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totally unrelated but your avatar makes me lol.
Anyone know if the stretched cropped pants as painfully slim as they look in the pictures?  
  Does wearing the soumak in a chelsea knot feel awkward for you?
  lol and it pops up every time you change pages.
Holy god damn @jacoby jones. It's only fitting that the lights went out on the 49ers.
Car ride!  
  I hadn't noticed, I just thought it was relevant to gun grabbing sort of. My apologies.
http://www.westernjournalism.com/obama-to-top-brass-will-you-fire-on-american-citizens/   I found this circulating on Facebook, I'm a bit skeptical of it, for more than a few reasons but especially since the whistle blower is "my anonymous friend's friend" (lol) but given the state of the gun control debate in this country in recent months I find even the offshoot possibility that this is real kinda grave.
Anyone know if SNS herning radio shawl necks fit TTS?
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