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Your window tells you what day of the week it is??
I kick myself for passing on a couple 6263s when they were "affordable".
That stupid article embodies much of what I hate about the hobby. It would be one thing if it took a "Watch Snob" satirical approach, but it does not. It's, as previously mentioned, an advertisement trying its damndest to look like a serious article. All-in-all it comes across as shallow at best, and outright "douchey" at worst.
This truly is the final state of watch collector nirvana. Many people think it's the "one watch forever" or acquisition of "the holy grail", but really it's about understanding what you enjoy about them and exploring that.Well, said.
I don't at all disagree with anyone who doesn't enjoy the Nomos aesthetic. As there is variety in style of architecture, dress, or expression that any one person can appreciate, so it is with watches. The difference in opinion is embraced! A bit more into my thought-process, it's actually not the aesthetic (at least not solely) that draws me to any particular watch. As I mentioned in my initial post, the brand identity itself (and the elements that contribute to said...
I feel like I've run the gamut of watches, from quartz to "high-end quartz" and entry-level to independent, and I'm finding that the sweet spot for what I look for in brand strategy, unique identity, value proposition, and style is pretty consistently Nomos. I do wish for a bit more variety (I'd love a sportier watch and a chronograph), but for now, these get me every time. Oddly enough, my wife's absolute favorite watch is her Tangente LE, though I'm sure it's for...
Congrats, dude! Mind-blowing experiences ahead.
New thread title makes me want to make a concerted effort NOT to post watches from those brands, so...
Wearing this one again today. My goal is to make @Belligero regret selling his...
Here's a pic from yesterday. Sorry it looks huge - iPhone perspective from up close isn't the best for wrist shots.
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