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Dear Kiya - Please stock XS iron heart shirts !!! Even the size small has a 42 chest usually , which in most brands, is a medium to large. I don't understand their shirt sizing, but their XS is a 38 chest , and Im a 36 chest, but you guys never buy this. 
sorry, update with jeans size
still available 
Im moving, and would like to get rid of some things before hand. Message me here, or sometimes direct email is quicker - . Let me know if you have questions, thanks. I had these up for sale once, I got too busy with work, wore them a little more, still want to sell them.    Iron Heart X Self Edge 30x35 301S The Jeans have been worn about a month. Amazing fabric, but they dont quite work with my body. Look at the Self Edge site for measurements. I...
aesthetics . 100%
Why wasn't the better brass hardware used ? Maybe its me, but nothing looks better than this vanson, with their brass zippers and hardware. 
Just because the junya jacket was 1600 or so , doesn't mean this is a "steal at 700-800" Its just more than I could imagine spending ,i don't care about  it having some different pattern lining. 
I slept on the IH purple flannel. I need it in a XS as they seem to be cut big. Message me if you're holding.    Also kiya- why doesn't Self Edge ever get shirts in XS , Im a 36ish chest and often need a XS , I don't think Im crazy small either.
damn. I was interested until i saw the 800-900 price tag. I couldn't imagine spending over 650..
Very happy to post I  just made my first RRL purchase. The RRL Reynolds work vest . Will be posting fit pics soon.
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