bathyscaphe is terrible. Whether you appreciate vintage or not, I can't see how anyone would disagree (other than the benefits of a great modern movement). It's a little hard to fathom (pun intended ) how Blancpain, having full permission and opportunity to grab design cues (or even exact design) from a previous model, was able to make a new watch that is worse in every way. Really, I need not say more than provide an image of the original.
New Posts  All Forums: