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IWC isn't headed in the right direction as of now. 1/6th the price of Lange or not, I wouldn't consider it money particularly well-spent. It's a shame. I have seen and worn both, and while there certainly are aspects that are similar (like the round case), even a cursory review of the two reveals a world of difference in precision of both execution and design. I'm no watch snob, and I love the gamut from Seiko to Patek, but I still rend to agree that there's not much of...
Haven't seen you around, dude. Yup - I love it. But you know me - I try to keep the collection fluid.
Absolutely caught that, as I'm from the SF Bay Area.Thanks for the compliment on the Weltzeit. I love it. Swiss usually gets all the glory, but I really like what the Germans are doing.
I would also prefer SF to LA. But I still like this one.
I believe the Fiat GP was commissioned by Fiat directly in a limited run. Still, it's a relatively discreet place to place the branding (as opposed to a Domino's Air King or the like), and I would imagine it's easily polished off. Beautiful watch for a great price, IMO.
Been awhile, SF. Frills - joining you on the Nautilus train. This, a recently acquired long time "grail" of mine. It was my foray "into" Patek, and the ownership experience thus far has far superseded expectations. Useful complication, dynamic grey dial, precision case finishing, and interchangeable straps (I have brown rubber, black croc, and grey rubber) all wrapped up in a neat, wearable, supremely versatile package. I love it. You can see the color variation...
Well put.
Late to the party, but I do like those FCs. What's the recommended spot to acquire? I'm generally a used market guy, and FC's don't pop up often.
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