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Very happy to post I  just made my first RRL purchase. The RRL Reynolds work vest . Will be posting fit pics soon.
A full tan outfit is never a good look. To me looks very "express" . 
oh wow, thank you so much NorCal_1 . I was leaning towards the RRL , as lately I've been really impressed with what they're doing. I think that will be my purchase :)
any other first hand experience?
Im on the fence about which vest to order.. Both seem similar, and currently similar in price.   IRON HEART :    RRL      Anyone that has either , or both, or has seen both in person? Thanks for the tips. 
do you know the width? Im a 7.5 E in indys . please PM me as I don't check this much.
were they in a box too small? will they return to their original shape?
Two Bounty Hunter shirts for sale, both medium size. Many years old and rare. Worn, but not beat up. The white one had a little marking on the inside of the neck, but ill wash it before its sent.    60 shipped for both in the US , more for international. email deermatt @   gmail   .   com
pit to pit is a hair over 19 inches shoulder to cuff is about 25 inches  back top of collar to bottom is 24 inches    as far as leather, vanson doesnt specify on the tag, but its cow hide. 
still looking to buy . 
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