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aesthetics . 100%
Why wasn't the better brass hardware used ? Maybe its me, but nothing looks better than this vanson, with their brass zippers and hardware. 
Just because the junya jacket was 1600 or so , doesn't mean this is a "steal at 700-800" Its just more than I could imagine spending ,i don't care about  it having some different pattern lining. 
I slept on the IH purple flannel. I need it in a XS as they seem to be cut big. Message me if you're holding.    Also kiya- why doesn't Self Edge ever get shirts in XS , Im a 36ish chest and often need a XS , I don't think Im crazy small either.
damn. I was interested until i saw the 800-900 price tag. I couldn't imagine spending over 650..
Very happy to post I  just made my first RRL purchase. The RRL Reynolds work vest . Will be posting fit pics soon.
A full tan outfit is never a good look. To me looks very "express" . 
oh wow, thank you so much NorCal_1 . I was leaning towards the RRL , as lately I've been really impressed with what they're doing. I think that will be my purchase :)
any other first hand experience?
Im on the fence about which vest to order.. Both seem similar, and currently similar in price.   IRON HEART :    RRL      Anyone that has either , or both, or has seen both in person? Thanks for the tips. 
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