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New thread title makes me want to make a concerted effort NOT to post watches from those brands, so...
Wearing this one again today. My goal is to make @Belligero regret selling his...
Here's a pic from yesterday. Sorry it looks huge - iPhone perspective from up close isn't the best for wrist shots.
Ah - so you finally let it go! Funny how things go; I actually just picked another one up last week. Love that watch.
In honor of the much-hyped announcement of the Black Black Bay, I'm wearing this rare transitional today: Tudor 94010 Snowflake with round markers - produced in, as far as I can glean, very small numbers. It's even got the mismatched pearl, like the new Black Bay.
One could only hope!
IWC isn't headed in the right direction as of now. 1/6th the price of Lange or not, I wouldn't consider it money particularly well-spent. It's a shame. I have seen and worn both, and while there certainly are aspects that are similar (like the round case), even a cursory review of the two reveals a world of difference in precision of both execution and design. I'm no watch snob, and I love the gamut from Seiko to Patek, but I still rend to agree that there's not much of...
Haven't seen you around, dude. Yup - I love it. But you know me - I try to keep the collection fluid.
Absolutely caught that, as I'm from the SF Bay Area.Thanks for the compliment on the Weltzeit. I love it. Swiss usually gets all the glory, but I really like what the Germans are doing.
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