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I think that's a common experience, and that's why I wanted to say something.If I feel the wool with my hands, it is obviously really soft and great. It's nice wool! But it touches my neck, and I cringe.I would guess that different people are differently sensitive; perhaps I'm on the far end of sensitivity. But just something to consider, especially for anyone without a ton of experience with wool knitwear.
Not in response to any questions here, but something worth saying to anyone considering a SNS Herning sweater (particularly a Stark): they are warm, well-made, and look good. But if you are sensitive to the itchy properties of wool: this is not merino or cashmere, it will absolutely irritate your skin. I make sure to wear mine with collared shirts, and it is basically fine, but not 100% of what I was hoping for, in terms of versatility. I tried wearing it with a t-shirt,...
All questions of fashionable-ness or value aside: J. Crew button-down shirts are really comfortable.
It certainly lacks narrative energy, I admit.
I visited San Francisco recently. Unfortunately I had no extra money. I stopped in the store for a minute just to see what it was like (really tiny, but filled with good stuff), but couldn't bring myself to really browse, since I couldn't buy anything. Alas. Probably I should have tried some things on anyway. (No, there is no punchline to this story.)
Quote: Originally Posted by Woodyear This is exactly why i want the calf and not lamb for the new styles. So ironically, if I got another leather (I want the quilted band collar one (in light gray!) BAD, but realistically I'm just not going to get one; I need a winter coat and a bunch of other stuff way more), I'd go for lamb. For two reasons: 1. I already have calf, so if I want something that will shrug off annoyances, I have it. 2. I...
So it turns out that I've had my original DR in calf for about a year now. I wore it semi-frequently for quite a while, and then almost every day for the last couple of months. For reference, here's a picture of me wearing it in the rain, looking awkward and weirdly tilted. Pictures don't really capture the important things, though. It still looks more or less like it did when it was new. There's a little bit of creasing at the arms and such, of course, but it...
I think non-black leather looks richer and more interesting just as a thing to look at. But I don't want to wear brown leather. Gray, now, that's something else.
Quote: Originally Posted by kgmessier Shoulders look tight on the ToJ. I wouldn't be sad with just a touch more room, visually. In terms of feel, it's a little tight across the shoulders with a sweater, and pretty comfortable with a thinner shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by AR_Six It's totally true, I was eating sushi earlier and got a blistering headache via an overdose of wasabi (it collects at the bottom of your ramikin if you're not careful). I'm now on my third glass of whiskey and feelin' fine. Wait this might mean I'm an alcoholic I envy you people. Scotch and bourbon both tend to give me a headache unless I'm really careful about water. No chance of pain relief.
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