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Wish I could get to the MJ Bale Laneway Event - looks like there are some good bargains to be found. I like how they are calling what are essentially unsold clothes from past seasons "vintage stock". At least they know their market haha.
But what use is a brand new Barbour?!    Any decent Barbour should come with its own 'aroma' and questionable blood stains. 
  That was me, Jason! Cheers for that feedback mate - definitely sold me on the Mudgee weave. You might be able to help me out with sizing since I'm not near a place which stocks MJ Bale. If I'm a 38 in their business shirts and a 38R in a Hugo Boss suit then 38 should work for a Bale suit?   Now I just need someone else willing to go in for their 2 for $1000 deal! 
Ah thebrownman beat me to it with the Alden lasts. Tried to post it this morning but it got held up for moderation so excuse its lateness if/when it's approved!    Quick question re MJ Bale suit sizing. If I'm a 38R in Hugo Boss (yes, yes I know how we all feel about them but it was 50% off, marked down from $1200 and fits like a glove) and size 38 in MJ Bale shirts, is it a safe bet that I'll be 38 in their suits? They're on the SU2 suit block if it's any...
Here's one comparing the lasts for Aldens. It's so useful - I wish other brands would do likewise.          Shoutout to thebrownman - I think I originally found this on your blog!
Okay, I am a little bit in love with this place having read all the glowing reviews in this thread. It's definitely encouraged me to take the leap into my first MTM shirt but I'm still learning about fabrics.    What would be the best fabric for that classic staple: the formal white business shirt with a non see through + crisp but breathable material?
You may find this helpful :) 
Have both and I've found Herring and other English brands with 'G' width fitting to be pretty good.
Great sneakers, thebrownman! I've been looking at entering the sneaker game myself. I think they might be a good balance between comfort + style when travelling around Europe for a few months. JCrew and UrbanOutfitters have some great ones for sale with free shipping to Aus.    What kind of outfits do you guys pair your sneakers with? Are New Balance and/or Nike vintage sneakers good in terms of cushioning and support? Vans are pretty hopeless when it comes to comfort. 
For the 026 last, I sized down a full size. 
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